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Functional and stylish, but the devil is in the details4/1/2014 10:57:35 PM

Pros: Really slick-looking. Absolutely silent. Easy to clean. Doesn't get dusty inside very quickly. Comes with tons of extra screws, cable organization possibilities are unmatched. Easy to do a really professional build. Plenty of room for everything. Cooling is more than sufficient, even for server-quality components.

Cons: The front panel comes off way too easily (as in, don't try to pick it up without tilting it forward and grabbing it in the middle of the underside). It's always had grounding issues on the front panel which has caused static on both the microphone and the headphone jacks, along with occasional headaches when trying to turn it on. The USB3 ports have never worked, but that could just as easily be a mobo issue (I don't have any other hardware to test with). After less than a year, the headphone jack is worn completely (loose in place and no audio, or one ear only sporadically) and needs to be re-soldered. Also, as one other reviewer mentioned, one of the mobo screw holes was drilled at a slight angle. Super annoying when I was trying to put it in. Not worth shipping back for warranty, I just re-drilled it myself.

Overall Review: Bottom line: Awesome case, undercut by poor execution in a few important areas. Would buy again, but don't expect the highest quality right out of the box.

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