Great low budget Sticks12/27/2014 10:20:08 AM

Pros: Solid, Cheap, Fast enough for me

Cons: Regret not buying another 16gb set. but im fine for now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
Questionable Packaging.11/12/2014 7:40:25 PM

Pros: nice and big. great price tag. (got it because of discount at time of purchase)

Cons: Dough Hook Attachment and Mixer are coated instead of stainless steel as depicted - The dough hook has a big deep scratch/ chip on the enamel coating -The mixer box was not taped at the bottom. when i lifted the mixer's box out of the newegg box, the mixer began to slide out. - No splash guard as depicted - there was lots of leftover grease smeared on the sides of the lift track. - small sctratch on the unit itself.... annoying but i can ignore.

Overall Review: The unit looks great. I picked the unit up a month ago to save as a b-day gift for my SO. We're mainly bummed about the dough hook's coating being chipped... we dont plan to pay $15 to buy a new hook when we just opened up a "brand new" unit. i stand by the 2 egg rating due to the packaging and annoyances. I have yet to test the unit out, will come back to review the unit once i get a replacement hook to test the unit out.

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