Works very well, very good quailty.5/20/2019 12:48:04 AM

Pros: The quality of the cables was very good, I didn't expect it to feel durable. I had no problems with them as they work like they suppose to. They was long enough to reach the fan headers from the rear of my motherboard tray.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I found me some good extenders, if I ever need more in the future.

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Nice and roomly case, but not pefect5/20/2019 12:43:49 AM

Pros: I was in the market for a new case and this one looked like it would work very well for my needs, as my current case became less roomy for my needs. I was kinda worried about the tempered glass that it used. But that all went away when I held the tempered glass door in my hand, It felt more durable then I thought it would be. The side door metal frame around it felt aright. The motherboard tray’s top wire cut out’s could be a bit better, such as either being a little bit more bigger, as I had an issue with my Corsair H150’s 3 fan cable plug making thru one of the openings. Never less I did get it thru the hole. I did have a big problem with the wires for my top 3x 140 mm case fans, trying to route the rest of the wires thru the hole, to get them out the way of the blades. Due to the holes not being a tad bigger, but that was the fan’s cables fault and not the case. One of the things I like about the case, is the HDD cage slots behind the motherboard cage. Being ablt to remove the main cage from the inside of the case, and use the HDD plastic mounts on the rear of the tray into the holders, is hardly. Since it allowed me to install my H150i into the front, and still have a place to put my two hard drives, there even a 3rd spot to put another hard drive, the only problem with it, is the location, you would need to get a hold of a longer Sata cable to reach it. There are plenty of spots for fans, I was amazed that I had all of these spots to install case fans if I need to in the future. I have a total of 11 fans installed, 6 on my AIO in a push-pull configure, 3x140mm at the top, 1x140mm at the rear and 1x 140mm at the very bottom. So far I find the air flow in this case to be great, better then the air flow in my old case, this even with my system heavily overclocked. With the heat being pushed out of the case quickly. I had a minor issue with installing my power supply at the bottom part of the case on it’s side, but that was due to me not realizing there was rubber feet that came with the case to set under the PSU, which would had made it easier. Routing cables with all of the cut outs on the rear of the case, the motherboard tray and the bottom of the case, made it very easy to route and hide all the cables, it was so much easy to make my case inside neater then it ever was with my old case. This was also the first time I ever had the inside of my case wires neat. Usually they would be a mess due to lack of room in my prior cases.

Cons: Now sadly the case isn’t perfect as it has some faults. The side door’s are hard to get back on, when you get them off, Some how one of my bottom side doors came bent, I had to bent it back into shape just to get it to screw back onto the frame. I noticed it when I was removing the doors off, none of the doors are flush with the case. There are even gaps between parts of the case, lucky they are very small but still. I still wasn’t able to get the tempered glass side back on evenly. Even the screw holes them selves are not right. I did evidently get every thing back on, but it took some work to get it screw back in, even then it wasn't perfect.

Overall Review: If they improve the issue with the case sides so every thing will be flush with the case and goes on easier, then this case would be better.

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Affordable VR and gaming phone with good performance5/22/2018 2:42:51 PM

Pros: One of the things that caught my eye was the fact it could handle VR and supposedly had good gaming performance. Which was good for me since I play a lot of games and then there was a lot that didn’t do that well on the existing phone I was using, that I wanted to play. When I got the Zenfone 2 in my hands the first thing I did was see how well it handle gaming and VR, to my surprise, it did a great job with both. Games that worked slow on an LG Leon Ms345 that I was temporary using, was much more smoother, and VR worked better, as I tried to do it on my older phone which couldn’t do it at all. The screen looked very good, and was a nice size, games was easier to see and look at on a bigger screen at 1920×1080, in comparison to the LG Leon MS345’s low res screen. The screen also looked like it could take a beating, tho I still evidently place the phone into a protection case, since I didn’t want to rely on that. The camera quality was better then what I thought it would be, not to mention having features and functions that I didn’t have before. HDR photos looked really nice and the picture quality was very good for a phone, I would say even better then the camera that my mom owns which I didn’t expect. The audio quality of the build in speakers was ok, but they was a lot better then the one’s on the Leon. But the headphone jack sound quality was what I noticed the most. I have some Nuforce HEM2 IEM’s, which when I originally tried with the Leon, it didn’t do a good job with them and sounded badly. With the Zenfone 2 on the other hand, it sounded much much better and was a good match with them. The audio wasn’t tinny at all or bright, it was over all good. Over all the phone performed great, nothing was sluggish, including the 5Ghz wireless performance. Bluetooth worked very good and I didn't have any problems with it.

