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Huge leap forward, with room for fine-tuning4/11/2014 8:35:40 AM

Pros: As a software developer, I almost avoided this keyboard due to the function keys. However, it won me over: * Best tactile feel of any PC keyboard, bar-none, except for function keys (which are only bareable). * Brilliant idea to separate the numeric keypad, and place a backspace and clear key on it. * Quiet keys, wonderful space bar responsiveness. * Good, though not perfect, ergonomic angles. * Snappy magnetic covers and riser feels expensive, as does the matte wrist rest. * Trim and lightweight, making it possibly the first mobile ergonomic keyboard, easy to move out of the way. * Looks like a work of art sitting on my desk.

Cons: This keyboard has some obvious flaws that kept me from giving it 5 stars. I am pretty high-maintenance when it comes to ergonomics, so I feel the next generation of this keyboard should include the following improvements, after which I'll give it 6 stars and pay double: * Function buttons need to NOT get stuck in the pressed position. I can get used to their buttony design if necessary, however making these feel just like the other keys would be a plus. * I'm not able to find the arrow keys without looking at the keyboard, after months of use. There needs to be a slightly bigger gap separating the main keyboard keys from the arrows and two rightmost columns, for better muscle memory training. Maybe the Backspace could be narrower, and the keys beneath it could taper in towards the width of the Ctrl key. Currently, there's no way to find the arrow keys without looking at the keyboard. * The Calculator command key should be changed to Insert, an the Insert key should be removed and left open. This will take a frustrating key out of reach, and make it easier to find the arrow keys without looking. * Hand rest padding isn't deep enough (my hands fall off the edge) and the edge is too hard (padding should wrap over the edge) * The switch for the command keys should be an Fn button. * The center-most keys on each hand (6,T,G,B,N,H,Y,7) level-off a bit, making them too much of a stretch. These keys should be angled like their neighbors, or even more so. * The option to use the left space bar as a backspace key would be huge.

Overall Review: Unfortunately, the quality control on this keyboard is a bit below Microsoft hardware standards. Be aggressive about getting one that works perfectly out of the box and during the first few weeks of use. If you have function keys that always stick (even after you get used to it), or half your space bar feels more resistant than the other half, try to get a replacement. When you get one without defects, you'll be quite pleased.

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Best mouse ever that doesn't work11/23/2008 3:21:19 PM

Pros: Simply the best feel and design for a crossover work + play mouse. Perfect button resistance and "click."

Cons: Razer software is terrible, and unavoidable -- you can't access the extra buttons without it. Double-click function is implemented incorrectly (clicks on press and release of mouse button) so you can't use it for double-click + drag. After 6 months of use, the scroll wheel is starting to fail -- scrolling jumps back and forth while scrolling in one direction. Lack of product support is beyond frustrating.

Overall Review: If it worked correctly, I'd buy five of them for when they wear out. Hopefully Microsoft/Razer will try again with this design someday, and get it right.

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