Works on newest kernel.4/22/2015 10:50:38 AM

Pros: Works in Windows and newest Linux Kernel.

Cons: A little flimsy, no electrical isolation on bottom of case.

Overall Review: I wrote a previous review saying that the drive didn't work with Linux, but during that time I enabled my testing repos in Arch and the drive seems to work fine under Linux 4.0.0-2 ARCH.

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Do NOT buy if your looking to use as a SSD.1/13/2010 3:40:41 PM

Pros: The card works as advertised. However the CF specifications leave something to be desired.

Cons: Aparrently CF cards come in two different 'modes'. Removable, and Fixed-disk. This card is sold in the Removable mode and the only way to 'fix it' is to send it into Transcend. They basically issue an RMA and 'use their manufacturing equipment' to change the mode in the card to be used as a proper hard drive. If this mode isn't changed, your card will not boot your OS.

Overall Review: I RMA'd my card last week, and it seems transcend has 'lost' it. Now I'm out $80 and still don't have a drive to boot my EEE off of. Newegg was fast as always but this information was unavailable on their website, basically disallowing me the knowledge of this firsthand.

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10/22/2009 10:14:13 AM

Pros: Does its job, does it well.

Cons: Included a straight adapter coming out of the side instead of the angled ones others claim to have gotten.

Overall Review: Originally I hooked this up and thought it was giving me problems, but it turned out to be just a faulty cable.

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Amazing power supply.4/13/2009 8:48:45 PM

Pros: Great power supply, I will be buying these again very soon. GREAT build quality, looking in the power supply reveals some large heatsinks, all the cables are tied tight and neatly with mesh tubing, high quality.

Cons: This whole obsession with ***everything*** having to have LEDs...If I could of bought this without the 2 blue led fans I'd be even happier. As it is when you turn off the lights in my room you could seriously believe a UFO was coming down.

Overall Review: It's nice to finally see some good build quality at a cheap price. This is powering a 2.7ghz AM2 Dual-Core with a GTS 250 video card, 1tb hard drive and it doesn't break a sweat.

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Nice little case...4/13/2009 8:41:29 PM

Pros: Case is nice, very simplistic, minimal design. It has quick-release levers practically everywhere so you dont need to mess with screws other than putting the power supply in. The front of the case is a meshed black and behind all the mesh it's all filtered. Nice airflow, without having to worry about dust.

Cons: The sides of the case didn't have air-filters. Would of been nice. I had 2-3 brass standoffs not want to thread properly with the included screws but I'm sure the case maker doesn't make the screws too so can't count them off for that.

Overall Review: I wish I could buy the front grill mesh pieces seperately and replace all my computers front panel covers with them. They're great for airflow and look awesome to boot!

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You get what you pay for...4/13/2009 9:09:28 AM

Pros: The board is one of the cheaper ones, has on-board video. Good that there is only 1 IDE port, things need to be phased out already.

Cons: SATA Port Placement: I fit a full-sized GTS 250 in the PCI-E and guess what...all 6 sata ports are blocked. I eventually got 2 of them connected but I actually had to go out and buy 90* connectors for them and really fold the hell out of the sata cables to get them to fit. Audio: I was testing out the board front panel/rear panel and I constantly get a high pitched whine in the background. I turned on noise cancellation in the included software and that deadened it a little bit but it's still there, and majorly annoying. It actually seems to get louder when a sound or noise plays then reverts back to being (mostly) quiet. Memory Detection: I bought DDR2 1066 for this board and the automatic detection detects something MUCH lower. Video: Don't any of these boards come WITHOUT on-board video?

Overall Review: Luckily this machine being built isn't for me. I only bought Jetway/AMD combo because it was the cheapest thing within budget. Haven't ever had this kind of problem with LGA775 boards, even the cheap ones. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this board ever. Look at something else, you won't regret spending the extra dollar or two ensuring that you don't have a migraine at the end of the build.

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XP/MCE/Linux - no problems.2/19/2009 1:28:24 PM

Pros: I saw a lot of people on here review the card and say it was garbage, I was afraid I had thrown my money away. But it was as simple as popping in the CD, hitting quick-install and using the hardware on windows. On Linux (ArchLinux) I used the settings in the newegg reviews and had no problems with MythTV either. Great card, included software works just fine.

Cons: Mono sound from the included windows driver. Not sure if it's capable of stereo sound via loopback to soundcard however, haven't tried it yet. Not really concerned about it. Included software works "fine" but the interface is laggy. There is a noticeable 200ms-500ms lag when mousing over some of the menu options but I plan on using this with MythTV so it's not an issue.

Overall Review: The effective resolution of a standard definition TV screen is perhaps 512x400 pixels, computer monitors are at *least* 1024x768 now (usually much higher) so you see a lot of complaints about "low quality" but really it's just stretching a standard tv picture across a high resolution screen that causes the fuzz and resolution issues that people complain about. This card doesn't provide any de-interlacing so you'll see all the artifacts of this but using a program called DScaler resolves most of this on windows.

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