Prop came off during flight12/11/2015 10:25:10 PM

Pros: Fantastic camera and stabilization, great controller software, excellently packaged,

Cons: Price, and the fact that a prop can come off in flight while the craft is hovering. This was only the 3rd time I was flying the craft, I'd thoroughly inspected it and attached the props according to the instructions. It had been in the air less than 3 minutes, was hovering at about 160ft while I was responding to a prompt on the controller, and then it was falling out of the sky with a prop missing.

Overall Review: The props are supposed to be self-tightening to prevent them coming off during flight. We thought maybe something had hit the prop, but we managed to find the missing prop about 30 yards from the aircraft, and it didn't have a mark on it.

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Quirks galore6/18/2010 9:56:07 AM

Pros: - Fast, - Great keyboard, - Comes with interesting software including face-recognition login, - Light enough, - Round connector for the power so you won't be breaking the connector, - Looks great,

Cons: - Doesn't like to run Linux (if you try, you will need to use acpi=off at boot), - Comes with a lot of bloatware :(, - Recovery media isn't supplied, you have to create your own (and then be smart enough to recover the 10Gb disk space the source files use) - Mouse-pad blends in to the palm-rest making it annoying to use - Gets really, really hot, - Power-pack gets even hotter,

Overall Review: Battery Life: What gives? This is not a top-end 8-core i7 and the graphics card is nothing special. With max power saving you'll be lucky to squeeze 2 hours out of the battery. To get more, you have to carefully go through and strip down the bloatware :(

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This case demands blood5/22/2009 1:08:42 PM

Pros: Looks good, nice placement of the USB/Firewire/Audio ports , especially given that the thing is going to be sitting on the floor. Cable guides throughout the interior on the shield.

Cons: On all four of these cases at work the reset or power buttons broke off and you have to reach a finger inside the little switch housing to operate now. Also the audio/USB connectors aren't well supported and become flaky. Motherboards and PSUs expect the PSU to be above the motherboard near the CPU which makes cabling up the power supply hell. The drive bay guides for the lower bays face towards the left side of the case with the connectors at the opposite side, against the shield, which makes inserting and cabling up drives a pain. The cable guides get in the way: there is on right where your GeForce monstrosity is going to want to sit.

Overall Review: I've taken more cuts and gashes installing/removing hardware in this case than any other.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Worlds most annoying mouse6/27/2008 9:03:01 AM

Pros: Looks cool on your desktop.

Cons: It's still a one button mouse: like the old Mac mouse, you click the casing, a tilt switch tells whether you click it left or right. This means: 1. You can't click both buttons at once, 2. The clickable part of the mouse extends all the way to the foot, meaning any kind of uneven surface will prevent clicking, 3. It's still using the bad old "spider-attack" press movement to click. The "3rd buttons" are on the sides and sensitive to the SLIGHTEST pressure, exactly where you will hold the mouse with your thumbs if you normally work with any other kind of mouse, meaning you will press them //every// time you grip the mouse - e.g. to push it or click & hold a button.

Overall Review: Comes with the new iMacs with the new PC-friendly keyboard. A terrible decision for bringing in PC converts because the default responses to various mouse actions under OS X 10.5.3 for Expose and Spaces make it really hard to learn the mouse - windows continually move out of your way as you inadvertantly squeeze button 3. I know a few people who have returned iMacs as a result, I was lucky that I've had enough OS X exposure to know what was happening.

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Match your hardware real careful2/14/2008 12:26:06 PM

Pros: Excellently bundled, feature rich, generally cool board.

Cons: Didn't like any of my hardware: DDR2 1200 gets run at 800, DDR2 800 gets run at 667, DDR2 1066 gets run at 800. Didn't like my GeForce 8800GT. Didn't like my QC6600. I'm gonna RMA it.

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Not compatible with 3700+10/18/2005 4:01:39 PM

Comments: I just bought this board along with an Athlon 64 3700+ only to be presented with an error telling me: "Now System is in Safe Mode" and "Please re-setting CPU Frequency in the CMOS setup", which I've tried to no avail. I've flashed to the most recent bios which is when I noticed on the Abit site that then 3700 is not listed as a supported CPU.

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Doesn't work7/18/2003 8:28:29 PM

Comments: Drive just does not want to co-operate. I have a fairly healthy XP SP1 system with a A7V333 mobo and Athlon XP 1700+. It's noisy, its slow at spinning up, and it has a prospensity for whiring disks around. I've managed to print one, 2mb (memtest) CD. Nero, CD-R Win, Roxio and XP's built in stuff - none of it can get this drive to work. It'll rattle and hum, but the write light won't come on. Nero gives me 030C00 errors, and that's about as much info as I've been able to get on why its not working.

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