Nice Phone2/5/2014 9:41:35 AM

Pros: Very intuitive Feels good in hand Not to big

Cons: Needs a micro sim card 1/4 of storage already taken All paper work in Spanish

Overall Review: Initially I got scared because the sim slot is smaller than my old one but a little research and a pair scissors and now I have a working phone. I know it may sound funny saying its not to big but so many phones any more are just slightly undersized tablets. I can't remember the last time I got a new electronic that didn't come with with instruction in half a dozen languages so I was little shocked it came with only Spanish instructions but no big deal. Location-USA Carrier-AT&T w/No data plan

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Nice but5/25/2012 5:33:39 AM

Pros: Nice feel Preprogrammed macros Multicolored back lighting

Cons: Have now owned this key board for almost 2 years and about 4 months ago the 7 key stopped working. This I could have lived with grudgingly but I could have lived with it but last week the M key went out and that was the last straw. Tried taking it apart to clean it but no luck.

Overall Review: After spending the money on a key board this expensive I am not impressed and will not replace it with another Eclipse III

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Fun10/29/2010 2:00:42 PM

Pros: Fun game to play. Played the first one and it had some really annoy parts throwing tie fighters and other stuff that you had to do but in this one they seemed to have added an auto targeting so as long as its aimed in about the right direction it will hit. Graphics are pretty good. I had no stability problems with starting or playing it. Very satisfying game play chopping the enemies to pieces ,zapping them to death, just pushing them out of the way, or getting them to kill each other.

Cons: Biggest con in my opinion I beat the main story line in under 6 hours and its seems they did it on purpose so they could do a Force Unleashed 3. Not really a con but I don't like that they integrated the crystal colors and powers. Tried playing the challenges but they are no substitute for playing the storyline.

Overall Review: Didn't try playing on a keyboard this time so I don't know how well they did the controls. Like the first one the force grip/throw is pretty useless except when they make you use it. More for entertainment than practical combat weapon. It is satisfying throwing an Imperial Storm Trooper across a room but I can do that with push as well. Wish they would do a RPG like this were we could chose to be Sith or Jedi without KoTR's chance system with several alternate endings were we could help the Jedi or Sith rise with 20 plus hours of game play.

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Amazing1/23/2010 10:30:11 AM

Pros: BIG!! Never need another case until EATX, MATX, and ATX are gone. Tons of useful details like hot swap HDs, Tool free Optical Drive bays, thumb screws on PCI slots, and no more thumb screw holding side panels. Plus more. Very well made. So far I have found no manufacturing flaws from the brushed aluminum front to interior coating. No LEDs.(Personal preference after all the blue from my previous case lighting up my room like the sun.)

Cons: Out of the box it is not a case meant for air cooling. Already had an extra 75cfm fan to add to top and all my temps were still 5 to 7 degrees Celsius warmer at idle than my 900 even with the poor cable management. This I believe is because Corsair went with quieter 140mm fans rather than higher performance ones. To me it feels that they only move about half the air each than the one I added. Other than that maybe a little heavy at 43 pounds including box and my psu's cpu power cable was almost to short to reach and if I had a crossfire or sli setup it would not have reached.

Overall Review: Not bad for Corsair's first foray into cases. I didn't take an egg off for the cooling because I already figured that was the case being that it was meant for liquid cooling which when SATA3 and USB3 become more main stream I will build a new system that will be liquid cooled and will be going in this monster. One of the best Computer cases I have seen and I have been going to computer shows since I was little(Now 21). Did not see a sense in mentioning the cable management in pros since it is obviously amazing. Could use higher performance fans for those who dont plan on going liquid but adding the extra 2 fans may solve the heat problem thou it will make the filter on the bottom useless weather you make it negative or positive pressure because of all the vents on the back of the case were air and by extension dust will be pulled into the case with negative pressure. And If I go positive I would have to get filters for them. Cant wait to see Corsair's next case.

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Give and Take6/7/2009 8:27:04 PM

Pros: Fast, flexible, and normally has a rebate and some times free shipping so the price is hard to beat.

Cons: Does not like 4gb(1gbx4) set up.

Overall Review: Owned my first set for about a year now running @ 1100 with no problems. Didn't want to run @ 1066 when first booted but a quick change in the bios fixed it. Added a second set a couple weeks ago. Refused to let my cpu run @ 3.5ghz and refused to run @ 1066. So with some testing I settled for 3.3ghz and 943 with 4-4-4-12. I also for some reason had to reactivate Vista after install.

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Great CPU9/12/2008 10:57:28 AM

Pros: Cool, Reliable, Fast, and very overclockable. Run mine at 3.5 without increasing the volts.

Cons: Bought mine a month or two after they came out so I paid about $240 but thats not the cpus fault

Overall Review: Should have waited to buy and sad that this is my first Intel. Love NewEgg.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great RPG8/29/2008 8:50:43 AM

Pros: I love how you can make your own decisions instead of getting forced into things. There are somethings you just have to do but very little. Always finding something new. Make sure you try all the different backgrounds including changing male or female and play through several time. Make sure to put some points in charm and intimidate.

Cons: The graphics lack in my opinion especially the shadows and I do have the video settings maxed at 1680by1050. The main story line is really short and the side missions are kind of a pain. Nothings perfect.

Overall Review: With a few tweks and upgrades they could make an amazing sequel. One of the best if not the best RPG ever. A must have for any Shooter or RGP lovers. I cant stop playing.I had a some problems actual trying to play when I first installed but after installing the patch and updating the video drivers it worked fine.

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Good Product2/11/2008 9:27:04 PM

Pros: Great picture. Does well playing games or watching movies. I got it one sale back in august or so of 07. About the same size as a 22" but cheaper.

Cons: The cables suck. Had to get new ones because the dvi did not work on two separate computers and the vga did not have any shielding to protect against interference.There is also a pixel out in the upper left corner but because there are not 8 out I will have to just live with it. The sync software does not work with vista either

Overall Review: Wish Samsung would keep up their software. I dont know if I would even use it but its nice to know I can use it. Have the same problem with my blackjack. The product itself is good minus the pixel and the stuff that comes with it.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Awesome12/12/2007 1:06:46 PM

Pros: Fixed all my static and refresh rate problems. I could not change the refresh rate because my video card has only one refresh rate for 1680*1050 using the VGA and my laptop does not have DVI but it does have HDMI so I took the chase and it works perfectly.

Cons: None

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