Not So Much!5/3/2020 11:13:01 AM

Pros: - Nice Box. - Easy to Install.

Cons: - Loud Pump Whine. - A Huge Ball of Wires. - Cheap Feel. - Subpar Cooling.

Overall Review: It is worth the money to get one of the Corsair, NZXT, Cooler Master, etc. higher priced AIOs. They are much quieter and much better at cooling your CPU. I had the air cooler that came with my RYZEN 2750 and it was quieter and cooler than this RAIJINTEK EOS 240 RBW. If it's RGB lighting you want, some of the major brands offer them as well.

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WOW!11/1/2018 11:36:14 AM

Pros: - Packaging was great. - Surprised how hefty the drive is. - Copied 2 SSDs and 4 hard disk drives onto this drive and the contents hardly registered. - There was hardly any noise during copying or accessing data. - If you need massive amounts of storage in one drive, this is it. - 5 Year warranty.

Cons: - Minor noise when heads are parked, but this is minor. - If you have as many fans as I do, you won't even hear it. I disabled some of my fans during this review.

Overall Review: I never thought I would see the day that a 14 TB drive would be available on the consumer level. This gives you the opportunity to have a huge amount of storage in a small package. I will use this to backup my entire home network. This will also be a boom to folks requiring massive storage in a small form factor. This is a fantastic unit.

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High quality and reasonable price.6/19/2018 6:59:18 AM

Pros: -Great packaging. -Surprising speed. -Easy installation. -Perfect size. -Very portable.

Cons: -Rubber pads would keep it from sliding all over. -The cord is way to short. -The standard warranty is on the short side.

Overall Review: I would recommend this drive to anyone looking for good capacity, great speed, and portability. For the price you just can't beat this product.

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Great Wired Mouse5/17/2018 11:23:32 AM

Pros: * I have big hands and this fits well. * All the buttons are easy to operate once you get used to their orientation. * I used the M65 for years, it was good, but this is great. * The RGB feature is nice and the software is easy to operate.

Cons: * Was never able to install the new firmware. * The wireless feature and battery played havoc with my computer. It required a restart when coming out of sleep mode. I use sleep mode all the time, so I put the cord on the mouse and it works great. * The owner's manual is lacking in clear instructions of all the features. * I wish the mouse had adjustable weights. I like a heavier mouse.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a "wireless mouse" you may want to look elsewhere. Corsair may make things better via software, but for me it was a nonstarter. I haven't used a wireless mouse for years and this mouse has great features in wired configuration. For gaming, this is top notch. I like it.

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Don't Believe the Bad4/10/2018 11:46:03 AM

Pros: - Nice packaging. - Flash drive for installation. - Easy installation. - Installed and updated all my drivers. - No version of Windows is easier to use if you follow instructions.

Cons: - I was predisposed no to like Windows 10 Home from the outset. The nightmares and horror stories had me on edge. The only errors I could find were because I didn't follow the instructions and prompts properly. Self inflicted wounds. - Packaging is overdone. - Flash drive seems cheap.

Overall Review: When I built my first computer the O/S was MS/DOS. I bought my first Windows O/S from Newegg in 2002. Every O/S I've used since has been different than its predecessor, and required a learning curve. The last O/S I bought was Win 97. Great O/S. I didn't want to change. Now that I have made the leap, I couldn't be happier. I'm still learning about tools and adjustments that will make my experience better every day. Don't believe all the negatives you hear about Win 10. They are generally lodged by those who refuse to change and learn something new. If you buy a new car, it takes time to learn where everything is and how it works. If you buy a new big screen TV, you have to learn the remote and features. Why then, wouldn't you expect the same type of learning curve with your new Windows 10? Take a deep breath and take the leap.

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Great for what it is...2/25/2018 11:22:56 AM

Pros: Nice packaging. Great looking. Comfortable layout. Lighting is easy. Super for the price. Superior feature set.

Cons: Cheap feel. I have been using Cherry MX Red for a few years and going back to a membrane keyboard is tough. I found myself pounding on the keys to get things done. The feet slide all over the desktop, but electrical tape took care of that.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a modestly priced keyboard with many features of much more expensive boards and can handle a membrane keyboard, I would recommend this product highly.

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It's OK11/25/2017 8:28:57 AM

Pros: - Very accurate. - Good feel. - Long USB cable. - Good switches.

Cons: - Too light. - Unintuitive software which has to be downloaded. Anti-Virus program thought software was a virus. - Program for RGB took several tries to get it right. - The USB cable should have been wrapped instead of rubberized.

