15 months down the line.5/27/2010 6:07:33 AM

Pros: I have been running my own V10 from the first week it was available on Newegg. This thing is rock solid despite a fan failure in the first two weeks which wasn't a problem... Apart from the fact that I was going to replace the fans as soon as I got my V10 & was just too lazy to swap them out or just too thrilled at having it & wanting to put it through it's paces... End of the day if it had not been a hybrid Peltier system I would have fried my CPU. Procrastination over swapping out the fans but still using the PC for 3 days & still the CPU was fine. To be honest I thought about running just the peltier on it's own & not popping the newer faster / quieter fans in place. There is room on my mobo under the V10 for ram cooling using two large chromed tri-fan units that came with my ram (freebies from newegg back then). This thing is a dream come true, even during / after 14 hours of solid gaming my CPU is kept at below ambient room temps. I have used 12 more in customers builds.

Cons: Only the Fan issue in the first 2 weeks, bad batch of fans from coolermaster who sent fans out within days of knowing of the issue. Had this been any other heatsink fan combo my cpu would have fried, the peltier worked great on it's own, so it was more of a hinderace than a con & dealt with quicker by CoolerMaster than it was by me...

Overall Review: I would reccomend this V10 to anybody that is serious about cooling a PC, it doesn't matter if you are a gamer or you just need a reliable workhorse, this will save you CPU where others would kill it should you have a fan issue. With my Asus mobo I have room to not only swap out my ram but actually have enough room to also install two large chromed tri-fan ram coolers which allowed me to put a quieter fan over the ram section of the unit. I have since used 12 more of these in builds for customers who so far over a 10 to 13 month period have not had a single issue with their V10s. Being a hybrid you have that safety that if the fan/s or the peltier fails for any reason at all you have a back up built in that will save your CPU. I had tested the only other hybrid available back when the V10 was launched, the V10 out performed the other unit in all bench tests, it not only did this but it looks a lot better & is a lot easier to install. Price saved on CPUs makes up for unit cost.

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Remember the BIOS Settings Folkz5/27/2010 5:40:14 AM

Pros: I have built 3 systems for clients / customers this month with multiples of this card in, each system runs like a dream. Beats the pants off of the Asus 2GB DDR5 X2 4870's I was going to use in their systems. Very cool even after heavy benchmark testing & burning in the systems. Non of the driver issues sween in these comments when using the AMD Radeon Drivers from the AMD/ATi Website & setting the bios up correctly (more on that below in 'other thoughts'). Huge savings compared to lesser capable cards, not as power hungry as other cards, standard Asus quality which means top notch equipment in your case with well thought out technolgies. I have 3 very very happy customers / clients running various crossfire configs of this card (2 card & 3 card rigs). Asus forums & Asus support are worth looking at if you stumble with the cards, it is always a plus to have knowledgable users & staff that read / write in their forums, minor problem resolved in less than an hour from one post.

Cons: Alas I bought a dozen of these cards from a dif' source & even at bulk rate they cost more than here at Newegg.com. I should have waited to see what newegg were charging for these. It isn't really a con as far as the cards & so the cards still get a full 5 stars. The cards are only 128bit, when X-fired of course you get the same 128bit per card many of the 2X cards on the market say 256bit but they are lumping two 128bit cards together... does that mean that 3 of these cards in x-fire are 128bit better than 256bit? A question however & not a con... Otherwise there have been no cons at all.

Overall Review: First & foremost, these cards work best on Asus mobo's with an AMD chipset & Proc'... Although they are not as power hungry as most cards out there right now, a good power supply with a lot of spare power doesn't hurt, keeps a nice buffer for future upgrades too. Always check your bios settings espesh' if making an X-fire machine. Had a minor problem with one mobo with what looked like random voltage problems, turned out to be the default mobo settings causing the problem & it wasn't voltage, just looked like it. Didn't find the need to overclock as these cards are pleanty fast, overc locking isn't "Essential" anymore, there is a place for it but if you want to just play games & not worry about heat issues, stay at stock settings & you won't be dissapointed. In the 2 card X-fire setups all was great once the bios was setup correctly & new AMD/ATi drivers were installed. The 3 cards system (was going to be 4 card) showed a dink in performance, less pipes used each past 2nd card...

