How can 2x80mm fans by this quiet?4/3/2012 9:44:58 AM

Pros: Automatic fan control hovers around 30%. Skyrim only bumps it up to 39%. Still can't hear the fans though. Enabling manual fan control, I tested various settings: At 50% fan speed, I could hear light fan noise a distance of 10 feet away. At 45% I could barely hear the fans on this card. Ambient room noise was louder. At 40% I could no longer hear the fans on the card. I could only hear the ringing in my ears and the voices in my head. In a room with 43-44db of ambient noise, the system measured 46-47db at idle from one foot away. 21C ambient room temp. 29C at idle. Smaller than the MSI R4850 it replaced. Solid construction.

Cons: Minor Blu-ray stuttering issue, but I think it's driver related. Not yet worried about it since I have a very limited Blu-ray library.

Overall Review: I originally hoped for MSI to produce a 7850 with their Cyclone heat sink and 92mm fan, because it got such great reviews. Well their Twin Frozr III also does a great job at cooling the video card and keeping quiet about it. When the 7850's came out, I strayed from MSI. 2x100mm fans doesn't automatically mean they are quieter than 2x80mm fans. I'm glad I came back, and will definitely consider MSI on my next video card upgrade.

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Confirmed3/27/2012 6:14:53 AM

Pros: I would just like to confirm other people's findings: Yes the temperature output of this card is impressive. Similar to what "N/A" stated, I observed 31-32 degrees celcius at idle, but that was underclocked to the reference 860Mhz speed. It's still impressive when you consider the Radeon 4850 ran at 45 degrees C, with a room temperature of approximately 27 degrees C. Additionally, I used a Kill-o-watt adapter to watch the power consumption of the system. With the old 4850, the systtem idled at 176 watts. Under load (Skyrim once again), it would reach 327 watts. With the 7850, the system consumed 144 watts at idle, and 282 watts under load. Very impressive.

Cons: -previously detailed-

Overall Review: The card is smaller than the 4850 that it is replacing. I find this very impressive for the amount of video processing that is happening.

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Noisy, Loud, Not Quiet3/26/2012 2:07:03 PM

Pros: The Radeon HD 7850 Does What I Want. This card meets its tech specs. Power consumption is low. Graphics through-put is high. I wanted to give this card more eggs because it is a solid performer. This card is enough to watch movies at 1920x1080, and play games such as Skyrim at the same resolution at around 50+ fps.

Cons: The Gigabyte Windforce 2x Does Not. I'm extremely disappointed by how loud the two fans are. Don't get suckered like I was. Two giant 100mm fans do not make this a quiet video card. While the heat sink and copper pipes are solid, the plastic shroud and plastic fan blades are very thin and flimsy. The fan noise makes this card inappropriate for anyone who builds an "HTPC/Light Gaming Rig." I used this highly un-scientific, highly in-accurate, and somewhat subjective test method: Using the DecibleMeterFree app, I placed my iPhone a distance of 1-foot away from my computer case. While powered off it measured about 45db (which was probably ambient room noise.) Turning on the computer with my old MSI R4850 raised this number to about 50db. Sadly, this 7850 card measures in at about 66db. Underclocking this card and lowering the fan speed to it's lowest setting of 20% in the Catalyst driver, made no noticable difference to my ears, but the iPhone measured around 65-66db.

Overall Review: Price is high, but simple economics can explain why that is neither a pro nor a con. I was going to get the Radeon 6850 back in November, but I waited for the 7850, and I couldn't wait any longer for the prices to drop... and they will very shortly. I hope there is another 7850 out there that runs less noisy.

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I want to give this item more than 3 eggs but...6/8/2011 10:01:36 AM

Pros: This was sort of an impulse buy, so I am quite happy with it since it looks great and fits well. I was looking for a convenient place to put my phone while I ride, and this design fits that need. It is also easy to install. The case (with phone) locks nicely onto the plastic stem assembly yet it is very easy to remove by pressing a plastic tab to release the case. Very easy to read the display screen of the phone through the clear plastic.

Cons: Not iPhone 4 friendly. This is a huge con because the description simply says the non-specific "iPhone & iPod". To me this is either outdated or false advertising. Sliding the iPhone 4 into the case is too tight, and I can not snap the button to secure the phone into the case. The phone won't slip out of the case while riding, but it definitely does not fit. Don't "use" the phone/text while riding. I know it sounds obvious, but this device makes it so tempting to do just that. Not really the fault of the product, but still worth mentioning.

