Efficient and Fast3/30/2012 6:54:51 PM

Pros: The card renders single player games in Ultra settings with no problem. I've run Skyrim and LFD2 on ultra settings without issues, however AA had to be turned off. The cooling system is efficient and makes little to no noise even when under stress; I've owned a lot of graphics cards that are very noisy and sound like vacumn cleaners when the card is under stress. But this card is very quiet, even under stress and there is no discernable difference if the fan suddenly needs to run slower or faster due to demand- it is simply quiet. The Power requirement is also friendly, requiring only 1 power connector instead of the usual 2. Considering the low noise, low power requirements, and high performance.. I think this is a great card for the price. The card is technically overclocked coming out of the box, so all of these pros included into one package, executed flawlessly, really makes me happy.

Cons: It is not a powerhouse card, so you can't run excessive anti-aliasing. All my games run very fluid with AA off, but at 8x or more AA the framerates suffer.

Overall Review: I think it would be a good candidate for SLI-mode b/c it makes so little noise and requires only 1 power connector per card.

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Comfortable work chair10/13/2011 3:45:43 AM

Pros: The seat and armrests contain a synthetic padding that gives a little when pressure is applied. It feels very comfortable and I actually prefer it to leather chairs which don't really give at all. The material itself helps distribute weight from major contact areas which I found relaxing. I've also noticed that I don't get pressure marks from sitting long periods of time.

Cons: Assembly instructions were included but no other guideline instructions for proper use were in the box. I assume the knob underneath the chair is supposed to help tilt the chair back but I didn't notice any difference after turning it as far as it would go. The chair leans about 10 degrees and then stops as far as that it concerned. The seat stops a little past mid-thigh for me (I'm 5'10) when sitting strait up. I can sort of slouch in the chair and rest an elbow on one of the armrests, but my legs are pretty much hanging off (unsupported) when I do; and my head is resting on the immobile seat back. So to conclude: no general usage instructions, the chair doesn't lean back and the seat could be bigger.

Overall Review: I'm 5'10" and 190 pounds. The chair is a good fit for me. This is a good chair to concentrate for doing work on the computer when you need to be sitting up strait and concentrating on what you're doing. It's also a good chair for writing on a desk.

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Effective and quiet.12/15/2010 9:41:51 PM

Pros: -Effective and quiet. -Fan speed is controlled by external switch, preventing noisy speed up. -Minimum speed setting still keeps GPU cool under stress. -ASUS Geforce GTX 465, GPU temperatures Stock cooler- Idle: 39 C. Max: 95 C. Zalman cooler- Idle: 39 C. Max: 53 C.

Cons: -No instructions for disassembling stock cooler from card. -A #0 screwdriver (not included) is required. -The Fan Mate 2 switch is plastic. It will get hot after several hours. I would have preferred a flatter, bigger switch made out of metal. -I can no longer heat my coffee cup by using the heat exhaust from my card.

Overall Review: -The fan noise is barely noticeable at minimum setting (the box says 18 dba). -The card is overall cool to the touch with heat spread across the massive heatsink. When comparing the stock to Zalman's cooling devices, everything on the stock cooler looks small. Zalman's heatsink is at least 4 times larger, and the dual 92-mm fans put the ASUS wheel-fan thing to shame. I also use ZALMAN's 135mm Long life bearing fan for my 6-core Phenom CPU. It also has a massive heatsink, and is cooled by a huge 135mm fan. It's always steady and quiet while keeping the temps at around 30 deg. C. I'm a huge fan of Zalman now, they got the idea right by going big with the heatsinks and fans.

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Working great so far12/5/2010 8:06:44 PM

Pros: -A lot of memory for 2 slots

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Definetly look at your MB's QVL before buying any memory One thing I like about Crucial is how their memory stacks up against the Qualified Vendor List for my motherboard. I saw every possibility and combination working for about 90-95% of Crucial's memory DIMM's. Other venders are about 50-60%.

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Durable12/3/2010 3:36:56 PM

Pros: -Solid metal construction, no flimsy plastic parts. -No sharp edges anywhere on the device. -Good, clear instructions pamplet with adequate diagrams. -The included wrench is easy to use, it has a knobbed end which allows it to be used lengthwise at virtually any angle. The size of the fan would have made it difficult to turn the bolts with a traditional allen wrench. -Wow it's quiet! My 8" case fan made more noise than this fan does.

