thanks for throwing my laptop7/1/2021 11:25:53 AM

Pros: very good compute. easy bang for buck for on the move pc. color is amazing, my wife loves it.

Cons: the fans are LOUD. and it tends to be hot whatever "lasership" is, its a terrible shipping service. i have on camera the delivery lady threw the package at the door steps. not professional and the box clearly gave indications that there is a electronic, possibly fragile device.

Overall Review: its a good computer, your shipping services are terrible

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Nelson! Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI notebook! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
It’s a gamble7/26/2020 9:44:48 AM

Pros: It’s quiet (in my opinion) this will vary person to person. It’s cheap Doesn’t run hot and still manages to stay cool under max settings (not oc) It looks simple. Nothing to flashy

Cons: As you read throughout other people’s reviews, many will say they experience “black screens”. I can confirm it is true. I thought maybe I can get an update version. But I was wrong. After one day. I loaded up my favorite game and played for almost 7 hours and my screen starts flicker and then go black but I can still hear movement and move around. So I know my computer didn’t crash. Also sometimes on the desktop, I see black square popping up wherever my curse lands. Now this doesn’t happen all the time. But it is annoying and I will be returning this

Overall Review: Great price. You get why you paid for I guess

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you still have this card with you and want to get some troubleshooting assistance with us, I would encourage you to contact our Technical Support Team by phone at 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: with your reference number, ticket #3873042 so that we can further assist you, to trouble shoot the issues you are having. Regards, EVGA
My first pc build7/25/2020 10:34:14 PM

Pros: Manual was very easy to understand, bios interface is also easy to under stand( I think that’s what’s it call) Looks nice and simple not to crazy lighting and the board doesn’t look like someone just glued stuff together. The WiFi antenna is magnetic. I thought that was cool. Got a lot of USB ports

Cons: I might be wrong or it might be broken but the mobo they advertised showed that the 2 orange strips that are to the left of the upmost pcie slot and under had RGB lights. Now I don’t care about rgb that much. But it would’ve been a nice touch. Also the gigabyte rgb fusion 2.0 is terrible

Overall Review: Great beginner board (if you do your research) for its price.

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