Overall Review: The case integrates so well with the bike, that I'll probably forget my phone when i lock-up the bike. Guess what'll happen to the phone when I leave it on the bike? Plastic mount sits on top of the stem cap. It does not replace the stem cap. A metal mount would have been nicer, but not necessarily a con. The phone (really the entire assembly) seems to bounce around on rugged terrain. Again, not the fault of the product. Great deal at $14.99. At $19.99 the cons listed don't make it as attractive a bargain.

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Good - But only for Extreme Overclockers12/27/2009 11:39:26 AM

Pros: Overclocks well. Low latency. Tall Heatsinks look cool. Thank you to the previous reviewer. Your info helped me achieve my overclock. Here are my settings: BIOS: 1804 Multiplier: 20 BCLK: 167 (167x20=3.33Ghz) DRAM Freq: DDR3-1674MHz CPU Voltage: 1.225 QPI/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.28750 DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.58 RAM Timings: 8-8-8-24 I tried to be a "Green Overclocker" by that I mean I tried to achieve the highest clock speed with the lowest power consumption, hence the low voltages. To that end, my rig is around 162 watts at the wall at idle.

Cons: Way too expensive! I don't know what possesed me to spend so much money on this RAM. If you're a gamer and not an overclocker, stick to 1333MHz or 1600MHz RAM and spend the difference elsewhere. System wouldn't POST with BCLK of 150 no matter what I tried. I find that very interesting

Overall Review: I wasn't an overclocker, but I am now with this RAM. Previously I had 3x1Gb RAM running at 1333MHz. OK, maybe I was a slight overclocker, but 1333MHz was pretty easy to accomplish. I decided to upgrade my memory to 3x2Gb. At the same time, I decided to go for faster memory. Going from 3Gb to 6Gb was, by far the better improvement. Going from 1333MHz to 1866 MHz proved to be difficult, but it was a fun learning experience. Given my setup: an i7-920 on an ASUS P6T-Deluxe V1 and upgraded fans, I settled at 1674MHz. While this is well below the advertised 2000MHz, I find this acceptable. If I were to upgrade my cooling, I'm sure I could get closer, but as I said, I'm not heavily into overclocking. It's nice to know I still have room to play.

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Works Like a Champ7/1/2009 9:41:28 AM

Pros: Very solid heatsinks. Bought two of these to replace CPU and Northbridge for an Intel Atom processor board.

Cons: Pricey for what it is. The copper prongs that stand upright from the base bend very easily. Handle with care. The hold down clips are flimsy and too wide for the Atom processor but they do (barely) fit.

Overall Review: Fan is not that quiet, but no 40mm fan is. Was hoping not to use the fan at all with this heat sync, but internal temps got too hot. Replaced the fan with this Scythe fan.

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Normally I like Scythe Fans7/1/2009 9:30:36 AM

Pros: This one is just OK. I guess relative to other 40mm fans this is one of the better ones out there. Used this to replace the fans on an Intel Atom Board.

Cons: This is only a two-pin/wire fan. It would have been nice if it were a three-wire fan so the systemboard could control the voltage. Not as quiet as I was led to belive, but definitely less "whinny" than other 40 mm fans.

Overall Review: Struggled between giving it three eggs or four. This fan sits on top of this heatsink:

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Disappointed5/27/2009 11:25:50 AM

Pros: Small metal casing. Looks cool

Cons: Slow and lots of data corruption.

Overall Review: Super Talent makes a 4GB drive like this in the same form factor. Those things were so awesome that I gave them out as stocking stuffers over Christmas. The 8GB version was OK but not as good as the 4GB, and the 16GB is even worse than the 8. I get a lot of "delayed write failures", "lost clusters", etc. Looks like the more memory they try to stuff into these cool looking things, the more quality control suffers. Very sad.

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Great Server Case11/27/2008 7:06:07 AM

Pros: Reset switch and Power switch have a solid feel. Lots of ventilation. Hot swap bays fits into two 5.25" drive slots. The drive cages each hold three 5.25" units with the 3.5" bay at the bottom. This was nice because I decided to move the hot swap bay into the top two slots leaving the bottom slot available for an optical ide drive. With the optical drive in the bottom 5.25" slot and an old ide 3.5" hard drive next to it, the cable runs were nice and clean.

Cons: Documentation is weak. Fans are super noisy.

Overall Review: Removeable rack mount brackets. Almost want to take an egg off for iStar selling the lockable access doors separately. (See item N82E16816215025.) $60+ for two plastic covers seems ridiculous.

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Good Switch11/27/2008 6:37:50 AM

Pros: 3Com seems to have lost some of their market appeal in the past years, but this is a very good product. It's a solid design with several nice features and it does not overheat.