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2 outta 3, well 1.5 outta 3 ain't bad4/8/2010 12:35:34 PM

Pros: Nice size for the price, you are not going to find much better GB per US $ unless newegg has more super sales up their sleeves. As usual the order arrived early. As usual any problems were dealt with super fast & efficiently by newegg.

Cons: Bought 3 of these drives. Opened white box #1, was about to attach cables & noticed a chunk of extra pastic in the way of the data & pwr connections, a few copper / gold fingers were 'lifted' off of the plastic too, good job I saw this. A snip with nail ckippers & the excess plastic was sorted, a bit of pressure in the right place & a very thin slather of superglue & the fingers were sorted... drive formatted & worked great & still is. Box #2.. oh boy... Hooked it up, formatted & after 3 minutes it bgan to scream & I mean SCREAM... dreadful loud noise the likes I have never heard coming from a HDD ever in over 25 years... It would cool, run for 3 minutes & then scream again, a quick 'jab' to see if that helped just changed the pitch of the scream by 2 octaves or more. RMA'd the bugger... see below in other thoughts. Box / disk #3, perfect out the box, no problems & working away as I tpe this. So 2 out of 3 ain't bad, count the fingers & plastic we could say 1.5

Overall Review: As usual newegg were super fast in dealing with the problem. I had been quite ill, bought the drives a while back when they were first on sale & they sat boxed on my desk untill I was well enough to faff with my PC. After opeing the shipping box, finding the faults with disk #1 but being able to sort i out & then finding the screamer didn't make me too happy as the box had sat past the normal duration of sending items back... Seagate wouldn't deal with it as it was an OEM. Wrote & explained to newgg about being ill & not opening the boxes until 2 hours before I wrote to them... I had an RMA Number & a UPS sticker printed out in under 12 hours from my letter to them. Fantastic treatment by newegg support.. this is why I spend all my hard earned with newegg & no other online store for anything PC. The drives that work, not a problem, nice & quiet, fast for 750GB drives (love the new tech) & when the 3rd comes home to daddy it will round off my storage to 22TBs total <3NE

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Win 7 Readyboost speed king!!!3/8/2010 4:02:44 AM

Pros: Installed on my high end custom built PC the day it arrived from NewEgg (well ahead of schedule as usual). Unlike any other USB stick I have tried to use for win 7 or vista's readyboost, this product is not only fast enough but it has remained 'cool' despite its constant use. Every other USB stick I have used in the past that had the speed to run as readyboost had fried due to heat within the first 2 to 3 days, in fact two had not even lasted a full day before they got so hot you couldn't touch them & of course failed as they pretty much melted the usb components inside the housings. Perhaps the quality of the product with such high speeds allows this product to stay nice & cool under 24 / 7 usage. Win 7 found & loved this USB stick from the moment I popped it into a free space on my PC. Testing the stick gave proof that the speeds are higher than "Patriot" claims for this item. Upgrading the size for ready boost & buying more to replace all other USB sticks here.

Cons: Not a con... foolishness on my part. I should have bought the 8GB or 16 GB version right from the start & trusted this product based on the other reviews here on newegg. But then having ruined so many USB Sticks before in the past & wanting to try this one I decided to go with only the 4GB as I didn't want to throw more money down the drain than need be. This puppy does what it says on the tin & then some more... Certainly faster than Patriot claims it to be & worth every penny. I don't know how they do it or why it isn't burning up like the others did that worked with ReadyBoost, perhaps the speed is so good that there just isn't any stress on this stick...

