GREAT!5/3/2012 11:06:04 AM

Pros: Popped this into an HTPC build, and it works perfectly. Dead silent + runs cool as ice.

Cons: Only 5x SATA connectors.. they couldn't just add ONE more to match the 6x SATA ports many of us are working with on our motherboards? C'mon!!

Overall Review: Color not the nicest shade of green, but irrelevant unless you have a big case window.

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Works fine.4/26/2012 5:51:52 PM

Pros: Been using this to fax for months now.. works fine.

Cons: Actually plays the fax dialing noise through the speakers while faxing. Not sure why anybody would actually want to hear this..? Obviously you can turn it down, but odd for a default option.

Overall Review: If this isn't working for you, it might be because you have to use Windows XP SP2 or lower, and it probably has more to do with the fax software that went incompatible from this point on.

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Perfect4/19/2012 10:12:10 AM

Pros: Its RAM! Works perfectly, runs cool, and has the old school RAM look without the completely unnecessary "heat spreaders" which do absolutely nothing but try and dress it up. These already run as cool as can be.

Cons: None.. besides maybe the packaging.

Overall Review: Lifetime warranty .. can't go wrong ..

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Mindblowing sound4/13/2012 5:14:12 PM

Pros: Phenomenal sound quality, absolutely stunning on my studio monitors.. all hardware, unlike Creative and others who skimp on the DAC, DSP, and opamps.. all high quality parts all around. These are NOT for those with rinky dink satellite speakers.. they are for those with nice bookshelves at the bare minimum, but mostly the biggest gains are from studio monitors.

Cons: Old school looking software, but a very minor con.

Overall Review: OUTPUT ANALOG... I cannot stress this enough. If you are buying a sound card like this and outputting digital, you are NOT taking advantage of the glorious DAC in this 8788 chipset that is basically what makes this thing shine.. more than any other component.. You have to spend about a thousand dollars on a Stello External DAC to go beyond this type of sound clarity.. So if you output DIGITAL, you are just bypassing the DAC to be handled by your receivers, which is guaranteed to sound inferior unless you've got a $1000 Marantz.

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Perfect Drive3/8/2012 9:39:07 AM

Pros: I've owned so many of these things I've lost count. Quiet and cool enough for a large capacity drive. Never had an issue.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you happen to have the best selling GIGABYTE p35 motherboard, chances are that one day this and any very large capacity drives will suddenly stop showing up, and will only show up as a 32mb drive. Apparently, only a few people are aware of the fix for this, and EVEN WD has not caught on to this connection, and will even RMA it without even verifying whether or not the gigabyte bug is at play! All you really have to do is run a third party Capacity restoration tool, reboot, and you'll be back to normal. Why does WD not know anything of this?!

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Outstanding3/8/2012 9:14:29 AM

Pros: Excellent little motherboard. Replaced a dead 775 motherboard with this, re-attached my good ol' e6750, added in some new DDR3 ram and I was on my way. Thought I would take some sort of performance hit since I've never spent this little on a mobo before, but that was certainly not the case here.

Cons: BIOS has the CPU_FAN set to a "quiet" by DEFAULT.. this mode will limit your RPM's quite a bit. Found this pretty odd for a default setting, as it could significantly reduce your load temps once you get in there and turn this setting OFF.. Also pretty limited on PCI ports, so if you've got a double slot video card, you've pretty much got room for that, a sound card, a free mini pci-e port, and that's it!

Overall Review: Not exactly for overclockers, but you should have already known that. Probably not the best choice for brand new systems unless on a real tight budget, but perfect for those looking to extend the life of their perfectly capable 775 chips.. Just remember that when you replace your older 775 mobos, chances are your old mobo had DDR2 memory, so you will have to spend $20 or so and pick up 4GB of DDR3 memory to be compatible with this board!

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FREEZING!2/29/2012 4:44:49 PM

Pros: Built these for office rigs, and was most impressed to find how ICE COOL this thing runs. Silent too.

Cons: Color is the nastiest shade of green I've ever seen. Might not look so good if you have a side window. Also might not cut it for an i5 or above setup, although I've never tried. For an i5 you would probably want to bump it up to the 430w just to be safe. No need to overspend for ridiculous amounts of watts nobody will ever use.

Overall Review: My other Antec power supply is approaching its 10 year anniversary, still running strong and used almost all day every day!

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2/29/2012 4:32:26 PM

Pros: Unbelievable quality for the price. Never thought I could spend this little on a case and still get quality. Very lightweight, yet still feels like its good enough quality to last.

Cons: The USB ports are upside down, so you will have to remember that from now on. Side is also difficult to get to close 100%.

Overall Review: Great for anyone who wants a different looking case at a real low price. This case looks more unique than most others on newegg which seem to copy and paste the same design over and over.

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Unbearably SLOW2/23/2012 9:04:32 AM

Pros: Cool looking drive and great aesthetic design.. no having to worry about losing the cap!

Cons: Too slow! This is by far and bar none THE slowest USB drive I've ever used. Even when changing it to optimize for performance, the transfer speeds are just unreasonably slow. Literally about 10 minutes to move just 1GB of data.