Cons: The blue LED's are far too bright. It's almost like 3Com is trying to appeal to the gamer crowd with its flashy lights. Good thing it's got the substance inside, but I'll just cover up the lights with some electrical tape. Looks kind-a ghetto though.

Overall Review: Auto-MDX on all ports, Jumbo frame support, and no electrical buzzing make this a nice switch

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Compact and Solid Board11/27/2008 12:39:23 AM

Pros: This looks like a Micro ATX, but it is a full function ATX board with solid caps, in a micro sized design. I think this would make an incredible LGA775 gaming board, but I am using it as a Linux 64-bit media server. The ICH10R SATA-RAID controller in AHCI mode more than suit my needs. This is a fantastic board.

Cons: The 24-pin power connector is in an awkward location on this board. As such, cables could interfere with airflow. I've seen other P45 boards with a similar layout, so I won't take an egg away. ExpressGate is nifty, and good for downloading BIOS updates, but why would you have an GNU/Linux utility which is great, but then only have an the ExpressGate installer be Windows Based only? Come on ASUS, think about it.

Overall Review: BIOS recognizes SATA ports first then the JMicron IDE second. Makes Linux drive assignments interesting. The Attansic Atheros Ethernet card works fine in Linux, but you need to compile the driver. Not as difficult as it sounds, but worth noting. 500gb x 4hdd RAID-5 rebuild is kind of slow, but I can accept that since it's software RAID. Newegg rocks!

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Good Basic Board9/15/2008 10:21:14 AM

Pros: This is a good simple board with very up-to-date features. It is easy to work with and easy to install. Kudos to Foxconn and newegg

Cons: I have to take an egg off of the rating for Foxconn because the board would not boot an XP Service Pack 3 CD. It just kept rebooting at the "detecting hardware" text screen. Updated the BIOS from P4 to P11, with no luck. The slipstreamed CD works in several other machines and when I booted the Service Pack 2 CD, the machine built fine.

Overall Review: The price/performance/features of this board make this highly recommended for a small office web browser and word processor. (Which is exactly what I built this for.)

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3/6/2008 10:20:46 AM

Pros: I've been quite a fan of for their and computer parts and PC electronics. So imagine my excitement (and confusion) when I saw this item on their homepage. In typical newegg fashion, their price could not be beat. I couldn't pass an offer like this espcially since it was from newegg. I haven't cooked actual rice in it yet, but from the specs, the price, and what I've seen so far, it rocks!

Cons: The power cable is not retractable as advertised, but it's detachable, and get this: it's a standard 3-pin PC power cable. There's no "" logo on the rice cooker like there is in the picture. I'm sure the watermark would make this a better rice cooker. I want the decal! ;-)

Overall Review: It has a handle which is not advertised, but it should be marketed as an "Xtreme Rice Cooker: portable for LAN parties". The specs say this uses 700watts. I might need to get newegg item N82E16817153038 for my PC, although I'll have to figure out how to build an adapter because I don't think the USB port will be able to power this bad boy.

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Great Price/Performance Ratio2/22/2008 9:51:25 AM

Pros: This processor rocks! I started out looking at a Conroe-L for a lightweight HTPC thought would occasionally function as a Web browser. Conroe-L seemed a bit underpowered although the price point could not be matched. This lead me to look at Celeron-Dual Core. Processing power looked good, and the price was only a little more. The downside to this family was the severely crippled L2-cache and slower FSB. A small L2 cache hardly makes dual cores seem worth while. Enter the Pentium Dual-Core. It’s an Allendale based processor, which means it is Core2-Duo technology except with a smaller L2 cache.

Cons: The CPU fan is very noisy. I will most likely replace it with a low cost after market fan.

Overall Review: Doing the research on Intel’s processor line was fun, and I’m very happy that I landed on the Pentium Dual-Core for roughly $30 USD more than a Conroe-L.

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Great little board. Plenty of features.2/22/2008 9:49:06 AM

Pros: This is the heart of a low-end desktop browswer that will eventually become an HTPC. This micro-ATX board has lots of features, and is a great board. It would be very easy to turn this HTPC into a gaming rig simply by adding a video card.

Cons: This might be a complaint against micro-ATX boards in general. There are only six mounting points for the motherboard to the case: 3 along the back edge and 3 along the middle of the board. It’s fairly stable but since the connectors for the power supply are along the inside edge, when you try to plug in the 24-pin power connector, it flexes the motherboard. The stand-offs give a lot of clearance from the board to the case too. It’s not enough to crack the board, but it may be enough to break some connections in the board. I won’t take away an egg for this, but people should be made aware.