Cons: Taking off the Back cover to put in your sim card or micro SD is hard, if your not careful you can crack the back cover. Curve shape of the back, makes it hard to put into certain VR headset's. You may have an problem where your sim card won't stay into the sim card slot 1, I had to use an thin piece of paper to keep it in. Rmaing it to asus or their repair center is your only choice,unless your handy with tools. It gets hot when your gaming and using VR, which is only useful if you're standing out in the freezing cold and need to keep your hands warm.

Overall Review: Even through there are some issues, you may not have them your selves. honestly I would only recommend the zenfone 2 if you can get a hold of it for an good price, since it was the only phone I saw in this price range that had good specs and did Vr very well.

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Great motherboard12/31/2017 10:55:33 AM

Pros: The first thing I going to say about this motherboard is, It has all intel based sata 6.0 plugs. The config I came off had only 2 and the other 2 was an nightmare(marvell). Right away my Sata SSD performance was better as my Sata SSD drives worked much better then before. I thought they was going bad as they was always slowing down but not this time. I haven't tried the M.2 slots yet due to not having an M.2 drive for now so I don't know how it perform. But the motherboard performance so far is very good, also my 7800X is doing an very good job overclocked on this board. Turns out it was compatible with the CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8GB which isn't on the memory compatible list at the time I checked,I didn't not have any issues with using this memory with the board, which I thought I would have. Glad it working great. The RGB lighting options in the software is very neat and the function of having the RGB going while the computer is sleep or shut down is an good feature, but you can turn them off if you not into the RGB style or want an night light in your room or office. On-board audio supporting 32bit/192khz is an bonus as is it support for Blu ray DD-MA and DTS-HD audio format, I have tried it for an while and it does sound good, and have an decent headphone amp, it's not perfect as it still doesn't replace the need of having to own an sound card, but it makes for an temporary solution til you get an sound card. The software side needs some improvement. But the onboard hp amp will work with easy to drive headphones such as the Audio Technica A/D #00 series, DT##0 32 models for example. Plus it does give you the option to change the amp gain. I love the number of USB plugs it has on the rear which is great for those who uses an lot of usb based devices, but that PS/2 plug is an waste. Another set of USB,Ethernet or wifi would have been better served in that spot then having an PS/2 plug which most people don't use in this day or age.

Cons: The on-board audio software is very lacking with the options as it is the same software suite as the other models of realtek and it's need an overhauled. While the on board does have an headphone amp, it's an decent one but it will not power most 400-600ohm headphones let alone not providing power for any headphone that needs a lot of power. So don't go plugging in an pair of Hifiman HE-500s or some Audio technica R70X's into the onboard audio, because it won't be able to handle it. I know I tried the R70X to see how well it would do. The HP amp gain doesn't explains which setting is for which headphone ohm setting, Which is important, so you know which gain setting does what and which one to set it to. Because it's auto detect won't be perfect and can suggest the wrong gain setting. There should be no PS/2's on an motherboard in 2017, unless it is one of those special gaming mouse PS/2 plugs, which also includes having serial port options in the bios, which also isn't needed. One of the M.2 connectors is in an bad location, Having an M.2 sticking up even while installed into an bracket is asking for trouble due to having an chance to hit your hand into it and bent it or breaking it off the motherboard. I looked at the motherboard and they could had easily placed it around the PCi-E sockets where the other slot is located. One will have to be careful while working around it.

Overall Review: Even tho I listed a lot of cons, Since I can't give an 4.5 rating I gave an 5. But really the on-board audio did sound good but not compared to an sound card such as the ST/X's SBZ's or AE-5's etc. Only exception is if that sound card is from the audigy era or an Xonar DS/DGX or original X-FI. I know it wasn't going to be perfect, But I wanted to give enough info, so those who are going to use it, will know the type of headphones that will work and the one's that will not work with it built in headphone amp. But if you don't care about audio and just want something that works then the onboard audio will be perfect for you.

