Pwns Noobs12/17/2012 10:49:24 PM

Pros: Overall nice board, the layout of the connectors are similar and standard to other boards. This is nice, nothing fancy or strange. Everything plugs in nicely. The ram is spaced just far enough from the cpu so a large cooler can fit, snugly, but can fit. For those who use instructions, they are very detailed and would be great for a beginner. The bios is just "eh" as far as UEFI goes. its better than the traditional bios. But not anywhere close as a visually appealing as another 4 letter company who's name starts with A and ends in US. The options in the bios are rock solid and will get the job done if you need to overclock. USB 3s are nice and haven't had any problems booting and not having them detect keyboard/mouse etc... Seems to be rock solid. Drivers and software installed flawlessly. I really love the xfast ram and xfast lan. The xfast ram is great to have temp files on a partition made from RAM. It truly speeds things up. I thought the xfast lan would be a joke, but to my surprise it organizes packets nicely. I can actually Game and download something (slowly) and not have lag problems. I know it seems to good to be true but it works!

Cons: Honestly there are no true "cons" for this board. The only thing I can think of is that there is no fan connector on the board next to the SATA ports for those who have front fans in a big case. The cord simply wouldn't reach for me, but I have a cord extender for the fan so it wasn't a problem. But if that's the biggest con on this motherboard then you shouldn't be worried.

Overall Review: I tried using the "no K" overclock for my i5 3470. I actually achieved a clock of 4.20 ghz (hehe) without using the "no K." It more simple to just disable down scaling and turbo boost. Then up the multiplier to the max and voltage accordingly (around 1.224 for me). specs Core i5- 3470 @ 4.20 ghz 8 gb corsair @ 1866ghz Asrock extreme4 Adata 32gb ssd (OS) Seagate 500gb 7200rpm (data) gtx460 (I Know) antec 600 And a generic DVD drive from the egg.

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Amazing12/31/2010 2:11:28 PM

Pros: -seek time of .1ms -no heat issues -windows boots in about 14 seconds -ease of installation/configuration some how fixed call of duty black ops random freezes that have been known with systems with dual core processors (somebody please explain that for me ha). please read other thoughts!

Cons: yeah its 32 gb but is that really a con? you know its gonna be 32 gb when you buy it. ps. not a con but other thoughts is full so i will write here, use a program called SSD tuner or something. it will optomize the ssd with windows 7/vista to run perfectly with your system.

Overall Review: I am using this as a boot drive. I used to use a raid 0 array as a boot drive. Results speak for themselves. -HD tune results from this ssd and my samsung f5 spin point raid 0 array SSD time transfer -Random seek .125ms 3.92 mb/s -Random seek 4kb .198ms 19.743 mb/s -Butterfly seek .125ms 3.891 mb/s -butterfly seek 64 kb .254 ms 60.542 mb/s -Random seek 8mb 18.925 ms 214.26 mb's -Burst rate .416 ms 150.072 mb/s Samsung raid 0 time (ms) Transfer Random seek 13.205 .037 mb/s Random seek 4kb 13.688 .285 mb/s butterfly seek 14.507 .034 mb/s random 64kb 13.53 1.136 mb/s random 8mb 34.166 118.684 mb/s Burst rate .308ms 203.230 mb/s yeah i was shocked too.

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is it a fan or a vacuum?7/7/2010 12:20:53 PM

Pros: Very very bright, great for intake or exhaust! Will move LOTS of air Not loud

Cons: almost too bright?

Overall Review: gotta shut the pc down at night, its that bright.

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Beautiful, Good air flow7/7/2010 12:18:17 PM

Pros: Looks nothing like it does in the pictures, it is much more appealing to the eye when its right in front of you. amazing cooling when you add in intake for hd's and exhaust on the side (which is where most x16 lane graphics cards have exhaust). dropped motherboards temps about 7-10 C and processor about 5-7c. hot swap bay for a hard drive is smart and easy way to remember to back up files. The big fan on top is quiet and moves air, really moves air.

Cons: Only came with two fans. I broke a pin on the hard drive cooling fan slot, seemed like cheap plastic, but what case today doesn't have cheap plastic on it?

Overall Review: Big enough to have lots of upgrades. Word to the wise mount your hard drives on the bottom slots because a mid to high end gaming card might block the 6 pin power connector to it (depending on where it is on the card). Worth the money and has the nice antec name!

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Air Flow7/7/2010 12:12:16 PM

Pros: This fan provides a great way to move air in and around your motherboard. I am using up all my fan slots in my antec 600, so this was a perfect way to circulate air through the ram slots and over my north bride heat pipe. A great, solid design!

Cons: *just a warning* It was tight on my ram slot and actually pushed the pin, disconnecting my ram. It was operator error (my fault) however i couldn't figure out what was wrong for a few hours.

Overall Review: would totally buy again and probably will for other builds!

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Raid 05/22/2010 9:39:57 AM

Pros: I am running two of these in raid 0. any raid 0 setup will be a very big step up in performance than a single drive. But a major pro is the actual write times of these drives are faster than the read times!!!! moved files between partitions at realistic speeds between 60-120mbs, i say realistic because we all know the benchmark test are accurate for real life applications. this is 2x-4x faster write speeds than my old WD 160 HD (8 mb cache) Would absolutly recommend to anyone for any application!!!!

Cons: Quiet, but not as quiet as i had thought from reading other reviews.

Overall Review: HD tune Min read: 76.0 mb/s Min write: 141.2 mb/s Max read: 266.0 mb/s Max write: 285.3 mb/s Avg read: 213.4 mb/s Avg write: 220.7 mb/s Read access time: 7.8 ms Write access time 11.5 ms Read burst rate: 198.9 mb/s Burst rate 2832.1 Mb/s

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price vs. performance12/29/2009 11:30:21 AM

Pros: I bought this deck from newegg for $200 hoping it would be nice to have a touch screen deck to go along with the rest of my car since i am a car audio enthusiast. I would have never have guess how great the sound was! I had never heard or seen a valor product other than seeing it on the internet. It sounds better than my pioneer deck! The Dedicated subwoofer out means i can turn bass from my sub up while my speaker bass is low so the speakers dont distort, that problem is quite common among car audio systems. The screen itsself is good but could be better. Not as sensitive as the Iphone's thouch screen so i find myself hitting the icons 2 or 3 times because I am not used to it. oh and by the way this deck WORKS WITH AN IPHONE! yes it works with an iphone however it will not charge your iphone. works with an ipod wonderfully and will charge it. will play video through ipod (havent tested iphone video yet)

Cons: The sound dial is ,well, fine but the software for it is strange, while in radio mode i can listen to the radio and adjust the volume just fine, but if you go to the menu the sound nob if turned like turning the volume up or down will cycle through the icons, defeating the purpose of me touching the icons. I would rather be able to control the volume of my music will doing another thing on the deck and instead of that. But its just a minor annoyance

Overall Review: For even up to $300 i think this deck is totally worth it. hooking it up was a breeze, under 10min for me but i have tons of experience with my car (i've taken it apart before) by a wire adapter for your car and should be set, wires come prespliced, ipod cable included. ipod cable is very lengthy so you can run it to glove box, maybe a center console even. Cant watch vidoes or movies on the go due to parking wire, however just connect the parking wire to your bare metal chassie and should enable you to watch on the go. BE AWARE that could be agaisnt local/state laws. All in all buy this deck, worth every penny! I would and will buy again for another car.

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