7/6/2011 12:10:04 AM

Pros: I have owned this board for 2yrs. No real memory problems but I only used KVR 1333 2gb (12gb total). I had an i7-920 that ran at 3.33ghz with turbo boost, just basically bumped the 1066 to 1333 to mach the ram stock speed, nothing fancy. I put an i7-970 in it and it ran great with the same bump. It also handled CF-X just fine with 2x 4850's. No problems waking from sleep as I did that 3 times a day. It does what I wanted it to do, lots of sata storage slots, dual LAN etc, it now works great for my home server with 7 hard drives running in multiple raid's.

Cons: -1 egg for value, especially now because the board only gone down $10 in 2 years. Looking at x58 boards now you can get a much better value as similar boards cost about half and will come with USB 3.0 and 6.0 SATA.

Overall Review: I did not really push it to the limits and did no use the PCI-X slots as they where blocked by the CF-X. With the ram RAM frequency stock (1333mhz) it has been a solid board for me. I only used the pci-e x1 and both pci-e x16.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Plug and Play7/21/2010 10:37:03 PM

Pros: Worked right away in vista 64. Just plugged it in. and windows did the rest. Now enjoy your faster transfer speeds.

Cons: Price, but there are not that many out there, so i'm not going to lose an egg for that.

Overall Review: Windows will find the driver. Just make sure you have your old one connected and your online. Windows update does wonders. Use it.

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Works Great7/21/2010 10:33:26 PM

Pros: Works as intended I have 6 of these with an i7, no problem so far. Tripple channel is already overkill for a quad core i7. I have my 920 at 3.3ghz no problem with these, just set them to 1066 in the bios and the 166 fsb brings them right to their rated speed of 1333 and your golden, no voltage changing needed. :)

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: You can't go wrong with Kingston, even after newegg's rma policy you have an lifetime warranty with worry free replacement with CROSS-SHIPPING! I have had to replace a few memory sticks over my years and Kingston has by far been the easiest and fastest to deal with. Its worth the money just to know you won't have to worry about getting the product and packaging. Just get your replacement, pop in the bad memory into the packaging they sent you. And your up and running that day.

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Works Great7/21/2010 10:24:18 PM

Pros: Keeps everything nice and cool, your only limit is your ambient temp. Plenty of space for all your drives. I have 5 HD's 3 5.25 bays full, and still have room for at least 3 more drives. I even have room for my awesome cup-holder/cigarette lighter for kicks! Plenty for room for crossfire or sli while not getting to hot.

Cons: The Blue LED's are like laser beams and can be annoying in low light, but can be easily blocked.

Overall Review: My friend bought one on my recommendation and cooler master was nice enough to send them a replacement port assembly with only one LED out. (It was the whole top portion of the case)

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So far so good7/21/2010 10:17:58 PM

Pros: Great value. These seam to work very well, no problems so far. I bought 5 retail boxed versions so they where handled with care. Great value and I'm just praying they will stay that way for a long time to come.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Holding out the 5th egg till I have them a bit longer, fingers crossed they hold up for a long time.

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Works Well7/21/2010 10:13:58 PM

Pros: Works as intended, keeps the drives cool considering how jam packed they are.

Cons: The instructions are horrible. Its a single page with one picture and I thought my cage was DOA when it said to use a Philips screw driver to turn on each bay. You really need something much longer like a paperclip to really push them in and have them stick so they will stay on. Otherwise they will turn off and on with any jiggling.

Overall Review: Worth the money just have better instructions!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works Great7/21/2010 10:10:08 PM

Pros: Works well and with the suction mounts its easy to aim exactly where you want it. Much better than any omni-directional, especially for aiming up or down-slope.

Cons: 4' pigtail is not long enough for some applications.

Overall Review: Nice to have the N-type adapter as well. It looses a bit of signal when you ad an 7' extension, but that is expected.

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Death Star!7/21/2010 8:45:34 PM

Pros: cheap

Cons: Failed after a year and was no longer under newegg's rma policy. Hitachi did ship a replacement but it was packed SO BADLY if failed 2 weeks later.

Overall Review: Only use in a raid and make sure you have a spare ready for when they fail.

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DeathStar!7/21/2010 12:14:09 AM

Pros: Cheap* *it will cost you more in shipping costs when you have replace them repeatedly.

Cons: Failed after a year. SLOW AND HORRIBLE REPLACEMENT SHIPPING!! They shipped my replacement in a box no bigger than a bare retail box so it failed 2 weeks later (same production date). They where cheap but I remembered the original IBM deathstars and was burned with them. At least I was smart enough to only put them in a RAID 5 so no data was lost. They also do not offer cross shipping, and take a full week to process and ship the replacement even though they are across town. I'm buying WD drives to replace them as they fail.

Overall Review: I shipped my defective drives 10x better than they very slowly shipped the replacement. They also will deny and void your warranty if you don't ship it how they approve it. They are happy to sell you the packaging for $15. So that's $15 + $9 ups to replace the drive each time, plus whatever data loss you get. Just spend the extra few $ and it will be cheaper in the long run.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Just ordered my 4th one7/7/2010 7:15:10 PM

Pros: Great Value, Fast. Works well in a mixed speed network.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have 3 of these and just ordered a 4th. Even uplinked between 3 of them and several legacy 100mbps devices connected on other ports I still get 100MB/s file sustained transfers between my two computers (both have either raid 5s or an SSD). Even with a non optimal mixed speed network the biggest limitation is the speed of your hard drives. I'm a happy camper, that's why I'm getting my 4th.

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