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Great Gaming Headset1/2/2014 6:13:36 AM

Pros: -Fantastic flexibility for people of all head sizes -More durable than it looks, the headband can stretch a lot and the ear cups are locked into place very nicely even though they swivel a little for adjustment. -Even though it is not actually a 7.1 surround sound headset, Razer synapse can virtualize it so having that program on during gaming is a definite bonus. -Extremely comfortable for me. There are others on here saying it puts a lot of weight on your ears and it hurts after only two hours, but I've never had that problem. Took about 12+ hours of non-stop gaming for it be uncomfortable.

Cons: -Don't get me wrong, but these are not of the best musical quality some audiophiles expect. Keep in mind however that this is indeed a headset price at only $79. -Ears can get a little hot after extended periods of usage, but it really isn't even that bad. -Microphone is not the best. While it is clear, it can pickup some background noise, so don't be suprised. At higher recording levels, white noise pops as well, but keeping it low with no microphone boost makes it stay clear in quality.

Overall Review: Going back to some of the cons I listed, both are only minor inconveniences for me personally. Even though I said that they're not for audio-freaks, these have fantastic sound to be honest. Out of the box, the mids are somewhat hindered by the lows, and the highs are just fine. However, using razer synapse or windows frequency boost you can actually reverse this effect; more or less evening it out. I've handled a lot of expensive headphones, and honestly, these sound fantastic. Just tweak them to your liking. I absolutely recommend these to anyone interested. -Something to note is that the headset wire itself is one cable with 3 rings at the gold plated jack. The package includes a splitter that takes it and makes two cables. One for audio, one for mic. With this, you can use the first part of the wire on iOS,Android, and windows devices. 9/10 rating overall.

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Excellent Graphics Card12/25/2013 4:05:53 PM

Pros: -Excellent 1080p FPS on games like BF3,BF4,BAO,Crysis(1,2, and 3) -Runs very cool -Operates quietly -Looks fantastic with the illuminated Sapphire text on the side, so it's very pleasing with a windowed side-panel case. -Comes with a sapphire backplate already installed on the GPU -Very Sturdy

Cons: -Heavy, but the backplate makes up for it. -VERY long. Do not take that as an understatement, this card is just a bit over 12 inches. Be very sure it fits in your case of choice. You don't want to have to send it back and wait for a different case do you? -Price?

Overall Review: This card is outstanding. Now hear me out, I've only had this for a few days, but the price-to-performance is almost unbeatable. There is debate whether you would benefit more from a GTX 760 or R9 270x, however, both are really good. Consider that this line-up of cards is VERY close in performance to the 760, and the stock price is about $50 less. None the less, the extra $39 i paid for this Toxic card was worth every penny. Runs significantly cooler than the reference and most non-reference designs, looks great, performs a bit better than the others, and it's just amazing in general. These cards work extremely well with Intel processors furthermore. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in a $200-$250 card. Keep in mind that the new generation of consoles have adapted AMD cards entirely, so ported games from console to PC should run a little better on AMD cards rather than Nvidia cards. Mantle is also inbound at any point, so we're all having very high hopes for this new API.

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