Works great7/6/2020 11:37:00 AM

Pros: It's a working m.2 not much else i need

Overall Review: Works, games load up fast and installs fast. Good stuff, get one

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Don't get this...5/9/2013 8:02:06 AM

Pros: Listen. This keyboard is nice. I'll give it that. Any color back lighting you can imagine, some anti-ghost keys. 12 G keys. On the fly Macros. Volume control. Media control. Two USB, nice for a joystick.

Cons: This thing is the biggest waste of money I've ever used. I even got it for 150 on sale. Sure, The LCD screen is extremely temping. It's the whole reason I got it. But let me tell you this. It's worthless. There are no apps for it, and you never use it. It's always on CPU monitor. ALWAYS. Their Idea of making apps is make a few base apps, then let game developers develop their own apps. No one ever did. Logitech dropped this keyboard day 12. And the worst thing of all. For the bloody arm/leg you pay for this thing, IT'S NOT EVEN MECHANICAL! It's Rubber dome. And everyone who's ever used a decent mechanical will tell you, It's hard going back to rubber dome. You'll never even use all 12 of the gkeys. Everything about this keyboard is Flash. It's like you're buying an Alienware computer (After Dell Bought it) to game on it. You're an Idiot if you buy this like I did. Seriously! Don't buy it! It's a piece of overpriced, junk, and you're better off buying a Black Widow. Take my advice, save yourself the 169 dollars it's not worth, and buy something you won't want to break in half. The palm rest sucks too.

Overall Review: Logitech should pay ME to use this thing.

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Good if you got compatibility/trouble shooting skills8/27/2012 10:53:09 AM

Pros: Great buy for five good games. Classic games all the way.

Cons: Some games will not work unless you have either an older OS or you have a high durrability not to be irritated with jedi knight. Good luck with that.

Overall Review: Shells should have been built into jedi knight and comando for their issues. cando still runs fine if you have bmapping on low. but will crash if you don't. Jedi knight, the third in the dark forces seiries needs one unless you're an xp man.

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Pros: For starters, the case looks wicked cool even after a year. I find myself somtimes sitting down infront of "Fragon" that's what i named it for S and G's. The seven fans are very helpfull for programming sessions. The top 140mm fans the brute force of the bottom to top transferance of air, they have two speds. Slow. Fast. The back two 120's are lit in a wicked blood red, they have a nice pull of air to them, helped by the three from 120's. Front three 120's are the collest part of the fans. They are lit in a wicked blood red aswell, they have noticibly varied speeds via dials. They have easy clean filters. The case is a stury steel with a coating of black paint, commenting to red fan lights. Had this for over a year, keeps my fragon nice an cool playig skyrim on highest graphics. lastly, the case itself is an amzing design alowing an easy flow of air from front to back, bottom to top with it's bottom mounted power supply. Looks epic, lots of features. Fans are quite most of the time.

Cons: The paint of the case has some air bubbles, nothing to dock an egg, you cna bairly see it. Although the three cars over the cd drive slots are cool, if you forget to open them, it scares the code out of you if they manage to pop the bracket open. If you're somone who constantly uses disks every day, you might want to take one off. The 140's on the top and 120's aon the back only have two speeds. can't use the front 3.0 usb because it requites a diferent pin than my motherboard has.

Overall Review: This was my first computer i built, three were alot of other cases, but this one was a beast. That's why i got it. Anyone who actuly see's the thing will back up a little in awe. You can also get this in blue lit fans. I do recomend a R.A.T. mouse to compliment the beastly wickendness of the case. The size of the case alone should be abel to fit almost anything you wnat in it. It has nine hdd docks so if you wnat tyou cna use it as a server. The hotswap on top for ssd's is nice. They arn't used alot now, but if you're a geek like me, and have some geek friends who spend all night dreaming aobut this stuff, you'll use it alot. I'll only get a new case if Antec makes somthing as cool as this again. front fan's are garentied t keep your Hdd's and ssd's cool. The rear water cooling hols are nice. Don't stick youir finger in them, it can hurt.

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