Overall Review: My last 2 mice have had adjustable weights, so the MM530 seems very light. The mouse and keyboard are very important as they are my primary input devices for gaming and work. I used the MM530 for 2 weeks, but kept going back to my old mouse because of the adjustable weights. The MM530 fits into my large hand very well, The accuracy is very good. The The PBT buttons are very good, as are the Omron switches. The MM530 is a good value for the price as long as you don't need a heavy mouse.

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Works like a charm.9/2/2017 11:31:38 AM

Pros: Installed this in the security system serving 6 cameras at my store. The unit is very quiet and operates as expected. I ran it for several days, alone and with 5 other drives and it was the quietest drive of the group. If a 5,400 RPM 64MB cache surveillance drive for 24/7/365 use is what you need, look no further. The price is really good too.

Cons: There are no cons!

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Great Value, But A Bit Warm & Noisy7/30/2017 12:54:01 PM

Pros: The retail version of the Toshiba N300 4TB 128MB cache internal hard drive is packaged very well. Installation was a breeze. WIN7 picked it up right away.

Cons: There were only 2 Cons. 1.) This drive was noisier than any of my other two drives. They run almost dead silent. 2.) This drive runs hotter than my other two which has me questioning the longevity of the unit.

Overall Review: For the investment, this is a good product. Noise and heat aside, installation was a snap and the drive is fast. If you build a rig every few years this drive might be the way to go for a backup. I would use it that way, but as a primary drive I might have to spend more money for a different mechanical drive or step up to an SSD.

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The TX750M is Solid.6/16/2017 5:58:41 AM

Pros: The packaging is excellent. This is a true 750 watt unit. I found it to be very quiet.

Cons: The flat cables are ugly and hard to work with.

Overall Review: I would highly recommend this PSU for to anyone needing a 750 watt unit. For the price, it's a good value. It will get the job done.

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Great Bang for the Buck!12/3/2016 1:07:39 PM

Pros: * Great packaging. * Everything you need in the box. * Components well wrapped. * Tubes aren't too stiff and are nicely covered. * The radiator is pristine. * Installation was straightforward. * Cooling was super for a 1 fan AIO liquid cooler. * A super value for the money.

Cons: * Too much plastic for my tastes. *The instructions are useless for beginners. Use You Tube installations video for help. * I wouldn't use a 1 fan rigg for overclocking. * Only looks good with a black or black/red color scheme.

Overall Review: The Captain 120 EX is a very nice AIO closed loop cooling solution for the money. It is well made and cools very well. I would highly recommend this this to anyone requiring these specifications. You can't go wrong.

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Very Nice!10/20/2016 7:35:57 PM

Pros: * Great Packaging. * Looks elegant. * Good quick start guide. * Easy to setup. * Works extremely well.

Cons: * Ethernet cable should be longer. * Power cord should be longer. * The modem housing is considerably than the one it replaced. Not an issue for me, but if you are working in a tight area it could create problems.

Overall Review: I'm very impressed with the Linksys CM3016. I just want to know who set the anemic cable length standards? Every cable modem and router I've ever purchased comes with ethernet cables and power cords that require replacement and/or things moved around to accommodate the equipment. I'm not talking about much, just another 18" would work. Enough of that. The CM3016 would be a great choice. It looks nice and performs well. I highly recommend this product.

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Very nice 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive9/29/2016 11:04:36 AM

Pros: - Lifetime Limited Warranty. - Strong price/value ratio. - Nice upload/download speeds. - Modern look and feel. - Easily attaches to keyring or lanyard.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I am handicapped. I have worn a small USB 2.0 drive around my neck containing my medical records for years. I copied all my records to the J80. It is lighter and less abrasive and looks nice too. The fact that the J80 has a limited lifetime warranty and protects against water, dust and vibration is a real plus. I use it every day and recommend it highly.

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Great little flash Drive.9/29/2016 10:47:19 AM

Pros: - Limited Lifetime Warranty is a big plus. - Great performance/price ratio. Superior value. - Modern hi-tech look. - East to extend and retract USB 3.0 connector. - When the USB 3.0 connector is retracted, there is no rattle. It's noiseless. - Provision for a lanyard on top (not included). - Upload and download speeds are more than adequate.

Cons: - I have used this for over a week and can't find anything I don't like about this flash drive.

Overall Review: - The Silicon Power 64GB Blaze B05 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a very nice product. The price/performance ratio and limited lifetime warranty makes it a must buy. I highly recommend it.

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Great Product7/10/2016 11:17:57 AM

Pros: The packaging is well thought out and screams quality. The instructions are very easy to follow and make setup a snap. This replaced an older TP-Link range extender and this is a superior product. I live in a old 3 story townhouse. My cable modem and router are in the basement. We got the original TP-Link range extender to solve WI-FI on the top floor, and it did. The RE355 just work better and seems smother. If you are looking for a superior Wi-Fi Range Extender you can't do better than the TP-LINK RE355.

