Intel PWLA8391GT Desktop Adapter PRO/1000 GT 10/100/1000Mbps PCI 1 x RJ455/20/2020 6:32:53 AM

Pros: Speedy network card for an antique PC (PCI slots only), converted to a home-made pfSense router.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this same card in 2014 for this router (from New Egg). So it was good for six years. Turned the router off while running errands one day. Returned home to no Internet upon reboot. This is a great card and the old one served me well. So, I came back to New Egg to get a new one. After figuring PCI cards were getting hard to find, I bought 2 of 'em. I was amazed to find them still available through a retailer selling on New Egg (thumbs up to both!).

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30X 60X Magnifier Magnifying Glass Eye Loupe Lens LED Pocket Jeweller Microscope8/28/2018 4:58:04 AM

Pros: Handy lighted pocket magnifier

Cons: No instructions on how the currency detector works. Shipping took longer than expected. The tracking number was useless. The magnifiers are difficult to focus.

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SODIAL Mens Womens Unisex Watches Pattern Leather Band Analog Quartz Vogue Wrist Watch Colour:Black (Banana Pattern)8/28/2018 4:53:23 AM

Pros: I bought this for the watch band. I didn't really care about the watch. The whole thing is cheaper than any other leather watch band I could find.

Cons: Shipping took longer than expected.

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108pcs 8-25mm Stainless Steel Watch Band Strap Spring Bar Link Pins Remover New Silver8/28/2018 4:46:45 AM

Pros: Plenty of watch spring bars for family & friends. The spring bar tool worked pretty good too.

Cons: Shipping took a little longer than expected.

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Topwin USB 2.0 Type a Female to a Female Coupler Adapter Connector4/10/2018 5:33:48 PM

Pros: Quality adapter. It forms a tight connection for USB sticks & cables. I have another manufacturer's cable version of the F/F type A adapter and the connections are very loose... this one forms a firm connection.

Cons: No cons on the adapter Transit time was excessive, but it was shipped in a reasonable amount of time.

Overall Review: If you're not in in a hurry, it's worth the wait.

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4 x Heatsink Mount Pin for Intel Cooling Fan LGA 775 Socket Black6/23/2017 4:22:22 AM

Pros: Replacement pins for Intel LGA 775 CPU fans. Parts still available!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Item arrived quicker than expected

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Avera Digital 40" 1080p 60Hz LED-LCD HDTV 40AER106/19/2016 7:07:16 AM

Pros: Clear picture after getting the DIY HDTV Antenna honed in. VGA port 3 HDMI ports The price was bearable

Cons: Horrible speakers The I/O board mounting inside the back panel is flimsy and looks like it won't take much abuse from even barely tightening the coax cable very many times.

Overall Review: This is my first digital TV and the first TV I've owned in over 20 years. I mainly purchased this TV to watch the news and for use as a PC monitor in the bedroom. I found out I could watch some old Westerns in addition. I couldn't pick up any channels until I made a bi-directional antenna to put in the attic. I final got 13 clear channels but still not getting PBS. Not a problem with the TV regarding the far flung stations. I don't regret the purchase

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NavePoint Articulating LCD LED TV Wall Mount6/18/2016 5:04:41 AM

Pros: Nice Price. Sturdy construction. I like the style of this Full Motion swivel wall mount (exactly what I was looking for). Manual was written in all English... Thank You!

Cons: The description was squirrely. In one place it was list as compatible with up to 37" TV. In another place it was listed as up to 42". This almost caused me to not purchase this.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Link Depot USB-15-AMB 15 ft. Black USB 2.0 cable A/Male to Mini B male1/27/2016 4:13:27 AM

Pros: 15 Ft. long Flexible

Cons: I don't know what gauge wire it is, but the cable is kinda small diameter.

Overall Review: I use this to power my Vid Cam through a 120v to 5v adapter. The short cable that came with the camera was a nuisance. Now I can move around more with the 15' length.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
GB Gardner Bender GS-370 Wire Stripper With Multi-Tool1/14/2016 7:52:59 AM

Pros: Comfortable fit Super-sharp stripper edges Pliers tip Coax Crimper Small machine screw cutters

Cons: No Cons, but it would be nice if it stripped down to 26 AWG, plus 8 gauge. Then this would be the only stripper needed.

Overall Review: This is the best strippers I've owned. On the day it was delivered, my neighbor asked me to install a dimmer switch. I was tickled to use my new strippers! They worked beautifully! Now I need one for every floor in the house and one for each vehicle.

