Great monitor.9/12/2017 11:33:49 AM

Pros: Quality Features

Cons: Wish this monitor could go up just a tab bit higher, but no more than 2 inches higher.

Overall Review: Ordered two of these just to have matching dual monitors. This monitor has decent features, I'm glad it can be adjusted up and down, swivel and back and forth. They run my games at great frames with out without v-sync enabled. Was going to go for a 4k monitor, but two of these was only a few bucks more than one 4k monitor. Happy with my purchase and If I'm correct, I got the monitors cheaper than the price is now.

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Great RAM9/12/2017 11:28:16 AM

Pros: Knew it would work on my Ryzen board.

Cons: Price. I wish it was a little bit cheaper at the time of my purchase, but it is what it is.

Overall Review: I like this RAM kit. Put right on my mobo, went into the BIOS to see it was running at 2133. Used XMP profile one and ran at the advertised speed of 3200 without any issue. No crashing or nothing. Works perfectly fine.

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Powerfull CPU9/12/2017 11:25:06 AM

Pros: Can handle anything I throw at it. Stays cool under my Corsair H100i Price is better than Intel.

Cons: Price. A week or two after I bought this, the price dropped $30. I could of use that money towards something else.

Overall Review: Upgraded from the AMD FX 8350 to this and what a difference. Temps are cooler, frames are higher in games and streaming is better for me. I've had no issue and even have this oc'd to 4.0. At the time of typing out this review and watching the Apple 2017 keynote live, the cpu is running at 49.5c and I'm not sure if the whole +20 degree thing AMD has going hs been changed or if it still reports you are running 20 degrees more than you actually are. I recommend!

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Great PSU.9/12/2017 11:15:42 AM

Pros: Price Reviews It's EVGA

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I like my purchase on this PSU. Needed to clear us some cable clutter from my old Antec Earthwatt v2 power supply that I bought way back in early 2012, maybe even before that. With my AsRock Fatal1ty AM4 mobo, Ryzen 7 1800X oc'd to 4.0GHz , 16GB G.skill Flare X at 3200, EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 Gaming and other items, this PSU supplies enough power with more watts left.

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Amazing mobo. Lots of features.9/12/2017 11:10:27 AM

Pros: Price, reviews, features and quality.

Cons: Small nitpick con, but not work docking an egg and that's I didn't care much for the red on the motherboard. A straight black board would of been great. However, my case card on the inside so you cant see the red unless you look really hard.

Overall Review: I recommend this product to anyone looking to build a Ryzen system. It has lots of features and great quality. This board is hosting my 1800x oc'd to 4.0Ghz, 16GB of G.skill Flare X at 3200 using the mem profile 1 and my evga 1080Ti ftw 3 gaming. I've had no issues what so ever.

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Grate watch.9/12/2017 11:02:55 AM

Pros: Price on Newegg was cheaper than any other place. Quality.

Cons: Only con I have is the actual screen bezel was smaller than I thought. I can still navigate through the watch without issue, but wish is was just a bit bigger.

Overall Review: I do recommend this watch to anyone who wants to keep track of things like heartbeat, sleep pattern or any workout. At the time of this writing, Samsung in my opinion needs to work on their S Health app. I work in a factory and when I'm using the sandblaster I can feel my watch buzzing like crazy, so I check on it, just to see that it thinks I'm cycling or some other type or dynamic workout. Even with turning some option off, this watch still pics up the "motions" and goes nuts. Still a good product. Just annoys me when that happens.

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Amazing GPU. Love that EVGA quality.9/12/2017 10:56:16 AM

Pros: Very powerful and well engineered. Doesn't take up 2.5 - 3 slots like other 1080Ti cards.

Cons: Price, but then again that isn't a con.

Overall Review: If you can afford this card, then I highly recommend you get it. I upgraded from the EVGA 1070 FE and loved that card. It performed well and never had an issue. I only upgraded because of friend peer pressure lol, but also after thinking about it, I knew this card would be overkill for me, but that also turns into I knew this card would last me a long, long time. I am able to play games like KF2 at 250-300 fps and PUBG 90-130 fps on v-sync. This is all using optimized settings with the EVGA GeForce Experience program. IF using ultra, I may lose 10-15 fps. This card is put with my Ryen 7 1800x OC'd to 4.0 and 16GB of G.skill Flare X RAM. Glad I purchased and this will be with me for years. Great job EVGA!

