Beware - Terrible Mouse7/13/2011 12:29:55 PM

Pros: Works OK for a while.

Cons: As with so many other people, I had this mouse for a month or two without any problems. Then the tracking started to fail; sometimes it would skip to the other side of the screen, sometimes it would freeze up. Then it stopped working at all - just the left and right mouse buttons work but not the lights or the sensor. USELESS. I then had the added problem that I have family in both the USA and UK so I travel back and forth. Since I'm now in the UK they won't replace the mouse, even though they have a depot in the UK where I could return it to. I've previously bought Corsair products in the USA which have gone bad but they always let me replace them when in the UK - and they even refund my postage costs! Much better company than Razer. I bet the majority of people giving this mouse a 5 star rating will start experiencing problems before they know it. Then they too can experience Razer's awful customer service. Needless to say I won't be getting anything from Razer again.

Overall Review: I don't know what I was thinking spending so much money on a cheaply made piece of plastic junk. Logitech products are noticeably better and I've never had one fail on me like Razer products do. I've owned 14 different Razer products, and around 50% of them have ended up in a drawer because they're so terrible. This is the last time I make the mistake of buying something from Razer - they've coaxed too much money out of me with their flashy advertising and promises of greatness. When it boils down to it, they're just plain expensive for what they are.

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