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Made me very happy12/31/2017 10:18:19 AM

Pros: Does what I need it to do, which is work and gives good performance, It handles all I needed it to handle. At the same time it works very well on my Thermal right SB-E Extreme air cooler, after I switched to an better thermal paste between my cooler and 7800X. I didn't have an problem with overclocking it but settings was different then what I was used to, but I was able to overclock to 4.5ghz for now with 1.169v and cache clocks at 3ghz with the stock cache voltage. Oc temps while playing an game with my cooler and paste doesn't break 80c. I was able to get this during the sell that was going on, which made me very happy.It was an big improvement over the I7 3930k I had prior to this mainly in the voltage needed to overclock and the temps I had on the 3930k at it's 4.6ghz due to the 1.45v I had to use on the 3930k

Cons: The cache clock being low at stock, due to it being low, it can effect the cpu performance, It's highly suggested that you overclock the cache to 3ghz. As that will help the over all processor performance.

Overall Review: If you can find the 7800x at an very good discounted price like I did or want an socket that you know that will be around for an while that's isn't and dead end socket. Then I would say go for it. Also an AIO isn't an must as long that you have an higher end air cooler and some good paste. Because like i mention, I have an Thermal Right SB-E Extreme which is going on 5-6 years old and it's does an very good job at keeping the 7800X cool while overclocked. If you have an low end or budget air cooler then you will run into cooling problems and might want to upgrade your cooler when you do make the move to the 7800x or higher processors.

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Some very nice memory12/31/2017 9:53:53 AM

Pros: When I bought this memory I wasn't sure if it would be compatible with my Asus Mark 2 Tuf X299, but it was and worked perfectly. I didn't have any issues with it. The performance was very good, I didn't check to see how hot it gets, but I do have an large case fan in my case that does blow air in it direction. While it does come with useful memory fan cooler which you can use to keep the memory cooler, It's only useful in builts that are using AIO or smaller air coolers. Large Air coolers wont fit it unless your using one fan or can move an fan location. My set of LPX's did an very fine job of overclocking to 4000 from 3600 with the same voltage, I just match the timings of the higher speed LPXs. Which on my end showed improvements to the latency of my 7800x I also tested my memory with memory test and I did not get an bad stick which was very good.

Cons: Since there are people with larger air coolers, an model of this ram without the included memory fan cooler would be an great option. So people do not end up with like 4 of those that they can't use if they're upgrading by 2 pairs first, instead of an going to an 8x kit

Overall Review: Since I not having any issues at all and these does an very good job of overclocking, I have no problem with suggestions these to others, At-least on my Asus Mark2 Tuf X299 these memory works perfectly, so those with the same board, have no fear these set will work perfectly fine.

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Better off using alchool12/31/2017 9:43:11 AM

Pros: Does an very nice job at getting the paste off but that's about it. Give your processor an nice smelly lemony scent.

Cons: Even tho you wiped the processor off and use bottle 2, the cleaner stuff stays on the cpu and leaves an oily mess. When I put paste on, it causes temps on my 7800x to reach 70 stock, and 100+ OC. When I checked to see whats wrong. I removed the paste and saw there was an oily lemony mess from the arcticlean. I had to wipe it about 4 times with rubbing alcohol just to get the arcticlean mess off. Finally when I did and stick to using alcohol. My temps went back to normal.

Overall Review: I wouldn't suggest Artic's remover/surface purifier at all, unless the computers that you are working on has processors with paste that wont come off with alcohol. Then after you do remove it with the product, then use alcohol to clean it correctly to get the oil off that this product leaves behind.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works great12/31/2017 9:34:29 AM

Pros: It does an good job with getting the temps down on my I7 7800X with my Thermalright SB-E Extreme cooler, I didn't expect it to work that good. I didn't have any problems with putting it on as it went on nicely. But it was an little bit hard getting it out of the tube since I had to use some force. Showed me that paste really does matter. The rear of the slim package that it comes in, gives you advice on how to get it to spread over you cpu which is an nice thing to have.

