DOA!!!10/29/2010 2:06:42 PM

Pros: Pretty blue light. Very nice touch to illuminate company name.

Cons: Pretty blue light didn't stop the hard drive from clicking!!! This thing was dead before it ever did... anything! Opened the box set it all up turned it on... click click click EERRRRR click click click (Sound of death). So I get on the phone with tech support (nice guy) tell him whats going on and he's like "Yup its dead" then he tells me they use Hitachi drives... I started to cry :'-(. I have never NEVER had any luck at all with there drives. Sorry if you like them but I hate them! I guess that's what I get for not researching more. I will RMA this bad boy and have to spend more money for shipping which by then it will have cost me $150!

Overall Review: I will always keep this thing backed up for the day it inevitably dies again. The next drive will be a western digital (which is what it should have been this time). Every time I try to save a buck I get bit in my HEY! The case is ok, maybe I'll keep it and put a western digital in it. When I get it back and use it for awhile I will repost. Maybe it will be a better one.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Mad_Hatter, We are concerned with your drive-failure and would like the opportunity to swap your drive with a brand you might prefer. In addition to Hitachi, we also have Western Digital, Seagate, and Samsung drives (dependent on stock). We try to tailor our support for each customer. In your case, if you would prefer to exchange your hard drive for a different brand, please let us know. We would be happy to accommodate you. - Customer Support
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AMAZING ROUTER!!!6/7/2010 10:23:28 AM

Pros: This thing is crazy! I live in a apartment complex and my sister lives on the other side of it... about 1500 feet away. I STILL GET SIGNAL AT HER APARTMENT!!! It also transmits at full speed witch is 30MB down for me. It has great features like QoS, FTP Server, Media streaming, and more. I have yet to us these features but I am planning on getting a new external to plug in via USB to us more features. It is also remotely managed which works perfectly! The Guest account feature is also very nice as it keeps people off my network and I can limit them so that guest dont suck up all my bandwidth. It works like a coffee bar. You open a browser and it says "Welcome" and asks for a password. Simultaneous means I can Have both a 5ghz and a 2.4ghz running at the same time! Most routers will only do one. Netgear has a router that I tried with this feature and would just kick me off all the time and give priority to the 2.4ghz network. All in all this router works! and works WELL!!!

Cons: The only thing I can think of is that this router gets REALLY HOT!!! Which makes me think that it could shorten the life of the router. I had some extra 3/8 stick on feet lying around my office so I took those home and put them on. It seemed to help lower the temp about 50%. This unit sits right on its belly so getting it up a little helped a lot.

Overall Review: I live in a Windows and Macintosh world. I am an IT Specialist and support both operating systems at work as well as at home. I have a tower that is running Windows 7 which is my BEAST for gaming and I have my MacBook which is my work computer. I can configure my router from both machines! The web view works in firefox which is a MAJOR plus. Again like I said in the Pros... This is an amazing router that works very well has one con that I can think of which would not stop me from buying this router. It is worth every penny I spent on it. I'm very confident that this router will be with me for a very long time and will make me even happier when I begin to us all the features that this router has to offer.

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Wow2/12/2010 3:52:35 PM

Pros: This key bored is great!The display on this bored shows me everything I want. CPU and RAM usage, Game stats and more! It controls my Zune player with out even having to start the program. I went to a couple of stores to compare the G15 to the G19 and to be very honest there is hardly a difference between the two. Ok maybe a couple more G keys and a color display but really??? Are you really looking at your key bored display during game play? I don't.

Cons: none. Well maybe the USB 1.1

Overall Review: Unless you REALLY need a color display and more G keys don't waste your hard earned money on a G19. I did a TON of research and comparing to find the perfect gaming key bored and this bad boy is it! I am very happy with this product and highly recommended it to anyone looking to make there gaming experience better.

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