Cons: It's a bit larger than I anticipated, but the performance difference is worth it.

Overall Review: We would highly recommend this range extender. We have purchased many of these over the years and have found the TP-LINK RE355 the very best.

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OK for the price.4/11/2016 12:53:37 PM

Pros: Nicely and securely packaged. It has a hefty feel and is in a aluminium case. Installation was a snap.

Cons: The Quick Start guide is impossible to read because the print is so small. Once installed, I couldn't get it to show up in the control panel. It shows up in my BIOS and Device Manager, but not in the Control Panel. Yes, my system is set to ACHI. I tried calling the OCZ support number over 25 times and got a busy signal each time. No love there. It was very frustrating. When I finally got it recognized I found it to be noticeably slower than my Samsung 850 Pro. After the hours taken getting the Trion 150 to work, the performance was underwelming. I guess if you want lightening speed, you have to pay the price.

Overall Review: If you want to venture into SSDs and want something faster than an old fashioned hard drive, this could be a good choice. I get tired of people complaining about having to go online to get drivers and monitoring software. If this stuff came with the drive, wouldn't you still go online to get the most up to date drivers and software available? When you go online, you get the most up to date software possible. Once online it took less than 4 minutes to register the product and download the software.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Mark, My name is Benjamin L. and I monitor the customer feedback here on Newegg. Thank you so much for your review of our product. When an SSD is first installed into a system as a secondary drive, the drive will need to be initialized and formatted before it can be seen within Windows Explorer. When performing a fresh installation of your Operating System, the OS initializes the drive for you, removing the need to initialize it yourself. Make sure that your drive is connected to your Native SATA port for the best performance. Many third party SATA controllers do not perform as well as the Native ones even when they're rated at 6Gb/s. The Trion 150 was released to be a low cost solution. If you are looking for a drive that is comparable to the Samsung 850 Pro, please check out our Vector 180 Series SSD. If you ever require additional support for your OCZ product, please feel free to contact me. You can contact me directly at You can also create a support ticket on our website at[labels_new]=Newegg Best Regards, Benjamin OCZ Storage Solutions
This is a little powerhouse.3/26/2016 7:21:32 PM

Pros: Nice exterior packaging. Securely packed. Smaller than I thought it would be. Metal case is a nice tough. Looks very professional. Very easy to install and get running. Used on 4 computers on 3 different floors that had been running on WiFi. Once hooked up every computer ran flawlessly. Put the 3 computers upstairs back to WiFi. What am I going to do with all this wire? LOL!

Cons: This is a superior product.

Overall Review: If you need a 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, then the TP-Link TL-SG105 is the one for you. It's a great product at a super price.

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Works Great and Looks Slick!3/19/2016 5:04:41 PM

Pros: The instructions for setup and installation of drivers were a breeze. Once Installed, the unit performed extremely well. The improvement on my wife's laptop was noticeable immediately. This TP-Link Archer T2UH looks elegant.

Cons: The size takes some getting used to. We kept bumping the antenna and hitting things with the body. The improvement at home isn't realized when traveling.

Overall Review: This is a good value for the dollar. I would recommend the TP-Link T2UH to anyone looking to improve their wireless signal reception at a reasonable price.

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Be patient!2/18/2016 12:14:45 PM

Pros: The H80i v2 came nicely packaged with everything you need for installation. I was replacing a Phanteks PH TC14 PE with 2 140mm fans. This was the biggest baddest air cooler available when I built this 2011 rig. Once installed, I couldn't believe how quiet the H80i v2 is. I almost thought I had botched the installation somewhere. On Balanced setting it is really hard to hear. I had to remove 3 140mm fans to install this. I figured the 2 120mm fans would be louder. Wrong. I checked the CPU temp on idle prior to the install and it was 39 degrees C. After installation I checked the temps for the H80i v2 and it is 34 degrees C. The light on the pump looks cool too. This is a quality product by Corsair, a quality manufacturer. This is a very solid unit and you might want to pick one up today. You won't be sorry.

