Great Card for SLI and the money7/5/2011 5:13:39 AM

Pros: Dual 80mm Fans, Keeps cool temps compared to single fan cards (52-60c under full load), Great looking card, the card isn't housed in a huge metal box (it actually has airflow), copper tubing. ASUS doctor program is amazing, it really makes overclocking and setting fan thresholds very easy.

Cons: Fans get a little noisy around 60%, but nothing that bad. Even at 100% if your playing a game (which I imagine most will be doing..or why buy this) you don't even notice the sound, it's really not too loud, just audible. I also have two running in SLI so that probably adds to the noise. Other than that no real cons

Overall Review: If you're on a budget and want great performance as well as low temps this is the card to get. You really can't beat what performance you get for the price. Perfect card for SLI

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