Overall Review: ReadyBoost under windows 7 pro (full install) is far better than it was under vista. This USB Stick beats all others tried (I tried over a dozen in all), aside from the speed being more then fast enough to run ReadyBoost on it, the design & durability somehow keeps this item nice & cool. As mentioned above heat had killed any other sticks that were fast enough to run ReadyBoost. Ordering again this week, either the 8GB or the 16GB might even get both as this is certainly the best USB stick I have ever owned even beating out those in the hundred dollar & above price range. You'd expect the ones that cost a fortune, wrapped in heavy duty metals claiming to be bullet proof, stand up to tanks rolling over them but they don't mention the fact that they die due to burning up under constant use. On the basis of this USB stick being so great I am now also looking into other "Patriot" products for their cost / durability factor.

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Updated Review WOW!!!!7/2/2009 5:18:40 AM

Pros: The V10's TEC / Peltier saved my $5k plus system!!!! No kidding, I run my systems 24 /7 - 365 with very few reboots. Due to illness I was bed bound for approx 7 weeks. At some point during those 7 weeks the fans in the V10 lost power leaving the V10 running on only the TEC unit around the clock. I had let my eldest have access to the system with the V10 in use, he neglected to tell me about the fan problems (Traced to my fan controler). Had this been any other cooler on the market my CPU or worse would have been cooked. I myself had used my system for just over 8 days before having to reboot due to certain updates that require a boot. Then & only then did I discover that the fans had failed via a message from my system. This is proof positive that the TEC works great & you don't have to worry about the loss of your rig should you have fan failures for any reason at all. The TEC kept my AMD X4 940 Quad Black Edition both safe & cool for well over a month!!!!!!

Cons: The only cons here are posts from people who don't know a thing about PCs, don't own a V10.

Overall Review: My original rewive was posted here:- 3/12/2009. This unit (the CM V10) won't kill your mobo, you can access your ram whilst it is in place & it works like a dream. As I said above, had I not owned a V10 my $5k Plus PC would be bricked! Best value for money when looking for a Hybrid cooling soloution & the Tec kept my PC running at 40 degrees all on it's own for over a month. Again the fan failure was not a coolermaster problem it was my fan controler.

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Used a couple of these3/17/2009 4:09:25 AM

Pros: Loads of space for the avid gamer & great cooling. Great layout. Big enough for even thelargest of GFX cards. Mobo Tray cuts in all the right places. On / Off case lights. Can be ultra silent. Price for this quality at full retail, newegg always makes this a bigger plus. Everything about this case screams quality build. It's big enough to hold everything yet still portable enough to transport. Just feels rock solid, you know it is quality just by looking at it, touching it enforces that quality sensation. Filling it with your parts is easy with an exceptional well thought out layout & tool free design. CoolerMaster now adds 'info sheets' for mobo fixtures on the tray so that you cannot fail to understand, helping first time builders & pro builders alike to quickly fit a mobo of any size or style. Always extra of every screw & mobo stand-off in every box. Great customer support & forums, this case has it's very own forums on top of the CoolerMaster Forums.

Cons: No Cons at all, out of nearly a dozen builds with these cases & not a single fault that I nor my customers / clients have come across.

Overall Review: When used for 'non-gamers' (as I do mostly for clients) This case is fantastic for HTCP & The bosses PC. The ability to dial out the LEDs makes this a 'flashy case for the HTCP crowd, yet allows you to turn them off when it's showtime. (before you mention other styles of cases, not everybody wants an HTPC to look like another piece of home AV Equipment, some people prefer to have an HTPC look like a PC Still) A lot of office Bosses love the case too... Itcan look flashy yet with a turn of the dial it is all work & no play in apperances. Customer support at coolermaster is great and the people in their regular forums are Ultra helpful. This case even has it's own forums for gamers that is worth checking out, a growing community of 'sniper owners', not many cases can boast as much. All in all I have used close to a dozen of these cases and I am seriously considering stripping out my new CM Stacker & replacing it with A Storm Sniper case for my personal gamer / work combo.

