Does the job -- got al emon at first9/10/2012 7:50:34 PM

Pros: I use this enclosure for RAID 1, and so far it performs well. I simulated a failure and the enclosure handled it just fine.

Cons: The first one I received had a malfunctioning fan. It was extremely loud, like the blades were hitting something. The replacement from Newegg didn't have the issue. The LEDs are also extremely bright, to the point where I put dark tape over the top to dim them. It's also hard to tell the difference between the purple and red lights on the individual drive trays. It'd be nice if it had a drive activity light. As far as I know nothing indicates that.

Overall Review: Seems like a good buy. For more advanced RAID configurations I'd go with the 4-drive capacity device. That raises questions about whether you can rebuild the array if the device itself fails, though.

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75% failure rate (n=4)7/11/2011 5:47:08 PM

Pros: Low price per GB Large capacity Quiet

Cons: Purchased 4 of these drives. Three months later, 3 out of the 4 have failed. (One drive had bad sectors resulting in data loss, the other two had S.M.A.R.T. events indicating immediate failure.) They're under WD warranty, and I was able to start the RMA process, which is painless so far.

Overall Review: I've used WD for years, and they've generally been reliable. This has been an anomaly, but a 75% failure rate out of four drives seems shockingly high.

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Not designed for gaming4/7/2011 12:48:43 PM

Pros: Slightly cheaper than the two MSI 560 Ti cards I bought for a duplicate system. Good benchmarks.

Cons: Runs hot (85 C) while gaming, even with upgraded case ventilation. As cards heat up, fans become distractingly loud. The heatsink primarily vents perpendicular to the card, causing the top card in SLI to run hotter than the bottom card (~ 8 C). I believe other cards primarily vent out the back of the case.

Overall Review: Short periods of gaming (20 mins) with two of these cards in SLI results in temperatures rapidly approaching 90 C, at which point the graphics cards will fail, resulting in a crash. The fans will produce a great deal of noise as they reach this point. I bought two MSI 560 Ti cards for an otherwise identical system, and swapped the cards around in numerous configurations. The MSI cards run cooler (~70 C during gaming), vent better, are much quieter, and have never resulted in a crash when playing the same game on the same system using the same case fans. Palit support took around four business days to respond, and didn't acknowledge that it was a warranty issue. They recommended ineffective technical support that I had already told them I tried. The fact that the Palit 560 Ti cards fail where the MSI cards work fine is, in my opinion, a design flaw that makes these cards useless for gaming. Fortunately, Newegg was extremely helpful in resolving the situation.

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Absolutely terrible1/13/2007 7:09:52 PM

Pros: When it works, it offers a nice amount of space at a reasonable price.

Cons: I've had nothing but trouble with this hard drive on multiple computers and multiple operating systems. It causes crashes, freezes, BSODs when transferring large files, and on some computers causes the machine to hang just by plugging it in.

Overall Review: I would not buy a hard drive from this company again.

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