Cons: Maybe an little less force needed to get the paste out. Other then that nothing else.

Overall Review: After these results, I think this is some very good thermal compound at this price point. Which will work good enough for any one that is looking for some better paste. I almost spent alot of money on paste til I saw this one and how it compared to other paste. This was an great deal due to it performance and price.

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Works great10/14/2017 6:46:50 AM

Pros: Didn't give me any problems at all, since all the time I own it. Still working to this day. Very good performance as I haven't had any issues with burning with any media that I have tried. I haven't tried writing to Blu ray media yet. But no coasters was made so far. 3D playback was perfect, I haven't ran into any 3D blu ray movie that didn't play or give me any issues. Which I do a lot of on the drive. Same with no 3D movies no issues on my end and every thing worked great. I haven't had issues with movies or disc getting stuck inside the drive which includes no issues with it bugging out on me.

Cons: The way the drive is design, it won play nicely with tower cases where the CD drive is laying on its side instead of flat. To the point that the drive won't eject. Such as corsair Air 540 cases. I don't know if its because I don't have it straight right, or it simply the drive. It could just be the way that it's installed.

Overall Review: I know this drive is old by now, but it would be good to package some blu ray playback software, doesn't have the whole package, limited edition, just to give some people who buy the drive something to use. Til they decide on the software them shelves to use.

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Great Sticks of ram10/14/2017 6:33:57 AM

Pros: Great overclockers,I had no problems at all getting them to oc to 2133, I sure I could go higher if I tried. I have an large HSF but I was still able to fit them under the Stock fans with out any major problems. Works great and been stable, ever since I had them, no issues at all with them in my computer that there at there rated speeds or overclocked speeds.

Cons: No cons that I can think of, since it been all good.

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great sound card, even greater as an source for an hp amp8/24/2017 8:18:10 AM

Pros: Worked very good with my avc400, music and games sounded wonderful, even worked great as an source with my jotunheim amp with my jbl 305's and r70x headphones. The bass was not muddy at all nor boomy, it went deep, the sound wasn't bright on my end,but it had an good amount of details,over all very enjoyable. virtual headphone 7.1 along with sbx headphones performances was also very good, which great positional awareness.Many bought life to my audio setup. Better then what i thought it would do. even movies with vr 7.1 and sbx sounded good. The X-amp headphone amp did an very good job with my avc400, but it really did an good job with my R70x's being 470ohms and all,even tho it wasn't on the same level as my headphone amp. I still found it to do an really great job. the lighting options while few, was easy to setup, while looking very good. The card it self works perfectly fine in my computer without any hardware issues. Edit: Creative has released new drivers that fixed issues as well as now letting you save the headphone gain settings.

Cons: People who use an single pair of headphone will find the HP gain safety to annoy them when it resets on boot. The speaker configuration box for Headphones(7.1) should be more clearer what it does. As you would think it was just for the VR headphone 7.1 settings. Each mode doesn't save the volume slider location,you will need to change the volume every time you switch from stereo to headphones, so you don't blow your self out your chair from loud volumes.

Overall Review: Since Creative released brand new drivers today which lets you save the headphone gain settings on reboot and boot up and other fixes. I now fully suggest this card due to that issue being addressed.

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Great fast SSD8/9/2017 5:03:53 AM

Pros: I bought this drive as an os only drive to move my os off the ssd i was using for my games drive, so files would be separated. While the older 240GB SSD drive I was using was fast, this was faster. I notice my boot times decease with my os on this drive in compared to my older drive. Also program's feels like they start tad quicker then what they did when compared to my older drive. even tho I had gotten this drive for the os, i did put an couple of games on due to it being quicker then my old SSD, and they do have faster loud times then before.

Cons: The only thing that annoyed me with this drive is the fact it did not come with an SSD mount adapter, but I don't really see that as a con with how much i paid for this drive.

Overall Review: EDIT: While the SSD works great after having it RMA by PNY, some strange reason they decided to block my account on there site. I can no longer RMA the drive if something was to happen to the replacement. I don't know what I did other then RMAing an SSD for them to lock out my account, making me call in to unlock it. While they did give me an working drive, but its unacceptable behavior with locking my account for no reason at all without telling me the reason.