Cons: None. I knew I was buying a big fan for my big case.

Overall Review: -I installed on an AMD board ASUS M4A77T/USB3 for the Phenom II. The setup and diagrams were very easy to follow. Recommended.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good board, but raid instuctions lacking11/30/2010 3:51:33 AM

Pros: Fastest MB I have ever owned.

Cons: The instruction book for the MB does not cover Raid setup. The program exists in the BIOS, but the topic is simply left out. I tried looking at the ASUS website for additional instructions and there is only the same PDF for the instruction booklet. The Raid setup program (once I finally found out how to access it by doing google searches), looked like it was programmed in the 1980's... no mouse input, just keyboard input with confusing button combinations like CNTL-U to accept changes. Good lord. On my old ASUS MB the instructions were very clear. I got it done in about 2 minutes of research and work. Very simple. This MB took me about 4 hours. For one, Windows could not find the Raid drives even after I set up the Raid, oh about 6 times!! I still don't know how I got it to work. The lack of documentation did not help. Realize that I am a computer science major & this is not the 1st PC I've built. The program needs to be fixed, with appropriate instuctions.

Overall Review: I still get a strange error when I boot-up. The BIOS states that it has identified my Raid-0 setup as extra storage devices. After about 5 seconds the BIOS hands control over to Windows. I also can't set my Raid setup as the first boot device or I get an automatic restart after the BIOS routine. So I have to use my Blu-ray drive as first boot. It's sort of jacked up. This is the fourth PC I've built and I've never run into this type of issue with the lack of documentation, weird BIOS setup, and jacked up startup procedure. But once it passes to WINDOWS it works like a charm.

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Good CPU but the stock fan is loud11/30/2010 3:27:28 AM

Pros: 6 core utilization is working great in Win 7 64-bit. I only use this system to run my games, such as COD Black Ops, Napoleon TW, Left For Dead 2, etc. In general I've noticed I can max graphic setting in any game now, even when still using the same video card. That is not something I could do with my old Intel Duo, I would find myself scaling back at times to get acceptable frames rates... but this CPU + an upgraded motherboard and I've noticed a huge improvement. I am so very pleased with the performance now. Nothing but eggs for the CPU.

Cons: The stock fan is very loud. I had to go down an egg b/c the fan is too small for the amount of heat generated by the Phenom 2. It's a small 80mm fan that makes a lot of noise even during idle, so it's running pretty high RPM's already. It's the loudest fan in my case. When running games that require high performance, the fan is even louder- it sounds like a small hand-held vacumn cleaner. I can even hear it when I'm wearing headphones! The 80mm fan is capable, but I think the chip-maker wanted something that could fit any size case, so they opted for this small thing that makes a ton of noise.

Overall Review: After using the stock fan for a while I decided to buy the ZALMAN CNPS9900MAX-B 135mm heatsink/fan combo sold here on Newegg.

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NWN2... not impressed11/30/2010 2:26:29 AM

Pros: I'm a big RPG fan and still am after playing this game.

Cons: The game plays awful, looks awful for the graphics requirements (read in- the game is coded badly). Another deal-breaker: the in-game spell effects are laughable. I try casting "acid-splash" and what do I see? A strait, beam of green light, shooting from my Avatar's hand directly at a 90 degree angle to the mob. That, is "acid-splash". It could have been "beam-ray" for all I cared. Other spels are equally bad. The "rest-option", has been replaced by a sitting animation, which after 5 seconds have passed you are brand-spanking new and rested; whereas in other games such an action has a time consequence of an actual day. The voice acting is absolutely horrible, way too specific and short. The text-based dialogue is childish and designed for the T rating that the box advertises. None of the dialogue interested me as a result. Very boring plot, very boring characters. Which is pretty much a deal breaker when it comes to an RPG because that is what the game is all about.

Overall Review: Glad I bought this from Newegg and not some other seller for way too much.

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A repetitive game11/30/2010 2:13:47 AM

Pros: Good graphics. Cheap game (in more ways than price unfortunately)

Cons: NPC voiceovers are bland. Repetitive gameplay forces you to travel to opposite ends of earth, and even worse is how enemies respawn based on distance so you fight enemies & patrols at least two times to complete a single mission. Effects of extended bloody combat are only temporary due to respawn by distance model in-game. Unreaslistic damage from machine guns (try 20 bullets just to kill one guy!), unrealistic heal system that makes you look like a druggie that shoots up all the time. Plot line is boring. The game feels like the good ol graphical eyecandy type of game without a good plot, characters, or worth.