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Grate cable. Good quality.9/12/2017 10:43:00 AM

Pros: Price and Cat 6A

Cons: No cons. It's a Ethernet cable, so what else do you need?

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this cable for network use. In my house, my modem and router sit upstairs in my hallway so that my gaming PC would not be wireless. I got tired of my vizio tv and xbox one in my living room being wireless and always wanted to get an Ethernet cable to run along the wall and downstairs to my D-Link switch. This cable was perfect length and was in perfect condition. Plugged right into my switch and went from 60Mbps on my xbox to 90Mbps. Now just to get some cable clips for a cleaner look.

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Amazing card. Easy install!7/9/2016 10:02:52 AM

Pros: Have had this card for almost two weeks and it hasn't let me down. No shipping issues, received in three days, was a huge upgrade and this is my first blower style GPU which I like as heat isn't being pushed my case, making the case fans run even louder.

Cons: Price (somewhat) as this is my first ever NVidia GPU and my first ever reference/founders style GPU, as all my previous AMD cards have been different styles. I also don't care too much for the bright green "GeForce GTX" logo on the side of the card as it doesn't match the color scheme of my pc, but won't dock an egg for it.

Overall Review: I definitely recommend this card to anyone who can afford it. I came from the Power Color devil ax7870 2gb to this card. I would play KF2 on high and that cards fans would go insane. This card on ultra and I hear nothing. I wish the reference design didn't cost more, but it is what it is. Worth every penny and I can't wait to upgrade my ASUS 1080p and my LG monitors to 1440p or even one big 4k to really push this card. Once I build my Intel i7 6900k, I'm sure this thing will really shine. May even upgrade to the 1080 or 1080ti later this year or early next year.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great modem12/10/2015 12:50:22 PM

Pros: Got it on sale for $30 cheaper on cyber Monday. It's not Comcast. Upload speed increased.

Cons: White and bright blue light. Download speed did not increase.

Overall Review: Bought this to get rid of Comcast modem/router that they actually gave to us for free. No monthly fee. As for cons I really don't like the white casing, even though I knew it was white when I ordered it. the white casing actually adds to the activity light on the front of the modem making them shine like crazy. It illuminates my entire hallway upstairs in my house. I have this paired with an ASUS router and d-link 8-port gigabyte switch. No lag or performance drops. Although I read some reviews that some owners got more download speed, as i did not, but i do notice that i do have smoother performance. I did gain upload speed. 4.2mb to 5.26..

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Finally bought it. Great SSD.12/10/2015 12:38:26 PM

Pros: Faster boot times, faster read/write speeds. Performance definitely increased for me. Running Win 10 x64 Pro.

Cons: I must say price, but not docking an egg. Shipping took a week.

Overall Review: I said price as a con only because there was a SD Ultra II 480GB for $160 on A*zon. But I heard wonders about the Samsung ssd's and have wanted this ssd for a long time. But like I said, didn't dock an egg, because it was pure choice. I do recommend this ssd. My performance has increased a tad, my steam games like skyrim load quite a bit faster and when I run Malwarebytes or windows defender, the scan times dropped in half.

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Great External12/10/2015 12:24:08 PM

Pros: 4TB, 7200rpm, usb 3.0

Cons: That hdd sound when its accessing.

Overall Review: Bought this external for my xbox one since I ran out of space and transferred all my games to it. 3.6GB usable and with all my games transferred, I still have 3.2GB free. The 7200rpm definitely shows its stuff when loading games especially GTA 5 because on the xbox one internal it takes forever to load this game. The hdd is a bit on the loud side when loading games, but not super loud like how others make it seem. It's a hdd, not ssd, its going to make sounds. Also the blue light on the front that lets you know the drive is accessing is actually pretty bright. I was a bit surprised. Kind of lights up my entire game room. Lol Overall I do recommend this. I love WD drives and this is the only drive I've ever bought for myself that isn't WD. Anyone who wants their games to load faster on the XB1, get this drive!

