Unmatched value10/21/2014 4:00:33 AM

Pros: Fast over AC. Huge range on 5ghz and 2.4ghz. Awesome features. Stable

Cons: Need to trick the router into thinking it's a R6300v2 to update the firmware. Or you have to install DDWRT

Overall Review: The router is centrally placed in the house and I got a full 1300 AC link in the same room ~ 15 feet away through 1 obstacle to the AC 3x3 client. On 5ghz I couldn't go over 1000 anywhere in the house but it kept between 600-975. Smartphones stay at 433 in the same room and ~175-390 everywhere else in the house. 58-87 just outside the house and lower as I get to the mailbox. 5gN300 Tablet stays locked solid at 300 everywhere except the furthest rooms. On 2.4ghz the signal is longer but the throughput drops off faster. At my mailbox I'm around 11mb and all the way to the end of the street I'm at 5mb, but it's pretty cool it goes that far from within the house. The stock Netgear software/firmware, once updated to the R6300v2 is better than other companies firmware save maybe Asus, probably as useful as the TP Link firmware, but still nothing as good as DDWRT/Tomato. I have an 2.4ghz E1200v1 (x.x.x.2)with DDWRT as a wireless ethernet client bridge to this on same subnet. It gets pretty much a full 2.4ghzN300 connection 2 rooms away. I also have an AP with an E2000(x.x.x.3) also with DDWRT going through a switch and a 50ft cable run under the house. The "R6300v2"(x.x.x.1) handles the DHCP and NAT for all devices wired and wireless. The DDWRT clients are true clients which pass everything on to the "R6300v2" for it to route and process. Throughput and linkrate has been a non issue. It's had only 1 glaring issue with stock firmware which was when I was doing lots of file activity with small files to the connected USB3 hard drive. After unplugging the drive and plugging it back in it's been great. Still unsure about letting this serve as a true NAS because of that, but I'm giving it a second chance, otherwise I'm setting up a true NAS.

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Good upgrade to E20009/28/2014 7:48:28 PM

Pros: Great wifi stability. Good range. Good amount of options for setting up a home network from the interface or just going basic. replaceable external 5ghz antennas (but 9dbi antennas seemed to not perform as well as the included 5dbi) . the USB storage worked effortlessly but is a little slow when transferring huge files, or lots of tiny files.

Cons: the mobile tether app doesn't work with this router even though it's supposed to. the management interface isn't recognized by chrome as a password input field so it doesn't remember the admin password. slow usb but usable for streaming hd. there's not as much administrative and detail reporting on the activity and status of the router

Overall Review: i hope future firmware updates improve the monitoring and administration. the updates seem frequent right now so I'm hopeful

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Best all around keyboard I've ever owned3/3/2013 8:06:55 AM

Pros: It's quiet compared to blue switches for a mechanical keyboard. Gives tactile and audible feedback, but it feels like a "regular" keyboard. I can type a lot faster with this because the keys accept the press faster than a "regular" keyboard. LED lighting is awesome and configurable, depending the mood. It feels extremely durable. For the price it can't be beat.

Cons: Questionable USB modular cable placement. It pops out sometimes. Also my keyboard is slightly uneven with the feet you can pull out to make them stand up, but it's not awful. A credit card resting underneath the offending foot levels it out. You lose an egg for these minor imperfections

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Exactly what I needed3/3/2013 8:03:08 AM

Pros: Using this to power and contrlol 2 non-stock PWM fans for my GPU converted H50 water cooler. Nice construction flawless install

Cons: none

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Best fan in my case3/3/2013 8:01:12 AM

Pros: It's quiet at max RPM and is strong enough in push for an H50 radiator hooked to a GPU to keep temperatures nice and low. Very HQ construction and design

Cons: I don't know how to use the rubber mounting screws

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Great Pair with GPU CLC2/19/2013 8:54:12 AM

Pros: Completely silent. PWM Splitter works flawlessly. Hooked directly to my VGA fan header using a VGA->PWM adapter and it is controlled by the GPU very well. It's very low power at 12V @ 0.17A so the GPU has no problem powering this and a 120mm off the PWM

Cons: The yellow wire is flimsy and in the way

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Good performance per penny7/3/2012 11:41:33 PM

Pros: These are so cheap I was scared they'd be loud or ineffective. They are neither. No frills fan that does its job and has mounting holes on both sides for push/pull whatever you want.

Cons: the fan blades are kind of fragile and while spinning if you shove your finger in there you WILL break a fan blade off and you will have to trash it.

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Great chip for right now3/12/2009 7:52:03 PM

Pros: Runs fine with AMD 770 chipset. Overclocks like crazy if you look at it sideways. Fast even without overclocking.

Cons: HOT, get a good cooler for it.

Overall Review: Do not rely on the AMD stock cooler to do any good with this chip. It will spin to 6500rpm(loud) and fill the room with hot air instead of keeping the chip cool.

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