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A Real Unbiased Review3/12/2009 4:03:45 AM

Pros: Exceeded ColerMasters Claims. Price for what the V10 is capable of. Fits perfectly inside my 830 case with the side fan door closed without having to 'hack away' at anything. (unlike claims here). Able to access the ram whilst the V10 is installed, again unlike claims of the reviews here & elsewhere. Comes very well packed & protected by CooleMaster, perhaps the best packaging I have sever seen in a cooling product. Easy install with supplied mounts, screws & nuts. Decent insulation on all the backplates provided and pretty decent anti vibration grommets in the box. Dual 120mm fans that are quiet yet powerful enough to move a lot of air in any sized case. Seperate power to the TEC. Looks amazing even when the PC is off, even better when running. This has to be the most well thought out cooling unit for CPUs since the inception of CPU Cooling. A lot quieter than you would expect for it's size. Will not warp / bend / buckle your motherboard. w00t!!!

Cons: Not a con if you like Red LEDs... Supplied Fans are Red LED 120mm, which can be switched out very quickly & easily if red is not your theme or color. Would have been nice to have maybe a choice of LEDs On / Off. Again not a con as such. Run the TEC via a Molex on a line with no other items, not even a fan for the best results. (just makes sense so it isn't a con). The real Cons: All the biased & negative reviews & untruths about the V10 that are circulating the interet & have even made it here on newegg.

Overall Review: I purchased this unit as I wanted a TEC Hybrid, I had tried the only other TEC Hybrid on the market at the moment & that had failed every step of the way, I RMA'd it & the 2nd one had the same problems which are too varied to write here. Unlike reviews here on newegg & on many biased websites the V10 is a rather quiet unit for it's size with the stock fans (which can easily be swapped out), not only that, access to your ram is easy as there is pleanty of room to access the ram, so much so I was also able to install & remove an OCZ XTC Ram Cooler over the ram whilst the V10 was in place, just to prove that there is ample room. Not only that, I didn't have to 'Hack Away' at a thing to allow my CM Stacker 830's inner side fan door to close whilst the V10 is in place. Just unclip the top left fan bracket & the door closes I will make a video clip later showing ram clearance, how quite the V10 is with stock fans & the door open / closed in a CM Stacker 830 Case. Just Buy It!!!

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Best PCIe GFX money can buy End of story3/9/2009 5:02:33 AM

Pros: Not since the ASUS EAX1900XTX have I had so much pleasure from a GFX Card. Once again Asus has done the impossible & made what potentialy could have been the biggest FAIL ever into what certainly is the best GFX card on the market to date... This card, I hope, will outlast any other brand / revision in the DX 10.xx for years to come just like the EAX1900XTX did. My card runs cooler than advertised (perhaps the case & setup), runs rings around every card it has been tested against, even cards that are overclocked have not stood up to this card at stock settings. Works perfectly on an Asus M4A79 Deluxe mobo and takes full advantage of the 790FX, a marriage made in cyber heaven for sure. Early ATi Drivers held it back a tad causing a minor upset, the latest on offer makes this card bulletproof. This puppy & it's twin (when it arrives) can handle everything I throw at it without breaking a sweat. Every Game MAXED OUT & yeilding Frame rates never before seen. BUY IT

Cons: Minor issues, not the card itself tho'... Didn't come with the free game that was on offer at the time. Needed a new mobo as the old board I had lost 2 SATA's due to size but then it was an old board made for cards a few generations older... The driver disk that come with it & the other goodies on it... drop it in the trash, visit Asus & grab everything from their FTP. As I said, no faults with the card, just minor issues with things around it.

