Excellent8/22/2006 7:19:32 PM

Pros: Great picture quality, nice response times, and a wellknown brand all ads up to a spectacular, huge 20.1" widescreen monitor.

Cons: This isn't really a con, but this thing is SOO big i feel like i have to move my head to see the other side! Awesome! Oh and a big con: YOU DONT HAVE ONE! Neener neener neener!

Overall Review: This monitor is great for dual screen and for an xbox 360. I have my PC connected via DVI, my 360 via VGA, and another 17" LCD on the other video card port. Having the 17" is nice to view instant messages, etc while you are playing a game in widescreen!

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Just awesome7/12/2006 5:33:03 PM

Pros: This keyboard is just excellent, the outstanding G keys help me alot in WoW and the LCD screen is outstanding. Backlighting is grand as well.

Cons: You don't have one

Overall Review: Newegg rocks, best prices on the net

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Worth every penny4/27/2006 3:14:12 PM

Pros: This thing is freaking great, especially for a 6800GT (the stock cooler is bad on the 6800GT). It lowered my temps from 70 idle, 100+ load @ stock speeds to 55 idle, 65ish load OVERCLOCKED TO ULTRA! PC is alot quieter and even lowered my case temps about 8* celcius


Overall Review: Newegg got it to me a day early, outstanding shipping

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Excellent6/21/2005 9:35:36 AM

Comments: This card is AMAZING. I upgraded from a 9800 pro and immediately noticed the different in games such as HL2 and Farcry. Had some trouble with Battlefield 2 at first, but that was just driver problems and I figured it out. In Counterstrike: source, my fps with all high settings on the 9800 pro was about 40-60. On this beast it's between 80 and 150! I love it! Thanks Newegg, great quality, great service.

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