The good ones are great, the bad ones are bad11/22/2007 12:30:47 AM

Pros: The first one I purchased a month ago is quiet and works flawlessly. I use it specifically for storing and playing a large amount of media from mp3s to HD mpg/ts files.

Cons: Satisfied with my first one, I purchased another one and installed it into a different PC also as a non-OS/data storage drive. It failed exactly after one week and wasn't even detected at bios startup. It wouldn't get detected in other PCs as well.

Overall Review: As I expect of OEM drives, you could end up getting one of the few defective drives. But Seagate is the brand I've trust most in the past 5 years, although their acquistion of Maxtor makes me feel uneasy. This is the first time I've had a Seagate harddrive fail, and hopefully the replacement will be as great as my first purchase.

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