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Solid unit10/22/2020 7:55:49 AM

Pros: I love these Synology NAS DiskStations because they are relatively quiet. Super easy to setup.

Cons: I found out the hard way that those itty-bitty rubber doughnut thingies are super important. One fell out of one of the hard drive trays when installing the drive and, since it was a pain to get it put back in, I left it out. It had 3 of them so, I figured it wouldn't matter - WRONG! The buzzing from that bay was awful and scary sounding. I finally got it put back in and all was well. That was my only issue.

Overall Review: Recommended!

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solid, no issues10/22/2020 7:51:19 AM

Pros: it's a NAS drive. that means you don't get excited about it unless it stops working

Cons: none

Overall Review: All 4 initialized and worked without issue in my Synology DS920+ That's all you can ask for.

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it rocks!4/9/2020 6:29:02 PM

Pros: so easy to set up and configure; strong signal covers my whole house easily - even the front and back porches

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yep, seriously consider this one - probably the best unit I've ever had.

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this thing works great!3/12/2020 9:15:53 AM

Pros: easy to install, sets up automatically under Win10

Cons: the antenna array is a little much but, it's not a big issue. plenty of cable to stick it out of the way I didn't have any spare USB sockets on my mobo to hookup the Bluetooth but, I don't need it so, I don't care

Overall Review: recommended if you need this. note that if you're counting on having the Bluetooth feature, make sure you have an open USB socket on your mobo or you can't connect it - same for everything, though.

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solid unit rolls easily3/9/2020 4:27:45 AM

Pros: very sturdy rolls easily locking wheels easy to assemble with 2 people

Overall Review: yes

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easy-peasy; works like a charm7/6/2019 4:08:37 AM

Pros: Nothing could be simplier. Zero problems, Excellent performance. The Samsung Data Migration tool works exactly as it should.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I always buy Samsung SSDs. Never had a problem.

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Happy with the ones that work7/6/2015 12:44:08 PM

Pros: Quiet and reasonably fast.

Cons: Of the 2 I ordered, one of them is great and the other was DOA. NewEgg handles this superbly as always but, I wanted to try WD after having an almost 50% DOA rate with Seagate Constellations. Unfortunately, no better but no worse.

Overall Review: Don't know what is up with HDD manufacturers these days. Maybe my luck is bad. When I was buying Seagate, I just started ordering half-again as many as I needed because there were always some bad ones. Looks like switching to WD didn't help. I suppose our S.O.P. must always be to order 50% more drives than you need because half of them are going to be bad right out of the box. But, I sincerely appreciate how quickly and completely NewEgg handles the RMAs.

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the good ones are very good5/16/2014 6:56:32 AM

Pros: I love these Seagate NAS drives for their reliability and performance.

Cons: I've bought many of these drives over the years in different sizes and there is one thing consistent with all the Seagate drives I've ever bought - about 1 out of ever 4 is DOA. If you plug them in and they work, they will work forever. But, at least 25% of them are DOA - never even recognized as a valid drive. If you need 4, order at least 5.

Overall Review: NewEgg is the ONLY place to buy these drives because their return policies are GREAT!

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major upgrade12/20/2013 5:36:44 AM

Pros: love the compact design - I never mastered the number pad anyway so, it's nice to have that real estate back on my desk very solid build and the feel is just excellent; after only one day, I can feel my typing speed and accuracy coming back. I'm not a gamer but this is a great keyboard for just pounding code and other typing intensive operations

Cons: the documentation that comes with this keyboard is somewhat limited to "plug it in"; the corsair website had a bit more info about the switch settings but after reading it, I discovered that I won't need to move the switch from the default settings anyway.

Overall Review: after one afternoon with this keyboard, I ordered another one. the only weird thing about this order was that it took much longer to receive it than most Newegg orders I've placed. Maybe Newegg has spoiled me but, 8 days seemed like quite a long time.

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Seagate issues continued10/28/2013 8:32:36 AM

Pros: fast, quiet, easy to install and configure; good value (when you get a good one) NewEgg's super customer service and RMA system (which I have had to use way too much lately)

Cons: Quality control - Seagate and WD have both been having some serious quality control issues lately. I have purchased 10 Seagate drives lately and had 3 failures within a few days. Another is acting very suspicious and may fail before the end of the week. Newegg takes care of these with as little hassle as possible but, there is always a hassle when you have to keep replacing dead drives; packing them up; shipping them back. No fault of Newegg at all. My colleagues report similar issues with both Seagate and WD and maybe they are related to problems both factories have had. Still this is the worst "batting average" I've ever had with Seagate drives.