Overall Review: As I said, I have not seen performance like this from anything other than an Asus EAX1900XTX which I purchased over 4 years ago & still plays any game maxed out... When you spend the money on the best that Asus has to offer you are buying something that you won't need to replace every 6 months to keep up with everybody else. There is an old saying: "Buy Once, Cry Once", In other words, it may cost a packet but it will be the only purchase needed for quite some time... Buy a lower ended version or another brand & you will be buying again in the not too distant future. Running this card out to a pair of 40 inch sony bravia KDL-40WL140's with 120Hz refresh on every game maxed out on Win 7 64 bit Beta & the latest Cat' drivers... the card does not break a sweat under full load & runs cooler than the advertised temps. Grab a mobo with at least the 790FX chipset & you won't regret spending 1/2 a grand on a dual GPU. If only the cat' drivers & panel would report the Ram as is.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Holding the power ready to unleash it3/9/2009 4:40:18 AM

Pros: Most certainly one of the best mobos on the market right now if you want to run the Phenom II X 4 940BE. I have owned many ASUS boards over the years, I buy a lot of them for my customers / clients builds also as ASUS to date have never been a problem unlike the copiuos number of other boards out there that just don't do as they promise or just arrive DOA. As mentioned by another here: "no bios flasing required for AM2+ penom II 940 support" as was mentioned in the earlier reviews, popped the cpu in, fired her up, instantly recognised the Phenom II X 4. Still updated the bios after a couple of days when a newer revision came out, but non of that booting with an oldercou to flash the bios first that I was dreading (waste of time huh). This was an intelligent purchase for me as I needed a mobo that would not only handle my new CPU but would take the EAH4870X2 (2GB DDR5) GFX Cards without suffering the loss of SATA II conections or such. Very well laid out board as usual.

Cons: Not a single CON at all:- As this mobo is priced well, laid out well, great north & south bridges, great onboard cooling & of course great cooling throughout the mobo due to the way it is built in layers.

Overall Review: I cannot put enough praise about these boards & other ASUS boards in such a small place given in these review boxes. As with any product, you get what you pay for with ASUS. Pay out for the better boards & get better performance, the ability to tweak away to your hearts content. & of course the oustanding reliability that comes with the name ASUS. This is the first mobo in over 20 years & from building several hundred PCs a year (I build em for a living) that I had in a new case with all the parts, up & running in under 25 minutes as a test build. I build em quick to check em out (and all the other parts), strip em down & then re-build taking my time. I have as of yet needed to strip this box down as everything is running just fine. Adding a CoolerMaster V10 this week, so Iwill have to do that strip down. :-( What more can I say, this board just rocks like no other, perfect match for the EAH4870X2's.. Got my 8GB OCZ plat' 1066's running 1066 with one tweak. Buy IT !

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A beauty to behold3/9/2009 4:17:52 AM

Pros: Decided to go sideways from my FX60 & grab a quad core that would give me the same powerful PC options with an added set of cores. Running at stock, don't feel the need to O/C this puppy as it steams along quite nice as it is. Great value for money, handles everything I throw at it with the stock cooler on. Yes people, it does indeed come with a stock cooler & the cooler does it's job reasonably well. (still adding a CM V10 on it tho') Forget the 'wars' between the fanbois & what they all write good or bad about their fav' brands & who is best / faster etc... In the real world this CPU does what it is supposed to do & does it better that the other brand for the jobs I want to use it for.

Cons: No cons... Unless being unsure if it comes with a heatsink/fan combo is a con? I can assure you, this black box edition Pehn II X4 has an OK stock heatsink n' fan in the box with it.

Overall Review: It was hard to part with my FX60 after 4 year of use, that baby kept up with everything on the market dual core wise & even some quads, but it was time to go quad core... This was the only CPU I saw that I felt would give me the same performance as my FX60 did & I wasn't wrong. I'm not a fanboi, but can tell you that in Real life applications this out performs the other brands best offering for what I use my PC to do (yes I have owned & used the best from the other show). This new CPU is not only better for what I use a PC for but it comes in well under the price of the only other game in town. Throwing a coolermaster V10 on it to see how the two work together. My new ASUS M4A79 Deluxe didn't need a bios upgrade to recognize the cpu (bonus) as some people were saying it would (but still needed an update afterwards). If you want possibly the best CPU on the market, then this is the one to buy. I understand it overclocks well too.

