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Buy this!!9/7/2021 6:05:23 PM

Pros: Solid product with clear cut instructions!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Read through all the reviews for heat sinks and quickly realized those smaller cheaper products were a bad investment. Decided to go with Sabrent since it was the only brand I was familiar with. I was extremely please when I opened the box to find perfect shadow box packaging in foam. It housed the heatsink, 4 assembly screws and even 1 NVME motherboard screw. It also had Thermal pads with detailed instructions based on your SSD. The second I picked up the heatsink I realized two things: 1. This think is solid and sturdy with a good amount of weight letting me know this is a quality product. 2. How cold the heatsink felt meaning it was a great heat absorber! Highly recommend this product!!!

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She is thiccck!8/31/2021 7:41:37 AM

Pros: Amazing graphics and great aesthetics.

Cons: Hot and heavy

Overall Review: Won the shuffle without having to purchase a combo of e-waste. Upgrading from a MSI 2070 Armor to this beast of a card was kind of a shock. I heard these 3000 Series GPUs were big but wow was not expecting them to be this big and heavy. Fortunately I had plenty of room for this in my Corsair 4000D case. Pros: The graphics are absolutely insane. I purchased Cyberpunk 2077 the day I installed this card to put it to the test. My CPU is a base clocked i7-10700k. My monitor is only 1080p but at ultra psycho graphics/ray tracing maxed Im averaging about 93 FPS. It should be noted that Im running this with a Corsair 750W PSU with no problems. Just be sure to have a PSU with enough cables as the card requires 3 - 8 pin connectors. Leavening me with just one 8 pin connector for my MB due to my small PSU. Cons: Now to the only two complaints I have. The card is heavy I get it. It is almost unavoidable at this level of performance. However, the included GPU support is kinda thin and flimsy. It immediately gave under the weight of the GPU and started sagging. I already had an aftermarket GPU bracket that is a much thicker metal and was able to hoist this heifer back up. So I highly recommend just buying a 3rd party GPU bracket. Time to talk about heat I never really pay attention to how hot my equipment is running because I usually keep my room at 70*F at all times with tons of airflow. Since installing this card I have noticed my room gets considerably warmer now. Running at max settings for prolonged periods of time has turned my PC into a space heater. I would definitely keep a close eye on your thermals. Overall highly recommend if you have the available space and cooling!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Thomas, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI RTX 3080Ti Gaming X Trio 12G. Your rating and review is greatly appreciated and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new graphics card! If you ever have any technical questions in regards to the card, please feel free to contact us directly at 1 (626) 271-1004 Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Thank you for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Great Desk for children!8/17/2021 6:05:45 AM

Pros: Adjustable feet, switchable shelf (left or right), great finish, tools included!

Cons: Shipping takes longer than I wanted.

Overall Review: Overall would purchase again! Just be prepared to wait a week or two for it to arrive. Totally with the wait though!

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Perfect starter CPU8/17/2021 6:01:47 AM

Pros: Built in graphics

Cons: Might have to update MB bios first

Overall Review: Im really happy with this CPU. It was my first Ryzen with built in graphics. My daughter was ready to build her first PC since she wanted to move away from consoles. Her favorite game Fortnite at 1080p 75hz was running medium graphic settings at a steady 60fps locked. When bumped up to high settings it did drop down to about 30fps so we kept it at medium and she loves it. The game still looks really good. Highly recommend for gamers that are struggling to get a GPU or for and budget builds. **word of warning: we had to update the bios for our B550 bazooka MB which was really easy with the flash bios button but for people that dont have that feature on their MB, you will need an already compatible CPU to temporarily use for updating your MB for the new 5600G.**

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Works as described.7/8/2021 12:10:48 PM

Pros: Great price for performance!

Cons: 500GB is considered small for game storage but it works amazing for the operating system.

Overall Review: Bought this last November and has worked like a charm. So much so that when my wife was ready to build her PC we ordered another one for hers.

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Great PSU. Bought with confidence.12/17/2020 9:39:21 AM

Pros: -Plenty of ports. -Quiet fan. -White cables are a nice bonus! -RGB button on the exterior is a great touch.

Cons: -The 24 pin harness for the PSU side was physically backwards and that isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just a minor minor minor inconvenience. -The RGB lighting does struggle to give a truly white glow. It’s ever so slightly hued blue and pretty much unnoticeable unless you’re directly comparing it to an alternate company’s (in this case ASRock mobo) RGB which was a clear white glow. Easy fix... don’t choose white or ignore the extremely slight blue hue. All the other colors pair well with alternate company’s RGB.

Overall Review: Definitely would purchase again! -Only charges to design I would make would be to have more than 2 inches of slack on 24 pin connector connection heads (the part not bound in the mesh protector). Definitely not a deal breaker. Just a newbie who is squeamish about putting force on cables. -include a clear LED in the RGB set for those that are going for a purely black and white vibe.

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