Cons: The Quick Start Guide is rubbish. Corsair has tried to give instructions in 6 different languages so they give a mini paragraph on each step. If I was a first time builder, I would be confused. I have built over 50 computers since back in the days of MS/DOS. This is the first time for a closed loop liquid cooler. I found the unit clumsy and difficult to work with. I really could have used a second pair of hands to get the job done. Yes, the tubing is really stiff, but I figure it has to be to assure integrity against leaking. All the screws and fasteners worked as they should. When I was installing the fans, it took a magnifying glass to make sure I was installing them in the desired push/pull configuration. As I was getting ready to install the second fan I looked and figured out that the pump wouldn't have clearance after the fan was installed. This is where experience comes in. Sure enough, if I had installed the 2nd fan first there wouldn't have been enough clearance. I installed the pump first and then the 2nd fan and I was good to go. You need to pause at the completion of every step to see if you have a clear path to the next teeny weeney paragraph. I can install any air cooler in less than an hour. It took me 3 hours to install the H80i v2. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Overall Review: Once I finally got the H80i v2 installed I thought I had botched the installation. It is so darn quiet. It keeps my rig 5 degrees cooler than the monster air cooler it replaced. I don't know why some people knock the Corsair Link software. It is informative and I can adjust fan speeds for what I'm doing. If I'm gaming, I use the performance setting. If I'm surfing the net or doing emails, I use the quiet setting. Foe everything thing the balanced setting works for me. Now that I have this monster installed, would I buy one for my son? You bet I would. I'd help him install it too. Get one. You won't be sorry. Just be patient.

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Very Good!11/15/2015 5:15:05 PM

Pros: Packaging is very good. The unit is very hi-tech modern looking and has a very solid feel. The little antennas on the side are a plus. I am very impressed with the Quick Start Guide. It is extremely well written and I followed the directions and it worked on the first try. The only choice you have to make is how to install it. Your choice is to use WPS from your router, or if you want it Browser-based. That's it. I live in an old 3 story townhouse. The cable modem and router are in the basement. It has always been a challenge to get and maintain a strong stable on thee top floor. My wife likes to use her laptop in her study which is on the top floor. We have used various range extenders with mixed results. We used the Linksys RE6300 and followed the instructions for WPS installation. We set it up in thee recommended location and I ran for the basement and held my breath. I few hours later my wife came into my office with a big smile on her face. She said she had used her laptop for a couple of hours on the top floor without losing the signal. Happy wife, happy life. LOL! This is a good product for the price. We will highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a great range extender, that includes you.

Cons: No Cons.

Overall Review: If you want to get a range extender the Linksys RE6300 is for you. Itis simple to install and it works. Buy one. You won't be sorry.

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Check with your ISP.10/25/2015 11:40:42 AM

Pros: The TC-7610 arrived in a shipping box that looked like it had been the object of a rugby scrum. Once the battered box was opened, the actual box was pristine. Nice job Newegg. Once unpacked and unwrapped the TC-7610 looked very nice and the power cord was, well, a power cord. I plugged the unit in and everything lit up as it should. I unplugged my trusty Motorola modem, hooked everything up and got a big surprise from my ISP, COX. I was informed that this modem was not on their approved list. They provided me with a short list of approved modems or I could rent their modem for $10.00 a month. I packed everything up and ran to a friends house. He has Comcast. We had no compatibility issues. The TC-7610 was virtually plug and play. The modem we replaced was a top of the line, very expensive unit a few years ago. The TP-7610 out performed his unit in quality and stability of signal during online gaming and surfing the net. We uploaded and downloaded with ease. This baby is a great value. It is highly recommended.

Cons: The biggest issue I have isn't with TP-LINK, its with COX. The inability to use this high quality product is restricted by their antiquated "Approved List". There are modems on that list that are years out of date with ancient technology. Get with the new technology COX!! The only real negative I found seems to be an industry wide practice these days. The power cord is very short. It doesn't allow you to put the modem where you want to. It requires you to make a place to put it within 6' of the wall socket. My old modem was on top of a bookcase. The TC-7610 had to go on one of the lower shelves. My high dollar surge suppressor has adjustable outlets, so the rectangular shape of the power box isn't an issue.

Overall Review: This is a very good product. Check with your ISP to see if you are fortunate enough to be able to use this baby. I am envious!

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Very Cool, But...9/2/2015 10:33:47 AM

Pros: I am a 66 year old extreme gamer. I have been building rigs since the days of MS/DOS. I had a mouse with a little rubber ball in it that had to be removed and cleaned with alcohol at least 1x per week to keep it tracking properly. To say that I have seen the advancement of all gaming components would be a gross understatement. I received this latest mouse from Corsair and was blown away by the packaging. It looks really cool. It is well packaged and not that hard to open. I have very large hands and it fits better than any mouse ever. The adjustment to move the buttons back and forth is very easy and the tool for this is provided. At first blush this would be the ideal gaming mouse. Installed the software and drivers from Corsair and plugged it in next to my Corsair M65 so I could compare them side-by-side. The Scimitar tracks better and is more accurate than the M65. This was evident with gaming use. It is a superior gaming mouse.