Overall Review: A BIOS upgrade was required to fix Audio issues. Why design a low-cost motherboard with an expensive 8-pin CPU power supply connector? I don’t want to buy a server based power supply. Good thing this board works with the more standard 4-pin CPU power supply. Single channel memory is unusual, but not a big deal.

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Clean and Simple Case2/22/2008 9:43:42 AM

Pros: This is a solid computer case with a simple design, clean lines and solid materials. The “Piano Finish” as stated in the description should be interpreted as “very glossy.” As such, people should know that it looks more like shiny metal/plastic rather than shiny piano ebony. What else would you expect for the price though? Despite its glossy black look, it resists finger prints very well, and is easy to clean.

Cons: See comments in "Other thoughts:"

Overall Review: The 3.5” drive-bay removes easily by moving a plastic switch and sliding the bay out. It’s a very nice touch, but I don’t think it sits tightly when you put it back. It’s not a major problem, but it could produce vibration. This drive-bay is mounted 90 degrees from the other drive bays. I think all internal 3.5” hard drives should be mounted in this direction. The downside to this case is that there isn’t much clearance for the SATA drive cables from the side of the case. Right-angle SATA cables will work much better here. The 5.25” DVD drive slides into place without any rails and only requires a special guide screw which is included with the case. This allows the drive to lock into position using the same plastic switch for the 3.5” drive bay. This switch locks everything in place. Once again, it’s a very nice touch in terms of ease of installation, but might not be the best for an HTPC due to potential vibration. The power supply that came with this case is great: 300w

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Very Good Case for the Price1/12/2007 7:51:02 AM

Pros: This case beats some other cases costing twice as much. The power supply is suprisingly quiet. In fact the stock CPU fan (Intel based) is louder. Easy to mount the Micro ATX board. Nice space to hide cables. PSU has SATA and 20+4 connectors. Front face is easy to remove. Good size/dimensions

Cons: Front face is mostly plastic, but still looks nice. Solid frame, but the sheet metal is flexible making it feel a little flimsy.

Overall Review: I've only had this case for a few days, so we'll see how the power supply holds out. I thought there was a removeable tray for the motherboard, but there is not. That's my misunderstanding. I wonder if the paint will come off easily in time?

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Good Stuff11/16/2005 12:29:29 PM

Comments: These sticks look great, function well, don't overheat, and are very fast. I probably didn't need to go with 1gig sticks, but the price point wasn't bad, and I know I'll grow into 2gig (probably faster than I think.) Great product. I can't wait to overclock.

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Can't beat the Price/Performance ratio11/16/2005 12:25:56 PM

Comments: I see myself possibly going through many processors in the near future, so the price was right on this one. The stock fan is a little loud, but I think that would be true of any processor. Doesn't run hot, and does the job for my current games/home theater viewing.

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Great PSU11/16/2005 12:18:38 PM

Comments: This thing is super quiet. Looks great, and has excellent accessories. It really is a pitty this PSU is hidden from plain sight. I was worried that 400w would not be enough to run SLI. Everything says it should be fine. Still that's not a shortcoming of this PSU. Great product.

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Great Product11/16/2005 12:13:51 PM

Comments: This is the center piece of my gaming/HTPC rig, and I have to say that this thing rocks! Temps are steady in the 40/C range. The fan is somewhat loud, so I might replace the stock fan. It's not enough of a reason to stay away from this card though. Packaging and bundling is very nice. I'm not sure if I'm even pushing this card hard, but I can play my games at their maxed out settings. Can't wait to play COD2 on this thing. I'll probably pick up a second one of these to do SLI when the games really warrant it. Great product!

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Fun System Board11/16/2005 12:07:11 PM

Comments: This mother board is great. Lots of options. I dig the embedded SB Live. I probably didn't need the extras that the Platinum offers over the Neo4 SLI, but this was in stock when I was ready to buy. The north bridge fan is just a tiny bit loud for my tastes, but it's not a reason to stay away from this board. Great work

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Great Looking Quality Case11/16/2005 10:46:06 AM

Comments: This is a great case. The finish is incredible, right down to the polished thumb screws and polished slot covers. Space is tight, especially mounting the power supply. the drive bay is a tight to work with too, but no more or less than any other case. Although not terrible, the fans are just a little noisy for me. These are all just minor nit-picks. Not enough to take away from the overall quality of this case, especially once you have everything set up. I'm a happy customer.

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