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Good monitor, Great Price12/7/2014 4:12:41 PM

Pros: Price.. After all instant savings, cyber Monday savings, my gift code and mail in rebate this monitor only will cost me $90. Small bezel, they're not tiny but they are smaller than my LG monitor I bought in 2009. I like that its 1080p, as opposed to my 1680x1050 monitor. Fast response time, no dead pixels. In great shape when I got it.

Cons: Just like all other reviews... the settings suck! Point blank period! All preset setting just plain ole suck. I've spent so much time trying to get them right and still felt unsatisfied when I got done. A friend told me not to get an Asus product, but I did anyway. Had to dock an egg.

Overall Review: Now if you've read a lot of the reviews on this monitor, please do not feel discouraged and shy away from it. Although the pre-loaded settings suck, I came across a review on 11/26/14 by A.T. who listed what he used for his settings. I use those settings and I am actually quite happy with those settings. ASUS OSD "Splendid" Standard Mode Settings Brightness: 85 Contrast: 80 Color Temp: User Mode (R-100,G-95,B-100) Smart View: Off Try those settings and see how you like it, before you decided to spend more of your money just to send it back. I do recommended this monitor, just sucks you have to goof around with the settings in order to fill really happy.

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Good RAM4/27/2014 4:42:33 AM

Pros: Blue fins to match the blue theme of my build. RAM installed and worked right out of the package.

Cons: Price, but doesn't deserve an egg to be docked.

Overall Review: Previously had x4 2gb sticks of Kingston pc1333 and upgraded to theme x2 4gb stick of pc1866. Had to go into the BIOS to set the profile in order for ram to work at rated speed, but knew that before I even bought it due to the reviews. Not really noticing any speed increase, but that was also kind of expected. May be purchasing and another pair of these.

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Cool HDD3/21/2014 9:32:46 PM

Pros: Price, packaging, SATA III and 64MB cache.

Cons: None at the moment

Overall Review: Bout this to replace a Samsung 640GB sata II HDD. Using this drive for nothing but media storage. Music, photos, videos. Wasn't looking to spend lots of money and this drive helps. I like the 64MB cache and sata III and can see videos get transferred a bit quicker. I always buy WD HDDs. I've never even recommended anyone to buy any other brand HDDs.

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Sweet HDD3/21/2014 9:27:34 PM

Pros: Cost, Quiet, Packaging, Price

Cons: Didn't see much of an speed increase. But also didn't expect to see it.

Overall Review: Bought this to replace my WD 640GB SATA II hdd. Old drive was starting to scratch A LOT and that got annoying. Used WD imaging software and copied everything from old drive to this one in about 10min. That was awesome. Didn't see much of a difference, but then again I don't hear plate scratching which in turn makes my PC quiet.

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Cool fans.3/21/2014 9:22:34 PM

Pros: Moves air, blue LED,

Cons: Price, but not docking an egg for that.

Overall Review: Bought two of these fans to go on the inside on my Thermaltake full tower case. One of the side panel and one on the top. Jus the fan on the top alone moves so much air, and I don't even have the fan set to high. May buy two more to replace the two 200mm fans that came with my case.

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Good Cables12/24/2013 6:39:36 AM

Pros: Price, packaging, shipment, quality

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Bought six of these to replace cat 5 and cat 5e cables that I was using in my home. Cables came in nice plastic, no damage, cables are durable and the pricing was great. With free shipping, six of these cost me $26.94. That is a very good deal compared to other sites. Will buy more if needed.

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Great Card10/28/2013 9:03:05 AM

Pros: This is a great card. Coolers, fans, price plus a $30 MIR and get two free games.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Not docking an egg for it, but ordered card on Oct 18, 2013 and on Oct 28, 2013 newegg already shows that this card is discontinued. Wow!! Wish I would of known this was going to happen, because I would of ordered one of the newer R290x series cards instead. Still happy with purchase though. Upgraded from the Asus EAH4850 to this beast of a card.

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Works7/11/2013 9:06:53 AM

Pros: Cheap and simple to use.

Cons: Like others, it should of come with a lint-free cloth.

Overall Review: This is recommended stuff if you are upgrading your CPU or CPU cooler. It's easy to use!