Cons: No adjustable weights. No forward or backward buttons. No instructions on how to write macros on the 12 buttons. No pre-programmed profiles for the 12 keys for the most popular PC games. Seems very light in weight for me. The Quickstart Guide tries to be all things to all people and really misses the boat

Overall Review: This is a brilliant gaming mouse. If not having forward and reverse buttons isn't a concern and you know how to write macros for the 12 buttons, then this is the mouse for you. I will continue to use this mouse because of the accuracy at 1200 DPI. Maybe Corsair will come out with profiles for the most popular pc games and/or a writing on macros for dummies.

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Worth the Money!6/19/2015 2:23:23 PM

Pros: The box looks cool. The packaging is typical egg carton, but adequate. When I took the router out of the packing and positioned thee antennas properly it looks like a huge spider on it's back. I looked at the quick start guide and couldn't believe how limited it was. I removed my trusted D-Link gaming router and began the install of the TRENDnet TEW-828DRU. I used that quick start guide and couldn't believe how easy is was to get it up and running. I just followed the instructions and everything worked out great. The online wizard is easy to understand. The whole process took about 30 minutes. I did have to call TRENDnet's help line for assistance. I got a live person who spoke english. He explained that the information I was looking for was on the wrapper that the router came in. I had it right in front of me and was reading it wrong. We both had a laugh and I continued to finish the install. It was a breeze to get it setup on the main computer in my basement office. Now for the litmus test. My wife's computer is on the top floor of our 3 story townhouse. Over the years we have been through countless routers because the wireless connection from the basement to her office was less than satisfactory. Lost signals, freezing, etc. happened all the time and are things you never get used to. I got her computer hooked up and waited... She walked through the door with a briefcase full of paperwork. I told her that I had installed a new router and she gave me one of those looks. She went up to her office and I waited. I let an hour go by and stuck my head in the door. She turned and smiled. She said it was noticeably faster than anything we'd used in the past and the signal was super strong. If you are looking for a great product with a great feature set, look no further than the TRENDnet TEW-8228DRU. It is worth the money!

Cons: The only CON isn't just against TRENDnet, but against the vast majority of companies with products requiring power cords. The darn things are just to short. It took me longer to move the power source to a location where I could plug in the router than it did to install the hardware. If the cord had been 2' longer I could have saved 30 min. I isn't worth dinging an egg because it is an industry wide issue and a pet peeve of mine. If you've built a bunch of computers, you know where I'm coming from...

Overall Review: This is a great product. Yes, the price is premium but the performance is worth it. About those short power cords... LOL!!

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Good Product for the Price!5/18/2015 8:16:23 AM

Pros: Great packaging, nice design, and easy to read directions. I followed the directions (both installation methods) and it installed flawlessly. For under $40.00, this is a good buy with some limitations.

Cons: I was disappointed at the lack of any real speed increase when installed. Signal strength became more consistent over a longer period of time than without it. Playing WOW on the laptop did not improve at all.

Overall Review: Great price to value ratio.

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Nice Mid-Level Router3/7/2015 7:53:06 PM

Pros: The TP-Link TL-WDR4300 router comes securely packaged. Everything you would expect is in the box. The instructions are easy to understand, even for a newbee. The enclosed set-up disk makes things very easy too. Attaching the 3 antennas is a snap and it really is a good looking piece of hardware. For basic functions of a WiFi router, this surely fits the bill. If you are looking for a first or second router with solid features you can't go wrong with this offering from TP-Link.

Cons: Where do I begin? This is a good medium price router. I live in an old 33 story townhome and all my computer equipment is located in the basement. My gaming rig is hardwired to the router for optimum game playing. However, my wife uses her laptop on the other two floors. She uses her laptop as much for work as for pleasure. It takes a robust signal to climb the 3 floors of our home. The TL-WDR4300 does come up very short in that regard. The laptops had dropped signal problems on the middle floor and the 3rd floor test was abysmal. Holding a signal for more than 2 minutes was impossible. I could go into all the features this product has and I'm sure that they are wonderful. However, if the signal isn't there, as far as I'm concerned, the rest is meaningless because I'm not going to use the router anyway.

Overall Review: I realize my WiFi situation is sort of a torture test for routers. I have been through over 15 routers over the years and 14 of thoser 15 failed to make the cut. Only 1 gives us what we need with great consistency. That router costs almost 3 times as much as this offering. If your WiFi needs are normal, this router should be considered. The ease of setup and the way it looks and the features should make this a mid-priced winner

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