Fast card11/15/2011 10:12:08 AM

Pros: Installed easily, latest beta Nvidia drivers installed flawlessly, no problems at all. I bought this card to play Battlefield 3 and it does not disappoint. I'm able to play BF on ultra @ 1900x1200 (FXAA on High) and even combining FXAA with AA and get 40 to 60 FPS on **64 player maps, Large Conquest mode.** You really do not need a GTX 580 or 590 for BF3 at this resolution. There will likely be more performance gains from drivers too. I couldn't tell much of a difference when I turned on the aging tech that is Anti-aliasing at such a high resolution. You could turn it off to get higher FPS. I downloaded EVGA precision and played for an hour or two and the card was at about 75C with the Auto-Fan setting going around 52% fan speed. Very nice! This card will last you a long time. I might SLI this some day in the future.

Cons: It won't get a beer for you.

Overall Review: Intel 2500k Asus P8Z68-V (Gen3) 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 Coolermaster 922 HAF Midtower Corsair 750 Watt modular PSU

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Good CPU cooler11/15/2011 9:48:52 AM

Pros: Keeps my 2500k very cool and will allow for overclocking headroom when I actually need it.

Cons: It's fairly big (wide and tall). Not too much of an issue just look at the measurements to make sure it will work for you. Mid-towers and ATX motherboards should be fine.

Overall Review: It is fairly large I will be honest with you. I have a Coolermaster 922 HAF case that has the 200mm fan on the top so I chose to mount this heatsink so the fan would pull air through the heatsink and have the warm air get sucked out the top. It does over hang slightly the first channel of RAM slots on my ASUS P8Z68-V(Gen3) motherboard so it might be tricky installing RAM in that slot without taking the heatsink off first but I'm not exactly sure. I installed my two sticks of 4 GB DDR3 RAM in the other slots anyway, which are the recommended slots.

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Good ram11/2/2007 3:00:02 PM

Pros: Installed without issue. Set voltage to 2.2v and has been running at 1066 5-5-5-15 for a month without any problems.

Cons: The SPD settings sets this to 5-5-5-18 instead of 15 for some reason.

Overall Review: Manually set my timings.

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Fast11/2/2007 2:56:33 PM

Pros: Very fast CPU. The installation was a bit nerve wracking given how easily this type of socket has pins that can be damaged if you are careless.

Cons: The stock heatsink fan is fine, just the push-pins that go into your motherboard to hold the heatsink on may give you some problems until you figure out how to orientate them so they "click."

Overall Review: The stock thermal paste is almost worthless..especially with how it's applied. I had to remove the heatsink once because of poor surface to surface "mating." Wiped the stock thermal paste off, applied a thin layer of Artic Silver and smoothed it on the heatsink with an old credit card. MUCH better.

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Good drive11/2/2007 2:51:15 PM

Pros: Nothing unexpected about installation. Was a breeze. Installed windows xp pro just fine, seems quite fast.

Cons: Hasn't died or given me any problems.

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Good product10/24/2007 6:12:19 PM

Pros: This card is awesome. To give you a frame of reference, I can play World of Warcraft at 1280x1024 (19" monitor native resolution) with EVERYTHING at max. This includes 8xAA and Max AF. Plays Lost Planet, Battlefield 2, World in Conflict, Half-Life 2 all on High or Max settings. Dollar for performance ratio is very nice. I am very happy with this card. It runs very quiet for such a performance monster. The double-bracket fan outlet design works well from not letting a lot of heat go into my computer case. Other than a minor installation bump everything works as advertised.

Cons: The only con I can think of is I had to remove the screwless clips on my case for the expansion/PCI-E slots so the double-bracket design would fit into my case. This was very simple though (2 screws)

Overall Review: Intel e6750, 2gb ddr2-1066 ram, Gigabyte P35-DS3L, OCZ 600-watt powersupply

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Becomes a low grade adhesive8/19/2006 6:22:05 PM

Pros: Great thermal transfering properties for your heatsink and cpu.

Cons: A warning: After this is in your cpu for a while, it sticks to your processor and heatsink quite securely. Before I knew this, I removed an old heatsink and fan from my system to replace it with a new heatsink/fan. It stuck the cpu and heatsink so securely that when I pulled off my heatsink, it ripped my cpu out of the socket even though the locking arm was still down and secure. (!!) You should try and rotate/twist the heatsink after you've unlatched it so it breaks the "grip" of the artic silver before removing the heatsink. Just a fair warning to all.

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Possible poor Quality Assurance11/10/2005 3:01:07 PM

Comments: I received my first Canon S2-IS and I absolutely loved it. The camera and its features were very pleasing, with very responsive controls and fast photo processing. Two days later I realized that every single photo I had taken had a small orange dot in the exact same spot. I returned it for an exchange, and to my dismay, the replacement camera also had this exact same problem, only in a different location than the first camera. Both lenses were clean, tried different memory cards, downloaded photos with different software, nothing worked. I opted to get a refund and instead went with the Canon SD400. I miss some of the manual controls of the S2-IS, but the SD400 has been wonderful, and it's so small you can put it in pocket/purse.

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