My favorite fans so far!3/23/2021 9:03:39 AM

Pros: -great cable solution-so easy to control the speed and led's from software.

Overall Review: Like these over any thing else out there! The cable solution is amazing but they look amazing also. Quality fan with no led hot spots and superior look. My kids say they give my case sort of a futuristic look.

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Looks great with lots of of cooling options. Great for air flow or water cooled!3/23/2021 8:58:33 AM

Pros: Much roomier with many more cooling options over 4000d. Love the design and look, the front grill looks so good with nice fans behind it. Easy access to front filter also!

Cons: Only thing i wish cases implemented more is to have the bottom psu filter slide out from the side not the back, like lian li 011 series. Lots of times with the cables it is much harder to have to slide cases out to try and access that back bottom filter. This isn't a knock specifically to this case as most do this and I wish they would move to the side much more user friendly.Maybe a little less tint on the glass also.

Overall Review: Built my kid a water cooled pc in this fit a 360 in front with and a 280 up top, lots of room and much better improvements over the 4000d! Kid loves the look of it and I agree, the little triangle are unique and look great. Love the air flow options too so I can do what I want and keep it a positive pressure dustless machine.

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