Overall Review: Would never buy a Kingston USB drive again. This thing will be used for emergency backups and stored away.. its far too slow for daily use like I planned on.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Lets be brutally honest here..9/21/2011 9:48:26 AM

Pros: Its ALL about aesthetics here folks .. They took traditional Microsoft functionality, and combined it with a shiny and sleek new interface, copied those smooth Mac-like transition effects, and packaged it as "WINDOWS 7", following in Apple's philosophy that aesthetics are THE most important thing when it comes to technology. The few new features are not only completely forgettable, but can be replicated quite easily on both Vista and XP.

Cons: A year to reflect, W7 is very underwhelming.. how Microsoft has convinced so many people to buy an entirely new operating system based off aesthetics alone is completely beyond me.. true, the default aesthetics in XP are incredibly dated, but they can be overhauled to look identical to W7 if you'd like. Fan of old-school PC gaming? Have fun jumping through hoops. Even when you do finally find all the custom little fixes, patches, workarounds.. these games will still have tons of errors, glitches, and crashes and almost NEVER run properly. "Windows XP mode" was an afterthought and very poorly integrated and optimized. The artificial Windows "SCORE" index and the enhanced "security" are basically just effective marketing gimmicks..

Overall Review: a product aimed almost directly at the tech-TRENDY individuals, not necessarily the tech-SAVVY among us.. I use W7 on my desktop and will continue to use Windows XP for my media center PC, since aesthetics are just not as important as functionality for me.. FACE IT, since Windows 98, Microsoft has been taking BABY STEPS as far as functionality goes. Hopefully Windows 8 will be a more genuine upgrade and they won't just add a bunch of snazzy transitional effects and some random transparency here and there.

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Perfect4/6/2011 1:44:39 PM

Pros: 1 Year anniversary of buying this drive, so I thought I'd put in a review. Still running strong, dead silent, and not a single audible click. Used as a media drive handling my music, movies, and recorded TV.

Cons: Can't think of a single con.

Overall Review: 1tb is the MAX capacity hdd before you start to gamble with reliability. Seems like every single 1.5tb, 2.0tb, or 3.0tb drive on newegg has an alarming amount of 1/5 egg ratings. Not sure why people are taking their chances with something as important as a hard drive.

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LOVE IT12/9/2010 10:39:11 AM

Pros: Outstanding card. PROOF that the days of spending between $300 - $600 on video cards are a thing of the past :) You can run Mass Effect 2, completely maxed.. 4x/16x.. 1080p.. at a silky smooth 60fps. You need more power than this, you're greedy and/or spoiled.

Cons: BIG.. but most people should have plenty of room as long as you aren't in one of those cramped cases or possibly one of those HTPC-specific type cases.

Overall Review: Thank you AMD for ending the videocard markup madness! Although the naming schemes could be more accurate as not to deliberately confuse customers.

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Pros: First off.. I hope anyone buying this card realizes what they are getting into. If you are buying a sound card to output DIGITAL you are wasting your time with any nice sound card like this. This card has the incredible CMI8788 chipset and and one of the most outstanding DAC's you will quite possible ever hear. (unless you have a standalone DAC unit)

Cons: Shotty build quality. I don't know exactly whats gone on with this product, but as you have seen there is a trend of users reporting a problem just over a year with the similar issue. I got this issue about 9 months in, outputting analog from day one.. and never bothered with warranty support.

Overall Review: .. I removed the sound card, cleaned it off, and pressed down on everything on it to make sure everything was properly in place. Reseated it, and the card has been working for at least another 4 months.. so hopefully someone else can provide more on this issue about recovery from it.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great headphones - Lousy cord4/24/2009 12:17:18 PM

Pros: Okay I have to say that the sound quality on these is excellent. So good for their kind and price range that I am possibly considering ordering a second pair to replace the first pair that just broke due to what I'll cover in the following Cons.

Cons: I had these headphones for about 7 months and the durability is excellent besides the extremely shoddy cord connection. Mine started to fray on its own in about 3 months and eventually just got worse and worse until it finally only played in one ear.

Overall Review: My advice would be to IMMEDIATELY do SOMETHING to strengthen this area as soon as you get these.. only other thought is that they are very loud to those around you. I have to play my music pretty low on the subway or else I'll notice people moving away from me once a seat 10 feet away opens up ;D

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Love it!9/13/2008 4:12:50 PM

Pros: Love this motherboard! It has plenty of options, looks great, runs stable, and has a plethora of overclocking options. Love the orange on the board as well. Been running a week now and overclocked my e8400 well past 4ghz on it without any issues.

Cons: too many o/c options! I dont even know what all of them do! Only other con is that one of the IDE cables it comes with is too small, i'm not sure what its for. But besides this, I guess the CMOS is hard to clear if you have a sound card installed. I had to remove mine every time I had to clear the CMOS when experimenting with o/cing.