Overall Review: Glad I bought it from Newegg for $5. I've heard that the game is a sequel in name only. FC2 is made by a different developer than FC1 and FC2 could be considered a different game altogether. I don't recommend buying this game based on the name alone.

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Works great in Raid08/24/2010 4:24:32 PM

Pros: Put 2 of these in Raid0 (1/2 strip each drive). Had no problems with the drives as they setup exactly like traditional Sata HD's. Replaced a single traditional HD setup (7,000 RPM's) that would load Windows in about 45 secs during which the PC would be very unresponsive. Now it takes about 12 seconds to get to the desktop screen and I can access the start menu, run any program, and do my work immediately. Basically, startup no longer prevents me from running programs on the PC. Drives get lukewarm to the touch but not scalding hot like my old one did. Installing/loading programs, and loading games is about 3 times faster with this setup. Starcraft 2, Left4Dead 2, levels load in like 6-8 seconds. I no longer get up to grab a quick drink from the kitchen, etc. It's just too dang fast.

Cons: No problem with the HD's. They work as advertised.

Overall Review: To do Raid0 I had to refer to my motherboard instructions. Product does say it has a 1 million hour+ lifetime, which is about 114 years. That's a pretty long time.

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Great quality and value8/20/2010 8:03:23 AM

Pros: -Very quiet, silent internal fan design. The quietest fan inside my case. -Heat exhausts to rear of the card outside the case. -No installation problems after using online drivers from Nvidia. -On system startup, the card correctly identified the native resolution on my HDTV. Some cards can't do this. -Tested on a variety of games: no freezescreens, no hiccups, no system crashes. No compatibility issues. -At a $200 pricepoint (after $20 rebate) it exceeds other card designs in value. This used to be a $275 card several months ago. A high-performance card in any case.

Cons: -SLI bridge was not included. The card is advertised as 3-way SLI capable, so that might be an issue.

Overall Review: -Played Left4Dead2 at full settings (anti-aliasing, shading, everything) and the video was very fluid. I can play all my games at highest settings with no problems and excellent framerates. -I would recommend getting this card for $200 after rebate versus using 2 lesser cards in SLI or cross-fire.

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2 cards getting an RMA3/22/2009 10:31:55 PM

Pros: The 2 cards I purchased fit in the motherboard. The cards are small and use only 1 power connector.

Cons: I bought 2 cards for SLI. SLI didn't work... I tested the cards individually and found that 1 card displayed everything in a shade of blue. The other card worked fine until I started a videogame or application that required intensive graphics- and my entire computer would turn off.

Overall Review: I've a 550 watt BFG pwr supply; all drivers are up to date, including video card & mobo drivers. Newegg is a great company imo, I am RMA'ing these cards and buying something else off their website.

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Very Nice4/22/2008 7:35:04 PM

Pros: Side panels are removeable by hand. The motherboard panel slides out, offering easy access for system building. Steel is very cool to the touch, versus plastic. All parts are high quality, good looking, and practical for cooling. Ample room for gaming platforms with multiple video cards.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had an Alienware steel case for several years. This one feels more durable and is a lot bigger.

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Adequate for most things4/18/2008 9:56:30 PM

Pros: Included power supply comes with it. Case is small and lightweight.

Cons: Case is made of steel, but the power and reset buttons are made of hollow plastic. Button springs feel weak, sort of a cheap feel when you push the power and reset buttons. Only 1 sata drive pwr connector.

Overall Review: Good for the price.

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Update on install or will be buggy4/18/2008 9:42:24 PM

Pros: It's 64 Bit.

Cons: Make sure you do a full update on first boot. Nvidia SLI enabled video cards won't work without the updates. 54 updates totaling 180 Megs when I did a fresh install. If I skipped updates, update program would get buggy and system would stall on subsequent reboots; so had to re-install Windows many times. Enable updates and wait an hour before shutdown. VERY buggy if you don't update.

Overall Review: Doesn't exactly work out-of-box. Updates are mandatory.

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