Great gaming monitor7/9/2012 9:00:36 PM

Pros: The monitor is just plain beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the panel is plenty bright. The contrast is pretty impressive too, deep rich blacks with discernible shades of gray, while simultaneously maintaining vibrant whites. I was concerned that the DPI of a 1080p 26" would be an issue, but I'm quite pleased. Text is slightly large, but not obnoxiously so. As for the refresh rate, I noticed no ghosting while running the Dirt3 Showdown benchmark or while playing. I noticed no lag between my actions and what was presented on screen.

Cons: The panel had one dead pixel in the bottom right corner. It isn't really noticeable, unless viewing a full screen bright color image or LCD test pattern. The active contrast feature responds too slowly to changing conditions to be of any use, literally a full second lag. In Fallout, i could see it happen when switching in and out of the Pip-Boy. The screen would suddenly lighten or darken after switching in and out. In the end, I just turned it off and set a reasonable fixed brightness and contrast setting. No DVI cable in the box. Not really an issue for me, since I replaced a monitor, but still it should have been in there. The bezel does feel to be cheaply constructed. It shouldn't be an issue, unless the monitor is often moved.

Overall Review: I did not test the built-in speakers, i already have good speakers no reason to use theirs. For what it's worth, the speakers aren't visible in the front bezel; so aesthetically they are non-existent. It did come with a 6' M/M stereo mini-jack cable for hooking up the speakers.

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