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Great minimal case11/3/2011 3:55:19 PM

Pros: First off, I hate cases on handheld devices, especially iDevices. This case is an exception. Case is very low profile, built well and has a nice hand feel. One of the great things, since this isn't silicone, it won't stick to your pocket, collect lint, etc. The case also hugs the iPhone rather well and has a nice solid, crisp lip to hold it in place. Based on how difficult it was to cut the headphone jack w/ an xacto blade, the construction of the case material is solid(see below). The nubs on the side edges are just enough to ensure a good grip. It still fits in a rather tight pocket easily, since it doesn't add much bulk to the iPhone. Overall, this is a fantastic, well priced, minimalist case that seems to be of much better quality than any of the other comparably priced cases. The iLounge review (A-) agrees. It may not protect quite as well as a bulky over protective case, but that tradeoff is worth the benefits and reduction in bulk.

Cons: As with all cases, you will have to enlarge the headphone jack to use it with decent earphones. This has unfortunately created a very thin section on the front edge that may reduce the integrity of the front edge of the case. It still seems solid, but I had to stop cutting. Some people complain that there isn't enough protection on the front screen. There is just enough of a lip to keep the glass from contacting a table top if you put the phone down upside down. I see this as just the right amount, without extra unneeded bulk. It can be hard to change the mode of the Mute switch if you have a lack of fingernails or other tools. However, it protects the switch from being accidentally flipped. Honestly, this is not a switch people will be using many times a day. I'm not sure it could be improved with a design revision, not a big deal either.

Overall Review: Yes, this case works with the iPhone 4S (VZW). It did take one week from ordering to receiving the case. This is partially due to the Marketplace vendor, partially due to USPS shipping. Shouldn't be a big deal unless you have an emergency need for the case ASAP or are used to free two day shipping. The button passthroughs are very stiff, but reliably activate the button you are trying to press 100% of the time, often with very little tactile feedback. Probably one of the best iPhone cases out there at any price. Easily beats other $30-$50 cases I've tried.

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WOW3/6/2010 12:14:57 PM

Pros: FAST. VERY FAST. I haven't gotten around to running benchmarks yet but it obviously maxes Windows 7's "Windows Experience Index" at 7.9. I'd say it goes up to 11. Very lightweight drive also (for laptop use). Drive construction seems to be that it's a milled bottom plate, a thin black plastic ring in the middle, and a flat top plate fastened with screws. Not quite as nice as the P128, but it's an SSD, who cares, no moving parts and shock resistant. Access is instantaneous. I've got it hooked up via 6Gbps SATA on an Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard (from newegg), using it as my boot drive. Drive installation was super simple, it's just 1-2 cables and 4 screws, if that. Not much else to say: if you're looking for a decent sized, very fast SSD, this is a great option.

Cons: Price, even though it's the cheapest of the very fast/enterprise level drives and larger than all of them.

Overall Review: Plenty of benchmarks have been done and are easy to find. They seem to vary in results but agree that this is the fastest or one of the fastest drives they've ever tested pretty much across the board.

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good little machine11/2/2007 12:23:39 PM

Pros: Small, light, durable, full featured.

Cons: "Standard" Desktop mode is disabled by default and Asus made it hard to enable. Keyboard IS small. Screen is a little small.

Overall Review: This is a great little machine for someone who is either new to computers or who wants a secondary machine. The interface is very easy to use and has been optimized very well. Even with 512MB and a lowly 900MHz processor, this system does most of the intended tasks "fast enough". It is by no means a desktop replacement or main machine replacement for a power user. I got this to complement my 17" Core2duo MacBook Pro. Sometimes I just want something that will fit in my pocket, this will do the job. Overall, I would recommend this machine to anyone who just needs a basic machine (portable or otherwise) to perform the "normal" tasks like surfing the web, e-mail, chat, VoIP, document editing. You can't beat it for the price.

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