Overall Review: The northbridge heatsink is huge! I actually had to install my aftermarket hs/f upsidedown because it would keep hitting it! but this is really not a big deal.. it just looks sort of strange, and it does seem to be much cooler to the touch than many other ones i've seen in the past.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
great player9/9/2008 4:28:29 PM

Pros: awesome player. It looks great, the screen is nice, bright, and clear.. the menu layout is simple yet not too simple, and the sound quality is pretty good. Better sounding than an ipod with a good EQ setting and the X-Fi maxed out. Best bang for your buck in an mp3 player. I didn't install ANY software it came with, just started dragging and dropping my music and videos. Built in speaker is much better sounding than I expected it to be too!

Cons: i had the reset problem once, about 4 hours after getting it. But i've played it probably around 50 more hours without having that problem again. Im also not sure how to resize my videos to 320x240, because it won't play videos in any other resolution.

Overall Review: i dont know what zen greg got when he gave his review, but its almost as if he is reviewing the wrong player. All the corner buttons have a purpose, and one of them IS a shortcut button that you can customize to your liking.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great product!8/20/2008 6:44:47 PM

Pros: good sound quality (not GREAT though), great menus, very easy to use. Its got Microphone, FM radio, and a couple other features i've yet to fool around with. The screen quality is fantastic also, videos look great! And no more sharing earbuds if you and someone else want to watch together, its got a built in speaker that actually sounds pretty darn good! Battery life is also very impressive.

Cons: Buttons are not backlit and can be a little small and clustered together if you have large fingers. Other than that the sound quality isn't as good as I thought it would be, but still good enough for a portable mp3 player.

Overall Review: Didn't even install any software, just plugged it in and started adding songs through winamp!

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Incredible!7/3/2008 3:45:35 PM

Pros: This card will handle ANY game you throw at it! At the $200 price point, this card really destroys anything in its path. This card also seems to barely take the hit in performance that I used to get with my 8800gts 320mb.

Cons: Runs hot stock, but google will easily find you a fix for this. I am now idling at 45c on the stock fan and it is not any louder than it was at stock speed when increased from 27 to 40.

Overall Review: Card should last me quite some time.

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ill make this short and sweet1/24/2008 2:02:52 PM

Pros: I am quite an audiophile, so I have returned three or four sound cards in my lifetime.. this card has been the only card I ever bought that truly BLEW me away. Incredible sound quality and outstanding bass definition.

Cons: None, except perhaps there could have been the simplistic BASS/TREBLE control.

Overall Review: incredible sound quality for the price. I would say some of the most superb bass definition I have ever heard. Even when hooked up to a cheap subwoofer temporarilly, it sounded amazing!!

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Wow!1/14/2008 11:54:26 AM

Pros: have had this up and running for 4 months!! never even crashed on me.

Cons: none, no raid or sli but i dont have that type of money to spend anyway!

Overall Review: to the user who received THREE doa boards, obviously there was something else wrong or a compatability issue.

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Awesome motherboard12/23/2007 1:44:35 PM

Pros: Bought this when it first came out and has been running strong ever since.

Cons: Heatsinks run hot but can be easily cooled by a good side fan. Stock it was running just way too hot.

Overall Review: suprised to see how well praised this board is, especially for the price. Just the perfect mobo for p35 unless you have outrageous amounts of money to spend on things like raid and sli, in which case you would be looking at more sophisticated boards.

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WOWW!!!!12/23/2007 1:40:45 PM

Pros: Great product. Ever since day one, have never had a problem with it.

Cons: NONE. MAYBE if you have a smaller case you will find it cluttered with the amount of cables this unit comes with.

Overall Review: All of the sudden my power goes out in the whole house and my computer is still running!! Had NO idea it was even capable of this!

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Love this board!11/25/2007 1:13:12 PM

Pros: This is the ONLY motherboard that I had absolutely NO problems with! Up and running for over three months now and not a single problem to date.

Cons: Heatsinks get very hot as mentioned plenty of times. Side case fans are a must, but even without you should still be fine.. but I always like to be on the safe side.

Overall Review: For the price you really cant beat it. Whats amazing is that for one time one of the most trouble free boads is ALSO the most affordable!

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horrible product10/29/2007 2:39:32 PM

Pros: installed just fine, backed up a bunch of important files onto it, seemed to handle this just fine.

Cons: However, there is no way to access the drive because the security software does not come up on any other computers, therefor rendering this product USELESS if I can only successfully use it on one computer.

Overall Review: might have just gotten a faulty product, but either way I will be going with a different product next time around. Very disappointed!

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A pointless upgrade.9/25/2007 2:38:52 PM

Pros: First off, I consider myself to be a bit of an audiophile with somewhat high standards and when I purchased this it was only as a temporary solution thinking it would be dramatic enough to get me by until I upgrade to a new speaker system and new sound card all together.

Cons: Really only marginally better than marginal its not worth the price.

Overall Review: Any differences mean either a) you happen to have very lousy onboard sound or b) you only benefited from all of the software tweaks, which is where you really noticed the sound difference. There is always software you can find for onboard sound online to get eq settings, bass/treble, surround settings, effects etc. I would say either take advantage of these tweaks with your onboard or save your money for a better card!

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