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Better Second Time Around5/29/2013 5:33:07 PM

Pros: neat design dual band wi-fi latest standards (USB 3.0, 5G wi-fi)

Cons: not as fast as the R6300, not as feature packed as the WNDR4700 requires extensive customization to achieve it's full potential

Overall Review: Because Newegg doesn't allow me to edit my previous review I'm posting another one: This is the 2nd unit I obtained from Netgear after a rough start with the 1st. I couldn't get the network drive feature to work, more on that later. The modem is a well designed unit, glossy black with indicator lights that arent too bright. The rubberized base stays upright and keeps it from slipping if you plug in heavy peripherals. Aside from form this is one of the most advanced routers available as of May 2013, with both USB 3.0 & 802.11 ac wi-fi. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it has dual band wi-fi on both 2.4 GHz & 5GHz channels, in effect this is like having 2 wireless routers in 1! And I can attest that file transfers via the 5GHz channel are about as fast as wired transfers. As mentioned previously I had an issue where I couldn't access the network drive feature wirelessly. After spending days trying to troubleshoot with customer service we finally figured out that you have to set the network location to home or work , the public setting will not allow this feature to work. The Netgear genie portal is simple but robust, I'm hoping they'll develop a more visually pleasing interface in future. Customer service is a mixed bag, the lower level reps leave something to be desired but the managers and engineer reps are nothing short of first rate! I had all but given up on this unit until a rep responded to my email and we corresponded for about a month until we resolved my problem. He even assisted with issues not directly pertaining to the router - Thanks YiFan!!! I'm holding off on giving this router 5 eggs because it took a fair amount of customization to achieve close to full potential. When Netgear adds this router to their readySHARE cloud feature, it will be impossible to beat. Also, I seem to be experiencing dropped connections but because I'm unable to rule out the fault lying with the receiving device I won't gripe about that.

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simple, cheap, funtional10/27/2012 8:48:23 AM

Pros: does what it needs to do doesn't need line of sight operation (thanks Bluetooth) inexpensive

Cons: not quite plug & play, you may have to read the manual when pairing for the first time (for those that don't like reading instructions) the PS3 power button ends up being in the middle of the remote!

Overall Review: The PS3 is still the best bluray player after all these years but using the controller in a home theater setup just doesn't cut it, so I decided to get this remote and can't believe how useful it is. I don't know why all remotes are not Bluetooth, even Logitech's Harmony remote can't do this without an annoying additional dongle and costs almost 20 times the price.

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too loud, jeez!10/27/2012 8:22:14 AM

Pros: good looks powerful cooling potential

Cons: LOUD! - I recommend pairing them with a fan speed controller a little wide

Overall Review: I got these when the LED's that came with my case conked out, but they sounded like a blowdryer on low, no exaggeration! They do blow a lot of air though so I'll be getting Zalman's fan speed controller to hopefully quiet them down

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not the fastest but stable10/27/2012 8:14:13 AM

Pros: low profile so they will not impede/ be impeded by aftermarket CPU fans/heatsinks high capacity, I believe they go up to 32GB if not higher plus they are available in 2 stick configuration for motherboards that don't have 4 slots

Cons: not the fastest, top out at 1600. I tried to overclock them beyond that and failed. sometimes they default to a lower than max speed so you have to go into the BIOS to adjust fairly expensive

Overall Review: I got these when the hyperx predator's would not POST. They have worked great from day one and give the OS and installed programs lots of elbow room. One MAJOR advantage is their low profile, a lot of people don't realize that aftermarket fans take up too much room. Honestly, the tall cooling fins on other kinds of memory are just overkill, the build quality on these more than adequately keeps them cool.

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needs a mounting kit10/12/2012 6:56:04 PM

Pros: other people seem to like it LED's

Cons: has good reviews but what you don't realize is that it needs to be mounted with a separate backplate/mounting kit and is not very compatible with the readily available ones copper is a better conductor than aluminum - just saying ...

