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Great if you know to use them4/3/2011 12:57:51 PM

Pros: Very good 5.1 surround sound. very loud bass. really easy to adjust the sound from each speaker, takes some time figure out how to set it up but once its set up its very easy to use. Set your center speaker as the loudest or else your sound field will be a little warped.

Cons: they didnt tell you how to set your channels up correctly it took me awhile to figure out but now they sound great.

Overall Review: I had this set up to my ps3 but once i got a 5.1 surround sound card its now on my computer. sound quality is superior on the computer.

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6.4 Windows 7 rating3/1/2010 4:41:17 PM

Pros: Very good CPU for the Price. Dont be stupid and buy a very expensive CPU like a Corei7 When a HD movie or Videogame is played on a computer, the GPU handles the majority of the work, not the CPU. all that is needed in order for the game or movie to run smoothly is a good GPU and an above average CPU This CPU really did make a difference in lag times on crysis and Napoleon Total War, and was a great upgrade from my dual core. Havent tried over clocking it yet because i see no need too. i can run Crysis on ultra with this and a GTX Ultra 260 just fine, so there is no need to. All in all this is a very good CPU. someday soon however, GPU will become so powerful that a massive CPU like the icore 7 will not be needed, and a good CPU like this will be able to run everything perfectly( which it already does).

Cons: Hard to unlock the 4th core, but i was able to do so after some hard work.

Overall Review: With the 4th core unlocked this baby is a 7.3 on Win7 My Computer LG 1080p 23inch monitor Antec 900 Case Foxconn Destroyer AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard 6gb Ram GTX 260 Ultra

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Great card, dont spend more on others2/21/2010 9:49:51 PM

Pros: Amazing card. i bought this over a year ago when it was the highest of the high end for graphics cards, and even though its been almost 2 years it can still run the newest games at maxed settings. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, all at 1080P, maxed settings, and 4X anti aliasing. Crysis runs at high with 2X anti aliasing with a solid 50 FPS. This card is great and it is much quicker then my old 8800GTX was. Even makes my computer run better with all of its RAM. Dont make a mistake and spend 500$ on the most recent card when this will run all of your current games, including crysis, at amazing settings. Dont waste your money!

Cons: Very large card, barely fit into my case but i recently bought a new Mid tower and it fits fine Runs a little hot so make sure that you have a good fan

Overall Review: Love this card. If it is run in SLI it hits a 7.9 on the windows 7 scale( which is the highest it can hit) and will be able to last you for atleast 4-5 years with any game By itself it is a 7.1 out of 7.9 on windows 7's scale Very happy with this

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