Great camera functionality, but flaws in the pictures6/2/2011 1:47:11 PM

Pros: *abundant amount of picture taking options and settings *easily navigated options *great resolution *lower noise in low light pictures *manual controls between pictures, panorama, and video are great

Cons: *I took over 200 pictures on our honeymoon with this camera and my biggest con was that when I looked at the pictures on my computer I noticed a focusing issue. However, it was not a lens focusing issue. Parts of the pictures would be defocussed that were at the same depth as other objects in the picture and in random areas of the photo. Sometime it would be in the upper right hand corner, sometimes the lower left, sometimes in multiple spots. It really varied a lot. I will say that the center of the pictured tended to be in focus though. I had cleaned the lens multiple times to no resolution. I can only conclude that this was some issue with the processing of the picture and not a lens focusing issue based on what I've seen. There are several settings on the camera that purposely defocus things in the background through processing. So, I figure that it has some sort of recognition code it uses to determine what is background and maybe this was malfunctioning. *zoom is weak

Overall Review: I am hoping that the out of focus spots are just a product of a flaw with this particular camera. I'm not sure if I will exchange it and try a new one yet or buy a different camera all together.

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