Am almost perfect case fan3/27/2021 4:00:02 PM

Pros: The perfect balance between noise and airflowNoctua qualityNo obnoxious motor noisesChromax

Cons: More expensive but you get what you pay forColor scheme if you don't get Chromax

Overall Review: Bought this to replace some Arctic fans that were driving me crazy with the constant motor humming. It's like heaven on the ears now, no grinding, ticking or humming coming from these motors and they move a lot of air and good decent static pressure. No they're not totally silent when they ramp up past 1000 rpm but what is? I've accepted the fact that if fans spin fast and move air there's gonna be some noise if you want good air flow. Noctua has minimized this and seemed to find that perfect harmony between the two.

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Good airflow and static pressure but loud motor whine3/27/2021 3:45:16 PM

Pros: Neutral colorsGood static pressure and airflowaffordable

Cons: Very loud motor humming at 550 and 1000 rpmfeels cheap

Overall Review: Well these Arctic fans seem to be the darling of the tech review world lately so I decided to grab some for myself. I noted some reviews mentioned a very loud hum/whine at about 1000rpm but thought nothing of it since everyone else was gushing how great a fan it isI can confirm the bearing hum exists. First at around 550 rpm and then around 1000-1100. very annoying very high pitched humming whine that was driving me mad. Adjusting the fan curve made these rev up faster and higher than normally which just increased noise making these fans pointless. Replaced it with a Noctua NF-A14 and haven't looked back

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Works great if you use the included brace3/27/2021 3:28:21 AM

Pros: QuietTons of airflowDirect replacement for Coolermaster H500 seriesARGB looks great

Cons: Slight fan wobble

Overall Review: One of the 200mm ARGB fans in my H500M was only lighting on the top half so I decided get this as a replacement. It works the same as long as you use the included brace to lock the ARGB ends together. Without the brace it just lights up a white LED with a faint RGB glow in the center. Why am I mentioning this? Because the stock fans are the same fan yet don't require this step for the ARGB to work. Also the included brace comes in a bag with the screws so if you're buying this as a replacement it's an easy detail to overlook if you're reusing the old screws. Other than that it's the same 200mm ARGB fan from the H500 series so you know what to expect

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Good airflow poor quality control2/25/2021 9:42:21 PM

Pros: Just the right size Great airflow Good cable management Cheap price

Cons: Poor quality control Motherboard standoffs preinstalled poorly threaded and not aligned Back panel screw wouldn't come out

Overall Review: Bought this case to replace a Fractal Focus G which was giving me pretty bad temps. Gamers Nexus recommended this based on temps, noise, airflow and price. Another tech channel noted it was cheap and I have to agree with them. Despite all the pros there was concerning quality control issues. Mainly with the screw threading on the standoffs and back panel. I had to pull on the back screw with pliers and loosen the bottom screw to get the rear panel. Top one came out just fine but this one spun in place and getting in back was just as much of a pain. Then there's the motherboard standoffs. Two weren't even tightened in all the way, one was bent and nearly all of them had trouble threading screws in. I even popped the head off one of the supplied screws leaving the rest in one of the standoffs. To top it off they weren't even properly aligned, the middle right screw was a millimeter off. I get Lian Li was trying to make a great case that was also affordable but please don't skimp on quality control to make it affordable. I mean how does a cheaper Fractal Focus G have better quality than this case?

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Works great, looks great6/29/2020 9:18:56 AM

Pros: Lots of airflow and bright flashy colors. Not as loud as the specs suggest

Cons: Shorter ARGB cable could be a problem for some but I had a splitter ready to go so no problems for me. Did not work on the H500M included ARGB hub despite some on the question section saying it does. I had to buy a splitter to tie into the front 200mm fans. That's not a knock against CM as they made no claim, just putting that out there for those getting false info from other consumers

Overall Review: Great airflow. Looks awesome. Finally my H500M has a matching rear fan to go with the 2x200mm front fans. Replaced a Corsair ML140mm with this. While on paper this fan "looks" loud it really ins't compared to the Corsair. This is more of a whoosh at higher RPMs instead of a buzzing whir sound my ML140 had so to me it is much quieter. Fans that spin at high RPMS make noise though. Who knew? Most of the time it isn't even audible. Case is all lit up like the 4th of July now

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Works great so far1/4/2019 12:35:58 PM

Pros: Faster than a GTX 1080 Freesync Stays cool Got it for a bargain at the time

Cons: No RGB lighting Slight coil whine at lower fan speeds Wattman is garbage More power consumption Requires some slight tuning

Overall Review: I bought this based off the glowing Tom's Hardware review. $479 with free shipping and 3 free games plus 15% back from Newegg and Freesync, couldn't pass that up. Initially the card didn't meet my expectations until I applied an undervolt/overclock and raising power limit with a higher fan speed. +2% GPU oc, p6 1000 mV p7 1050mV HMB2 1050 mhz 990 mV and power limit to 40%. Now we're cooking with fire! Runs Far Cry 5 at 4k with mixed high to ultra setting 55-60 fps easily and 100 fps on 1440p ultra. Temps are usually around 70 C gaming at 2400 rpm, could honestly go with a lower speed for noise reduction and still be ok. Alphacool makes a waterblock for this card if someone goes the liquid cooling route Be forewarned this card does use more power but it's really a very small drop in the bucket. The card also require a case with good airflow to keep temps down (if you're gaming you should have a high airflow case no matter the card). Wattman isn't the greatest tool as it would never allow the card to go above 70 C even with higher fan curve after UV/OC or I'd get thermal throttling down to 1460 mHz from 1630+. Leaving the card in stock form temps would regularly get up to 75 C and no throttling. Weird. MSI Afterburner fixed my issues with tuning the card. If you like pretty lights this card will disappoint you. There is no RGB or LED whatsoever, just a big black chunk of plastic with orange stripes. I'd recommend this card only if you have the right case, power supply (850W) and don't mind tuning the card yourself. This is just based off MY card, others might have a different experience with theirs PC specs i7-8700k@4.8 ghz Noctua NHD-15 cooler 3200 mhz Trident Z CL14 ram EVGA 850w power supply CoolerMaster H500M case

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