Seems very average5/24/2021 8:09:08 PM

Pros: Looks nice, if you like the white design. Runs very cool, usually below 60-65 during gameplay

Cons: Meh performance, ESPECIALLY given the price. The current conditions are bad, of course, but this card is expensive even for the times. Very slight screen flickering almost right out of the box Suddenly noticeable coil whine when launching a game, only drowned out by the fans (which I run aggressively to keep it cool). Coil whine regardless of fan speed though.

Overall Review: I've read a lot of reviews that start with minor flickering, then increased coil whine, then a dead card being RMA'd. This isn't unique to PowerColor products by any stretch, but it is a common negative review I've noticed the past few months shopping for cards. I would absolutely prefer a reference 6700 xt for half the price and the same performance running a bit hotter, but that's not really an option these days.

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Horrible fit3/12/2021 8:00:38 AM

Pros: Probably works close to as well as other KN95 masks?

Cons: As many others said, horrible quality control, fit, and build quality. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get air to stop coming out of the top of the mask on every single one I have tried. This is the only KN95 mask I have ever had that problem with. Additionally, the straps are extremely short and tight so if you have even a moderately large head expect them to cut into the backs of your ears. Additionally, even though every one I have tried has fit poorly and been too tight, they've all had slightly different issues. Some are much tighter than others, the small metal band that goes over your nose is broken on most of the masks and the two points of contact for the straps are not consistent mask to mask or even on the same mask. Newegg should stop suggesting these to be bundled with orders, worst KN95 mask I've used.

Overall Review: By any other KN95 mask.

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Happy to have a 9709/30/2014 8:08:11 AM

Pros: This thing is a great performer, the gpu stays very cool (haven't gone above 64 degrees while under load in modded Skyrim), I easily OC'd it another 100 mhz with EVGA Precision and it was stable under gaming and stress test loads

Cons: I can see how some people with silent builds could be put off by the fans. They aren't outrageously loud but are definitely the loudest part of my build.

Overall Review: No coil whine for me, I opened the case up listening for it during a benchmark and heard nothing but the fans. I have my fan curve set very aggressively so the fans may be louder for me than for some but I prefer keeping the card cool over a quiet computer. Overall very happy with the card.

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