Broke down and bought premade4/8/2021 9:22:39 AM

Pros: -Very little setup needed-3080 OC for RETAIL PRICE-Pretty clean for wire management and came with extra cords for later stuff-Very visually pleasing-Well cooled and quiet even during stress testing-NO BLOATWARE!!! I cant explain how surprised I was when I booted this up how empty it is.

Cons: -Windows doesnt want to activate and is blocking a few features I need. (I ended up slapping my old SSD in it just to get around trying to redownload stuff for the meantime.

Overall Review: I have been making my own PCs for the past 10 years, so buying Premade was almost hurtful. I have been using a 970 card for about 6 years now and I really wanted a 30-series. The only way to get ahold of these is with prebuilts it seems. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and how little tinkering I had to do to get it to operate.

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Gaming Chari12/14/2015 10:16:49 AM

Pros: Bought this chair last week and arrived in 2 days! Been looking for a new office/gaming chair for almost a year now. Finally broke down and bought this one. At least it felt too stiff for me, but after sitting in it for an hour it felt great. It is very comfortable and very large. Im 5'11 and 210 lbs. This chair makes me feel like a little kid it in, which is great. I somethings have my laptop on a gaming pad and just pay MMOs from there and this chair as enough space for my 17.3" laptop and then some. The rocking feature is amazing. The seller DX Racing, is great too. I accidentally bought the wrong model first and had to chance the order. The replied within hours and cancel/credited me back with no hassles. I went with this model because of the very large seat. The other models seem to have 21" which just seems way to small for my legs to comfortably lay. The fabric is great!

Cons: Very heavy, but not really an bad thing since it is mostly metal the smell is a little off setting but after a few days it goes away. The price is a little steep but it has a lifetime warranty but is hopefully going to be the last chair I ever buy.

Overall Review: Ive seen a lot of streamers use this chair and thats what finally sold me into getting one. All and all Im extremely happy with this chair. Even after 6+ hour gaming sessions I still feel very comfortable and will continue gaming.

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A Gamer's Card6/4/2015 2:19:28 PM

Pros: Bought this card last Thursday at 2:30 pm. Was at my door by Friday at 10:40 am....INSANE FREE SHIPPING! The card is a monster and is beautiful. Ultra, ultra quiet and cool. Holding GTA 5 on ultra with all settings to max and staying below 55C. Massive upgrade from my 7850 and its worth every penny.

Cons: The card is LARGE. If you have to question you case size, i would not recommend this card. Im not taking anyways any eggs for that.

Overall Review: Great card! Great price! Came with 2 $60 games!

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this beast!12/9/2013 12:33:36 PM

Pros: every thing, couldn't ask for more

Cons: its a little pricey but you get what u pay for. I don't know why everyone is complaining about the track pad, its a gaming laptop and im using a mouse. windows 8 is very, very different from 7. not a fan of it but im starting to understand it now. wish it came with win 7 thou :(

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