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Manufacturer Response:
To address your account issue, PNY does not have an account system for RMA's you may be confusing the online shopping portion of PNY's webpage which you may have forgotten your password and been locked out. PNY only offers a webpage submission form for RMA's which is a simple webpage and does not require a login. We appreciate your feedback on the drive as your comments help us explore ways to improve the product. PNY Brand Champion
Very handly adapter4/23/2016 9:01:18 AM

Pros: When I got my new SSD i realize it did not come with an adapter. So i went searching for one, I went thru many differnet ones til I notice this one. The install was quick,I was able to put it in an open spot inside my case without an issue. The main reason why I selected this product is mainly do to the fact it could take two SSDs. Which will be very handy for me when I get an second SSD.

Cons: Other then wishing it had a bit more space between the two spots, no other cons i can think of.

Overall Review: I def keeping my eyes on this when i need more adapters in the future, as these are very handy to have when your using muiti drives. If I have any friends that need it , then i will suggestive these to them.

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Great monitor but req tweaking8/17/2014 2:55:51 PM

Pros: This is a great monitor, But tweaking it colors is a must. After I tweak it, I got the color to look much better after I followed some guides on the monitor. Been the best monitor I ever had. I use Trace free 40 as that's the best setting for 144hz. Going from 60hz to 144hz was really noticeable for me. I do plan to go 3D later on so that's a plus. DVi-D and DP 1.2 both support 144hz as long your using the right cables. I had a 1440p monitor before this and if i had to do it all over again. I would pick the asus monitor every time.

Cons: Your gonna have to spend some time tweaking the monitor color's as the out of the box settings are bad. There are guides for this monitor that can be used to get it right. Don't expect the speakers to sound good, because they do not. Unless your using them to watch tv.

Overall Review: With the amount of other input's i think it should have also had a Picture in picture option too. There are ways to get lightboost to work at 120hz. Also if your gonna use a ICM, your gonna need to use a program that actually keep the iCM loaded so a game doesn't set it back.

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Great Card11/30/2013 2:41:14 PM

Pros: The card been working great for me playing all the games I own without issues at 2560x1440. I use 60-65% Fan speed, the noise don't bother me because I use headphones, but the card runs cool because of that. stay within 72-82 depending on how hard the gpu is being used in the different games i play.

Cons: I had random black screen issues, but that all went away when I disable Powerplay using MSI Afterburner. Afterwards, I never had random black screens again,but when you turn it off the fan will be running at which ever settings you have set. Since the clocks will no longer go up or down based on how much the card is being used.

Overall Review: Great card, mine didn't unlock but that not a deal breaker for me since the card can be easy overclocked.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, We appreciate your great review. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you
Great HTPC Cpu7/9/2013 6:27:48 AM

Pros: This cpu is a very good one we have a HTPC setup and we tried a couple of blu ray movies on it, It handles them withour any issues. The onboard gpu is good for lite gaming, we tried a couple of games with it, mainly Torchlight 2 which it handles easly as well as warframe at 720p. The cpu also puts out low heat which is good, because we didn't originally do HTPC because of heat because of where we would had placed the computer. We do alot of media streaming across the network and use this computer as the media server, it handles it very well too. I haven't tried overclocking it since its being used as a HTPC setup.

Cons: THe onboard GPU is not that powerful but it do ok for games on low settings as long the montior is below 1920x1080

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Great card7/2/2013 7:18:43 PM

Pros: I didn't buy this off newegg but I been enjoying this card for almost two weeks. I have a 2560x1440 montior and this card handle that res with ease. I thought it wouldn't but I was wrong,I mildly overclock the GPU clocks, but I overclocked the memory clocks alot and this card is a very good overclocker. I tried alot of games that was giving me issues on my the AMD card I had before. I no longer had those issues, also the card runs much cooler then my old card. I wish I gotten this card over the one i had before.

Cons: none

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Very roomy inside6/20/2013 7:04:40 AM

Pros: The case has alot of room inside of it, it can fit wide ranges of video cards, The hard drive cage can be removed for more room. The front USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 plugs are very usefull when you backing up data alot which makes it easier, so you dont have to go to the rear of the comp each time to plug it in. The case does feels very study to me and is very light with all of my gear in it. I have no plans of going water cooler but the config is there in-case you need it.