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ADATA DashDrive UV100 8GB Slim Bevelled USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model AUV100-8G-RBL3/21/2015 2:55:20 AM

Pros: *Great price *Compact attractive shape and color

Cons: No cap to protect the end

Overall Review: I haven't opened it yet. It's for when I need a spare.

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SEgoN Mini-Ding Series 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive3/21/2015 2:48:55 AM

Pros: *Small size. *Has a cover to keep the end clean *Decent enough price

Cons: Hard to get the cover off without flippin' it out of your hand. Don't try to open it near a hole or water. The two pieces need a grip, such as a rough surface to grasp.

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AMD A4-7300 Richland Dual-Core 4.0GHz3/21/2015 2:41:51 AM

Pros: Nice price and specs. No problems on the first boot in a new AMD system. Good bang for the buck.

Cons: No cons.

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G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)3/21/2015 2:37:24 AM

Pros: *Nice whitish heat shields. *One of the few compatible RAM sticks I could find for a newer MoBo, at a reasonable price. *No problem on the first boot. Everything was good to go. All RAM recognized in the system.

Cons: No cons.

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Energizer Battery CR2032 Lithium 3V (5 Batteries Per Pack)3/21/2015 2:29:50 AM

Pros: *Nice price on a 5-pack of CR2032's. Cheaper than one battery locally. *Speedy delivery

Cons: Can't think of a con.

Overall Review: Haven't opened them yet. Good to know I've got 'em.

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EVGA 100-W1-0430-KR 430W PSU3/21/2015 2:24:12 AM

Pros: *Price *Sleeved wiring *Black color *Received an Email that the rebate should arrive in 3-5 weeks

Cons: *Water damaged box (not the shipping box, but the product box). *5 volt output was on the low side. *Not certified "Bronze", or higher. *3-5 weeks is an excessive amount of time for a rebate check

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Carl S., Thank you for your feedback in regards to the EVGA 430W power supply. If you received a damaged retail box, then you will want to contact as soon as possible in order for them to assist you if this is a concern. The processing time frame of the Rebate request is standard to all rebate request for any product on the market today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Jump Thru The Hoop3/21/2015 2:04:20 AM

Pros: I don't know of any Pros yet. My PC won't boot with the drive hooked up. I tried everything and can't even get a chirp to POST. If pressed to list ONE Pro, it would be the bubble pouch the drive was shipped in.

Cons: This drive is finicky about native SATA controllers. WD site is horrid trying to resolve this problem. They tried to explain the SATA jumpers with a pic of a PATA drive. Maybe they meant to write PATA and I was supposed to read their mind. No mention of this drive in the knowledge base and NO instructional markings on the drive, like older drives had. I think peeps are losing their minds, overall.

Overall Review: I tried to jumper pins 1 & 2, then 5 & 6... No go, but that is based on jumpers on older drives, per the WD site. Should be the same, but who knows what changes a secret cult made to this drive. As I write this, the drive is formatting on an older machine, while I'm shopping for SATA cards for the newer intended target machine. Lost a day of sanity due to this HDD. This disk better be the cream of the crop, and WD needs to wise up in the "support" dept. Plenty of instructions on hooking the cables up. What an insult.

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BenQ Public4/20/2013 8:03:03 AM

Pros: Sharp/Bright Picture Stable Stand Decent Packaging No dead Pixels No Power Brick (built in to the Monitor)

Cons: Should have higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 Wide Bezel on the edges Horrible little nasty Speakers A little overpriced @ the 209.00 USD I paid.

Overall Review: A 27" Monitor should have higher resolution. No increase of screen real estate over my 24" Monitor. This might help someone with poor eyesight, because text & everything else is larger on this monitor, but it seems like wasted space on my desk. At least I learned to never buy a Monitor larger than 24" with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This is why 1 egg was deducted. I would like to have saved money by having the speakers left out too. They are useless. Still, this should be a good monitor choice because of the clear picture. I am waiting too see the specs/reviews on the newer BenQ GW2760HS. I did vote 8 out of 10 in the voting pool on this BenQ GW2750HM Monitor.

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Not even a good freebie2/23/2013 1:49:10 PM

Pros: Zilch - Actually ZERO stars.

Cons: Couldn't validate the install. It blocked the Email account functions. It wouldn't un-install properly (left a McAfee service on the system - "Site Adviser")

Overall Review: This came with a piece of hardware I bought. I would rather had a reduced overall price than receive this stuff to pollute my world.

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