Overall Review: I ordered it because I thought it would fit my pressed-for-space clear mini-ITX case but it turns out it needs extra mounting material and Intel's site was no help. I ended up going with a Zalman and have no regrets, they are the specialists. Intel should stick to what they know - processors

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noisy little ...10/12/2012 6:47:43 PM

Pros: fits low profile builds - the only reason I got it

Cons: NOISY - this is a whiny little bugger. The little fan is inefficient and runs louder than my 120mm fan, what the? Only gives a 6.4 Windows Experience rating - by far the weakest link in my build DVI socket mysteriously never worked and VGA connection is not modular when used with the low profile bracket - beware of the wide heatsink no DisplayPort!?

Overall Review: I really thought ASUS would put out a winner here but they left lots of room for improvement. My biggest complaint is noise, then low performance, then poor design, then poor integration with the Catalyst software, etc, etc, etc. Very deceptively short rebate window

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a driving force :-P10/12/2012 6:37:10 PM

Pros: EXCELLENT bundled software - CyberLink Media Suite goes for about the same price as the drive (so is essentially free) but is so much better than Nero or Roxio which are garbage Handles ANY format you can throw at it fast ... enough and fairly quiet

Cons: boring styling - I installed this in a clear case and it is the least aesthetic object, even the PSU cables look more appealing so I put stickers on it. How about different color faceplates or something

Overall Review: With drives slowly becoming obsolete, the selection is not that broad but this manages to adequately handle any format thrown at it. When playing blurays it will not be whisper quiet but if that was a requirement you oughta get a PS3 or bluray player

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liking it more & more10/12/2012 6:12:13 PM

Pros: low profile - I searched high and low and couldn't find any better quality low profile cooler that would fit my mini-ITX build, let me know if you do excellent build quality - this is the real deal, pure copper, direct contact and smooth fan. I had a chance to compare with previous Zalman fans and the fins are more sturdy on this one

Cons: adequate but not exceptional cooling - at normal use it is in the middle of the safe temp gauge (redline not far). I'm hesitant to heavily overclock because I don't think it'll handle it no LED's = no fun quiet but not silent

Overall Review: It obstructed my taller RAM sticks but provides additional cooling for the shorter ones I replaced them with

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very good just not modular10/12/2012 5:58:31 PM

Pros: Small form factor - I needed it for a mini-ITX build, as cramped as the space in these cases are, I would have been up the creek without a paddle with anything larger/longer highest wattage in this form factor runs cool and quiet

Cons: NOT MODULAR! - for those with cramped cases it would be ideal to have the option to nix unnecessary/obsolete connections like molex

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not bad - I guess!?10/11/2012 8:01:05 PM

Pros: handles most tasks adequestely lower power consumption fairly future proof as of 3Q 2012

Cons: not noticeably fast mediocre graphics

Overall Review: I have nothing good or bad to write about this processor. It performs fairly well but doesn't blow you away. I got it because it seems to offer the best trade off between processing power and power efficiency. The integrated graphics struggle with higher resolution screens, I had to get a discreet GPU

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not ready yet10/11/2012 7:55:04 PM

Pros: supposed to be the fastest or close to it

Cons: tall fins will be obstructed by a large fan failed to post, not on approved memory lists max 8GB in the 2400 speed

Overall Review: I really wanted these to work but after hours with ASUS motherboard tech support and the Kingston rep himself telling me to get something else, I decided to get another Kingston model and they worked even faster than the listed speed

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the Business!!10/3/2012 7:01:45 PM

Pros: the best d*mn board in the mini-ITX form factor period! I didn't expect any less from ASUS and they delivered. All the latest and greatest connections USB 3.0, SATA 6GB/sec. Still has considerable overclocking chops despite the small form factor.

Cons: lacks thunderbolt, lacks old connectors like VGA, PS/2 but that may be a pro rather than a con. Because of the small form factor, it is likely tall RAM will be obstructed by an aftermarket CPU fan but that is a mini ITX issue not an ASUS issue

Overall Review: I bought this board because I decided to build my own computer as I didn't want to spend a grand plus on a mac and most stock Windows PC's had underwhelming specs. Glad to say it has been a great investment, it is well thought out and arranged board. The BIOS menu is EXCELLENT! The extra supplied cables & antenna's are great. All in all this board is just PFA!

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