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Like it10/18/2013 12:10:21 PM

Pros: Easy-peasy setup and installation. Quieter than other reviews lead me to believe - I can't hear it over my other computers in my office so, it's quiet. Swapping disks is a piece of cake and there is very good feedback through the user interface. The new UI is much better than my previous ReadyNAS box (this is my second one). Very satisfied with Netgear ReadyNAS appliances for backups and a kind of file-server occasionally. Fast enough though not a speed demon.

Cons: Documentation was great for everything except one of the very first things you need to know - how to put drives in it. I kinda figured it out on my own and then later found an explanation buried in one of the docs (when I was looking for something else in the docs). C'mon guys! Tell a man how to put the drives in as one of the very first things on the list!

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strange for Seagate10/12/2013 7:07:54 PM

Pros: great drives at a great price but...

Cons: I ordered 4 for my new NAS. 1 was DOA. 1 failed almost immediately. I have to say that I've never had problems like this with Seagate drives so I have to think it was just a fluke. I would have given more eggs but...this was a bummer that cost me several hours.

Overall Review: I've no doubt that NewEgg will make good on these and I can limp along on just the 2 good drives for a while so, nothing to get too upset about.

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the best!1/7/2013 7:44:30 AM

Pros: Fanstastic sound - nobody knows I'm on a headset. It connects to both my desk phone and my mobile at the same time (not confusing - very handy). This is my 2nd unit - both bought here at NewEgg. I broke the plastic arm on the first one - it's a rough environment here but, it still works. I have recommended this to others and they are also quite happy.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Be careful on ordering this - order this one on this page! I accidentally placed the first order for the OEM version which costs $8 more and doesn't have free shipping and it also doesn't come with any accessories. The NewEgg customer support guy was great and we got this worked out fast.

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Hardware great; software useless10/11/2011 7:05:48 AM

Pros: Excellent feel and control and comfort. Scroll ring is very nice and smooth. only 4 stars because I haven't gotten the full value of the purchase yet - can't program the extra buttons.

Cons: If you're on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, do NOT download and install the software from their site. Not only does it not work, it causes the device to stop working altogether! I had to hookup another mouse just to be able to uninstall the Trackballworks software. Maybe they will fix it someday... The good news is that you don't really need it for basic functionality and that's what I really wanted.

Overall Review: I am an input device fanatic because I work at my computer about 12 hours per day (no games - just work) and I have problems with my hands. Guys like me need to be able to switch several times each day to reduce the stress of having your hands in only one position all the time. I have lots of Logitec trackballs and love them. I also have the new Logitec Wireless Touchpad and it's excellent. I really like this Kensington trackball because of the size of the ball. This one is a bit pricey for most users but guys like me need this stuff so, I'm happy with it and will feel like I've gotten a good deal if Kensington ever fixes their software.

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don't be afraid!4/2/2011 1:21:59 PM

Pros: Excellent peformance! Not as bad to setup for simple stuff as everybody (including ZyXEL) makes it out to be. Great throughput!

Cons: Scary! There are so many options and settings and other daunting features! I'm not a network expert. I have over 25 years experience as a programmer and techie and manager of sysadmins but I was swimming in very strange waters with this thing. If you try to use all those options you will NEVER get this thing to work without a Phd.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a dying FSV318 and I tried ordering an FSV338 but the one I got was DOA and NewEgg was out of stock. So, I decided to just give it my best shot and see if I could make this thing work. I set all the ports to LAN1 and plugged in my Netgear 5-port gig switch and everything just worked! I don't need the VPN yet but it's there when I need it.

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Best $$$ I've ever spent2/26/2011 8:45:52 PM

Pros: Excellent sound quality! Pairs with my Blackberry and my office land-line phone at the same time. So comfortable that I forget that I'm wearing it. Noise cancelling is better than expected - driving down the highway with the windows down works fine now. This is absolutely the best technology investment that I've ever made! Purchased from of course. I almost always do.

Cons: none really - wish I'd bought 2 of them because I run the battery dead by the end of a 12-hour day so I'd like to have a spare.

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