Cons: The only con i can list is i wish the case had dust filters.

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5/20/2013 6:24:48 AM

Pros: Been using this card from a year, been working great in the first part of that time. It didn't give me any problems while gaming, nor did the drivers. It handles all the games I play very good, I haven't used the HDMI 5.1 audio as I don't need it.

Cons: The major issue is the fact that the card over heat, I don't have any thing in the front of the graphics card, so air can still get to it. But I been fighting it heat issue for a while now. Also one of the fans started to make noise, I don't know which one it is, but I hear it when ever I play a game. I just wish they did a better job with the design of the cooler, and used better quality fans.

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Update on a earlier review5/20/2013 6:14:08 AM

Pros: These headphones improved alot over the course of using them. At first the bass was there not as much. But now the bass has improved alot which was the first thing I notice as it let you know its there and hit hard too. The headphones bass on these headphones are hard hitting ,while being tight, they are not boomy at all. The headphones works great for Eletronic music including Dubstep,DnB and any other heavy drum and bass music. When you first listen to the headphones you might not think so. But like I mention over the course of using them they will burn in and the bass will be the first thing you notice when it improve. Rather you believe in burn in or not. The 3D wing design on the headphones could be improved as the headphones does slide off my head some times, but the rubber band trick can fix that. Where you place a rubber band around the 3D wing flaps. The Ear pads feels good on my ears,But I inside was a tad bigger and used Velvet instead of Pleather. Over all these are very good headphones for those looking for all arounder's. These are easy to drive headphones so you dont need to use these with a headphone amp, just a good source and i don;t mean onboard audio.

Cons: none major

Overall Review: The most important thing you need to know is that this headphone will let you hear the flaws of your music collection if you have low bit rate mp3's as we.. the flaws of your source. if you have onboard audio, then the first thing you should be doing is getting a better source as a better sound card or dac. Before you get the headphones or any good headphones. You do not want Boomy bassor One note bass is Where the bass is the same boom over and over and over. Or where the bass is muddy. The bass that you want is the bass where you can hear the different notes of bass all coming thru, without the bass out doing the rest of the sound. Now these headphones will not please a bass head who want nothing but all bass, but it please those who want alot of bass without it taking over the spot light.

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Good mobo5/20/2013 5:52:30 AM

Pros: Great motherboard, it has Two PCI-E 16x 3.0 slots which is place perfectly, so you can SLI or CF two cards while still having room for year to get to both cards. The PCI-E 1x slot is useable even with a graphics card in the first PCI-E slot. I haven't tried the Msata slot on it yet so i don't know how well it works. It's onboard audio is ok, but you better off installing a cheap sound card, due to the drivers control panel being basic, as it doesn't have settings that i deem that would be usefull. The bios can be switched from UFEI to standard with a press of a key, it does have all the settings a overclock-er would need . The motherboard been working great so far minus the annoying flaws that i will mention in the cons.

Cons: The bios tends to hard lock while your changing settings, even while the system is at stock. It takes a couple of resets to be able to change the bios settings. It happens alot more when your overclocked, even when your overclock is stable. So it best to quicky do the settings then save the bios settings, or make a profile. Lately the USB ports been acting up causing me to unplug every thing and plugging it back in for the devices to work again. Could be a OS issue thou. The bios battery is located in a awkward place and reg you to remove the video card or use a lone flat head to get to, if you need to reset your bios settings, if you use a setting that stops you from booting up. The placement of the PCI slots could be better, so you don't block a GPU air intake when using a PCI card.

Overall Review: The motherboard is a good one if you able to look past the flaws.