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w00t! all better now.3/9/2009 4:03:50 AM

Pros: Fast, reliable, tough, spacious for a 10k spinner. Had the first batch made (quite a few of them), purchased several more 'RETAIL' recently & they are now in a new revision that read & write a lot faster than the first batch did. These are what all C drives should be either alone or in pairs / quads (RAIDED) for your C drive. Ultra quiet too nowadays when put against old revisions & the smaller older Raptors. Love the tiny drive in the massive heatsink... & No, don't try to take the drive out to go in your laptops people, bad move unless you have extra space in there as the drive is abit 'fatter' & you spoil any coverage you got with the drive.

Cons: No cons with the drive, not even the price, if you want speed & relaibility you pay the price, way too manypeople put price as a con... these people would never buy a Ducatti or a Ferrai then huh...

Overall Review: Alas my last purchase of an OEM from newegg never arrived thanks to UPS busting the box it was in. Photo of the box, quick chat with new egg over the caht support panel & they handled the claim against UPS promptly. Needed that drive to go into a customers box for next day delivery, ended up driving 120 miles round trip to buy retail so I could load up the OS overnight. I suppose what I am saying is, these are worth driving 120 miles to get at any cost for a "C" Drive install.. so neweggs prices & usual great delivery make these drives OEM or Retail possibly the best item newegg sells for PCs. It's the best way to upgrade any machine you own, no matter what you run (amd / intel) every box should have at least one of these in it.

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Pretty Looks, Pretty Decent Too3/9/2009 3:51:11 AM

Pros: Had these in a few boxes, never had a bad stick, runs fast & cool, best in their price range for what they do. Obviously not the fastest but you can push these puppies better than most, just grabbed another 4 sticks for my new build (old ones stay in the old machine for sale).

Cons: Never found a con with these, had many other 'pro & performance' brands with better CAS that have had fault after fault, not these, rock solid my friends, rock solid.

Overall Review: I'm no fanboi, I do tend to become 'brand loyal' when it comes to mobos & CPUs... as for RAM, I am starting to buy more of OCZ than any other brand for my customers builds, they just make sense if you want a reliable, cheap set of sticks that will last you.

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12/1/2006 4:54:07 PM

Pros: Does what the others fail to do (even if they say they can). Not just for gamers, best sound from a PC card in & above this price range that I have heard EVER!!!! Did you know it has Green LEDs that light up the logo? The chipset on it comes from a higher priced card... ;)

Cons: Non that I have seen whilst test driving one...

Overall Review: I am awaiting my shipment but have played with this card already (hence dropping 200 on it). There is a lot more to this card than Razer writes / promotes about it. Nothing I had read said about the LED lit logo, the kind of chipset onboard etc... but trust me, it's a mover & a shaker for sure. Just don't forget to turn off any onboard sound in ya' bios & keep your eyes open for Razer's driver upgrades... (the card can do more than published, maybe they are just waiting to push the card further).

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11/19/2006 5:25:50 AM

Pros: Does what it's supposed to do. Saved me buying another full PSU, thus saving me about four or five hundred dollars.

Cons: The bump out clear plastic guard looks OK, only problems come if you don't like Blue LEDs & in some 'CASES' that have a front door you may have to recess the unit to be able to close the door. (Due to the clear plastic bump out)

Overall Review: I plan to buy several more of these & incorporate them in future builds for myself & my clients PCs. This item is a nice quiet & cheap way to get them SLI & Crossfire cards up & running safe & secure without spending as much or more on a PSU as the card itself does.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
11/19/2006 5:15:49 AM

Pros: Certainly the best non H2O cooling device I have ever used. In fact, I plan on using only this product in all my clients future builds.

Cons: Does not make me coffee in the mornings.

Overall Review: It does what it says it will on the box. Cools my FX60 dual core about 12 degrees better than the stock. Runs under full load cooler than stock did at idle. Looks great, realy is quiet, worth every cent paid.

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