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Awesome Case7/11/2013 9:04:22 AM

Pros: Big, spacious, price w/ MIR. This case is awesome and I am glad I ordered it after eyeing it for months. Even got a $25 MIR for it. My old school Antec Earthwatt power supply that's not modular work perfect and I was afraid the cables weren't long enough. 200mm fans are HUGE

Cons: Only con I have is do to me and my timing. Order on a Thursday and the next day it was $15 cheaper. I was a little not happy about that, but het I blame it on myself for willing to wait one extra day. The front inputs are on top, I wish it was on the front of the case, but as I look at the design I can seen why.

Overall Review: If you like this case, then get it. I was going to get the Termaltake Armor Revo, but did not want to spend $50 more because this case had 10% off and a MIR. It would of been nice to have, but I am glad I still went with this one. cool and quiet, big and spacious. This case will last me for years even when I upgrade.

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Nice and cool7/11/2013 8:52:26 AM

Pros: Keeps my AMD FX8350 a lot cooler and therefore less CPU fan spinning noise. Also got this for $99 after sale price, plug a Newegg promo code. No bent fins as well or any other shipping damage. Amazing product and I highly recommend if you have the tower that fits it.

Cons: This can start to spin and get loud, but I will blame that on the temperature in my room. I will explain below.

Overall Review: It was this or the H110. I got this because I new it would fit the case I ordered and it had a lot more reviews. I wanted to eplace my stock cooler and boy what a difference and just using it for internet surfing I can here and see the difference. Now when I spoke about it spinning like crazy, I blame it on my room temp because if its 79 outside in the summer, then imagine what it's like in a house upstairs and no air condition. It's in the recommended pull air into the case, but may switch it to push out due to it being a little warm in my room, just to see what temps I cam get. Hence why I didn't take an egg. I will review again in a few months.

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Broken pack, but ok.7/5/2013 7:16:58 AM

Pros: Memorex blank CD's and DVD's is the only blank media I like to use. I've used Sony and Maxell and never had an issue with them, but I just love Memorex. Only time I've ever had a coaster because I've burned too fast or Nero was being a bum. I also got these with a $5 off promo code.

Cons: Not taking an egg away, but When I received these, the bottom plastic was torn off and it looked like I had a few disc missing, which caused me to count each disc to make sure none were. Luckily none were!

Overall Review: If anyone has issues with these, then don't burn at anything above 8x. When I burn I am in no hurry because I witnessed firsthand what burning at 16x can do to over 10 disc and that's make ten Memorex coasters. :)

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Great product plus price7/5/2013 7:03:24 AM

Pros: What can I say about these headphones.. This is my second pair of these headphones. My first pair amazed me and lasted for about 5 years. Only reason for a new pair is because I messed up the wire by wrapping the headphones up when not using them. I use(d) them for music while doing home work and of course gaming and the sound is so clean. I am so happy to have a fresh new pair of these. SWTOR sounds awesome with these.

Cons: My only con, which I am not going to take off an egg for it is, When I bought my first pair way back in 2007 or 2008 these were price at $49.99 and today they are still that price. Not complaining about it, but They should at least drop $10 due to technology changes everyday.

Overall Review: Like I said these are some really great headphones that doesn't break the bank. Plus when I ordered my new pair of these I got them on sale for $19.99 and free shipping. I love Newegg and been ordering from them since early 2006.

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Sweet Board...1/30/2013 9:38:42 PM

Pros: Price+rebate, connections and expandability. Quality!

Cons: There are three revisions of this mobo (1.0, 1.2 & 3.0) and wish I knew which one I would receive so I knew what drivers to download ahead of time for settiing up windows. Not a huge biggie though.

Overall Review: I had this board for a week know and I love it. It has tons of ports and connections. I don't see why anyone would need more than what this board has to offer. 8-channel audio, 4 pci-e slots. It has everything for no and the future. I got rev. 3 of the board and it came with the latest BIOS (two days later they released a beta BIOS). I popped in my amd fx-8350 and it just started up just fine. Not one problem! Setup: This mobo (rev. 3) amd fx-8350 8gb kingston 1333 x2 dvd-rw/cd-rw drives asus radeon 4850 raidmax smilodon case

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