Works great9/11/2017 10:14:31 AM

Pros: Looks nice with an industrial appearance Has LEDs that make the block look cool

Cons: backplate was a little difficult to install as the 115x holes are kind of in the middle but with no real hole profile for the screws

Overall Review: would recommend, havent used a different companies cpu block but this one is quite nice and high quality

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Looks good, poor instructions9/11/2017 10:10:17 AM

Pros: Works with the stock backplate Looks nice

Cons: Quite heavy, probably should look into a support bracket but mine holds fine with tubes installed

Overall Review: Works with Asus Strix 1080TI Gaming OC as manufacturer informed me and looks good Instructions are a little hard to understand but as a first timer it only took about 20 minutes even with bad instructions

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Overall Nice Monitors2/10/2016 7:52:07 AM

Pros: Amazing color reproduction and a very beautiful aesthetic Super thin bezels without the outcrop my Asus MX279s had Really nice and easy to setup on screen display, typical of what asus has

Cons: Minor Backlight bleed, very hard to notice to the point I really only saw it when the monitors go into standby

Overall Review: Packaged very nicely and came in put together saving time Overall I would suggest these however, Asus still does not make their own panels so qc is handled by AU Optronics presumably the same thing with the 27" Predator as I am guessing both are on the same panel since the previous TN version they both used the same model.

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