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Very useful controller5/7/2013 5:25:46 AM

Pros: I didn't get this off newegg but some where else, but for a couple of months, I been getting used to it. Very nice controller, I don't have any issues with it, IT been working great and I glad I got it. Razer Doesn't update the drivers and the tool razer gives you is trash. The Motion creator driver and tool from Sixense, is much much better then the drivers and tool razer gives. As you can do more with the Sixense tool like creating your own config for each game. The Sixense Motion creator does get updated with more games support far often, then the default drivers. Plus like I mention you can make your own config for games. i love the 5 different FPS mods that the Motion creator tool has and how they design and work, I tend to use the hybrid fps config my self. since I don't gotta Ratchet. Where i haven't gotten used to the mouse look mode since I haven't gotten used to how the ratchet works. I tried the hydra in wide ranges of different game types, from mmorpgs, to Racing to 3rd person and fps games. Worked very well in all of them, with the big one being mmorpgs. Since you can config it and access all of the short cuts and buttons. I use it a lot in the Secret World as it makes playing the game more relaxing and better, since your not just hitting the hotkeys and trying to strafe around at the same time. With the sixense tool you can even config it to set buttons to repeat when you hold them down. Which is very usefully for TSW because of the resource builders, that you normally have to press again manually to fire them. My unit do not jitter or have any issues, I forgot to mention that with the Sixense tool you can switch between motion config and Game-pad mode. In game-pad mode the motion control's are disable and it is turned into a basic game-pad. Its easy to use if you used to the wii controller but it might take some time if your not. It does works in both windows 7 and windows 8, I haven't tried windows XP.

Cons: The major con is that you must use the Sixense Motion creator driver and tool if you wanna get the most out of the hydra, Since Razer do not update the device as Razer abandon it, But atlest Sixense didn't which why they created the motion creator tool and drivers. I wish the cord which you plug it into your computer was longer. As well having Xinput support even tho you can config it with ease to get around not having that. Also it has issues with 3D monitors where it doesn't work that well. Rather your using 3D mode or not. So if you have a 3D monitor you may have issues like jittering.

Overall Review: I like this controller very much and I glad that I got it.

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A great router for the price4/25/2013 12:45:12 PM

Pros: The Router has a lot of settings which you can config for your home network,Including support for all Wireless standards like 2.4ghz, as well 5ghz including the older wi-fi standards It's easy to set it up for wireless networking with the wizards. Whats good about this router too is that it's also can be used for a virtual server The Wi-fi performance is great. I used to have a problem where a computer in another room would loose connection if the door was close. Now with this router that problem no longer happens. It doesn't have external antennas for the wi-fi but that's a good thing, as they wont be in the way, when you go to set the router up. So Far the router been working great in my home network, I been sending files back and fort thru the home network. Using it Gigabit function, files are transferred very fast. One of the biggest plus to this router is being able to share music and other media with it acting like a media server. Which I find very neat, being able to config a home media steaming server, without having to leave my comp on. To steam videos and music to the front room tv. Or other computers in the house which is neat to have. Can also be setup as a File server as well. I gave it a try with a USB flash stick I had laying around,I didn't have any issues with configuring the router up as a sharing server. The CD that comes with it gives you all the info you ever need to config the router as well to config the advance settings. They also give you a Ethernet cable in case you don't have a short one laying around to use.

Cons: The Router is confusing at first when you first go into configing it for your home network The options are also layout in a compact format. Wheres the D-link Router I was using, had it seperated into its own tabs, making it easier to fine everything. Unlike the router which i switch from this router WPS function on this router as well the pin medthod doesn't work that well, as it doesn't let me connect the printer wirelessly easy, like I did on the older router I was using. It took alot of tries before it connected. I was running back and forth trying to get it connected. I guess it felt I gotten a good enough workout, since it decided to work finally. Doesn't seem that it very durabable, since its made outta plastic, I would had thought it be made outta toughter maternals and its very light as well. It would also been need if it had a stand on it, so you could stand it up on it sides. Instead of laying it flat.

Overall Review: The first thing users should do is set a Wi-fi protection and a key for the wi-fi network. As users tend to not do that and have um-protected networks. Its important that you do config it, that way you dont have random people connecting to your Wi-fi network doing harm as well as leeching off your internet service, with out you knowing.

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7/22/2012 5:34:51 AM

Pros: Good overclocking ram and good for fitting under huge HSF's.

Cons: none

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5/8/2012 12:48:41 PM

Pros: This is a very good card, I have owned this card in the past.

Cons: none

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