Strikes a nice balance - a practical choice for 6800 XT8/13/2021 7:44:18 PM

Pros: -Dual HDMI 2.1 ports (how many cards have this? seems to be a Gigabyte thing) -Compact but effective cooler design with plenty of copper (pipes + heatspreader) -Looks much nicer in person than in pics, matches my all Scythe fan build -Zero coil whine at any reasonable amount of FPS -Minimal RGB lighting defaults to mostly night friendly orange without software -AMD drivers do not cause DPC latency spikes for DAW work (the only reason I avoid Nvidia) -Incredible 4k120 experience on LG CX (paired with 5800x) in a good number of titles

Cons: -Pretty average performance for a 6800 XT, as in only a touch above reference -Cooling while good is also average, higher temps the the value competition ASUS TUF -It's a Gigabyte - reputation of sleeve bearing fans, poor value in gpus etc (though these sleeve bearings have a "graphene nano lubricant" which should help longevity). -AMD's ray tracing isn't quite competitive with Nvidia yet, but you know this going in -AMD will never add good h264 encoding and Twitch refuses to implement h265 before av1 so if you stream with all AMD you should keep a dedicated NVENC or Quick Sync equipped streambox around (thank you 2nd hdmi 2.1 port) -For the .001% who hate unnecessary light in the night we must install windows software to turn off RGB or switch to red. The is the only real negative on this card.

Overall Review: Good practical 6800 XT for gamers or workstation/power users, and has had better Newegg (proper) stock than others.

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Nice looking exterior, but terrible performing with a game breaking bugged feature.3/3/2016 12:02:21 PM

Pros: Nice bezel and stand. Fancy ruler marks on the edges make it seem more serious than it really it is. Stand reminds me of the kinds of stands professional NEC monitors come with, although I prefer to VESA mount lighter monitors like these.

Cons: - The human sensor feature is completely broken. If you turn it off, the monitor still completely blacks out in the middle of a game quite often, causing you to die or get frustrated by not being able to see for 2 seconds. So there is not a way to completely disable that feature, despite what all these other reviews say. Human Sensor is still set to --> Off and it's still happening. Don't know if these other people saying turning it off works have less defective units or just made their reviews immediately after turning it off. - IPS glow is pretty horrible on the monitor. It's pretty apparent that this is one of those modern 6-bit budget IPS panels. - Blacks suffer of course given ^ - Color accuracy is nothing to write home about.

Overall Review: It would have been almost worth the money IF the human sensor ACTUALLY turned off the black out feature. However, my cheaper 99 dollar 8-bit VA panel 24 inch monitors are far more enjoyable as they have nice blacks and aren't broken, and I use a professional NEC IPS monitor for color sensitive work which makes this thing a joke. Wish I returned this thing, but instead I get to watch my girlfriend play games then wave her hands at the monitor on a regular basis to wake it back up in the middle of the action even though human sensor is set to --> Off. I remember when no one cared about panels and IPS was such a special thing, well folks its time to take a step back and realize that when it comes to the modern eIPS derivatives, they may not be the best option for much of anything, as the only positive thing they retain is the IPS viewing angles (sort of), which really don't mean much on a personal computer you sit straight in front of 99% of the time. For games you want faster performance if you are competitive, or better blacks if you want to enjoy the mood (games are like movies now), so TN for speed or VA for richness. For professional color work you want a quality true IPS 8-bit display that is actually color accurate, and most of those are going to be out of your budget range if you are shopping for monitors like these. I just don't think a monitor like this is worth it, especially with a bugged useless feature that no one would ever in their right mind use ruining the experience. This monitor has long been discontinued, but there will be many more like it. Be wary.

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