Awesome card!!12/24/2011 10:46:42 PM

Pros: Purchased two of these beasts SLI for my rig; great cards both in cooling and performance!! Most game temperature stays around 62c-68c in my Antec 1200 case. Crysis 2 heats them up the most into the high 70c's. The 2.5gig memory is wonderful smoothing out gameplay and handling the textures. Crysis 2 Ultra DirectX11 with high resolution textures averages around 1.7gig constant memory usage on my single monitor 1920x1200.

Cons: None really, only that $390.00 per card is kinda hard to swallow and justify to the wife; got her an Apple iPhone 3GS for Christmas to smooth things over!

Overall Review: Thanks EVGA for the super product, lifetime warranty, excellent service, and well managed forums. Oh also, thanks Newegg for the excellent service and super fast shipping!

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Super Stable, Awesome Cooling, No Buyer Remorse!!6/7/2009 7:49:19 PM

Pros: Purchased two of these for SLI. They fit perfectly in my Antec 1200 case. Good looking cards, great performers, and awesome cooling. My temps. in Ohio June humid heat at idle 46/42 (fan at 40%) and Crysis Warhead all options maxed 78/69 (fan at 50%). Total system max wattage draw Crysis Warhead SLI 648w. In my opinion, these MSI cards are presently the best choice out there. Each card has 2 fans which results in low temps and excellent performance. The heatpipes look awesome and do the job?? Finally, don't worry about exhaust being exited inside your case. My inside case temps are fine, witnessed by my video card temps. Besides, even with this card's design some exhaust is exited out the back of the case.

Cons: None really! Cards are every bit 12 inches long. Cards do get hot, small mid-towers with only 1 fan in front and 1 in back might not have the ability to properly vent out all the heat exhaust that these cards put into the case. Must have excellent case with excellent fan design, i.e. Antec 900/Antec 1200 (sold here at Newegg).

Overall Review: I'd like to thank Newegg for their good packaging and excellent ship time (received in 2 days on their 3 day free shipping). I've spent over $50,000 lifetime purchases and have always been satisfied. When I have received D.O.A. items or have had to use their warranty, service has been excellent. Heck, most of the time they even email me a pre-paid shipping receipt; now that's unbeatable e-service!!! Newegg, I'm afraid to shop anywhere else!! P.S. No, I don't own Newegg stock; just an extremely satisfied customer!!

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Newegg awesome--BFG Quality/Service Terrible10/27/2008 4:12:53 PM

Pros: Awesome Newegg service and fast RMA's/shipping!!

Cons: I purchased two of these cards for an SLI configuration. The first card everything okay, but it has taken me three RMA's/replacements to get a descent second card. BFG quality assurance before shipment has to be one of the worst in the industry based on my experience. My replacement card caused stuttering in my gaming applications. I replaced that card with one that came shipped with the fan shroud plastic marred/warped. Newegg overnight shipped me another replacement which upon inspection noticed that the box end was crushed, many of the accessories unwrapped, and the card/fan shroud sticker finger printed up and scratched. Newegg rushed me out another card which is in A1 condition, but the fan shroud sticker is not straight and overlapping over the edge. I've called BFG asking for another front/side stickers to replace the defective ones, but I'm not hopeful. I've had BFG products in the past, but this is probably the last time I'll purchase. I should never have left EVGA!!

Overall Review: To add insult to injury, the card that finally arrived in half descent condition (the one with the crooked stickers) was purchased on 10/21/08, and BFG started a new promotion on 10/22/08 stating that all new cards purchased will received Far Cry 2 free after registration. I've called BFG twice, but they so far refuse to send me a copy of Far Cry 2 since my purchase was one day earlier than the promotion start date. I said that I may just return my ordered card (10/21/08--the one with the crooked stickers) and purchase a new one so I can get the Far Cry 2 game. They said they didn't care and I could do what I wanted, but they were not going to send me Far Cry 2 because my purchase date was one day earlier. I've been an EVGA owner for years and purchased these BFG OCX cards because EVGA doesn't offer a GTX 260 Core 216FTW product line. Big mistake!! In my case, BFG products and customer service have been a huge let down. Shame on you BFG!!!

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Awesome Performance!!!8/12/2008 6:44:21 PM

Pros: Awesome performance!! Plays Crysis flawlessly with image quality and all settings set to VERY HIGH. My HD/Blu-ray movies play great using the nVidia Pure Video HD support this card offers. The 1GB memory/512-bit bus makes this card shine. The Radeon 4800 series of cards are hamstrung by 512mb memory and a 256-bit bus often resulting in micro-stuttering and lag in games that require large memory buffers (Crysis and soon to be released Alan Wake and Left For Dead). If you monitor's resolution is at or above 1680x1050, don't bother with the ATI 512mb/256bit-bus offerings; won't be enough to power newest games with all I.Q. settings at very high. Go straight to the nVidia GTX 260/280 series of video cards!!

Cons: Cards are long and generate heat! Must have and excellent case and air flow. A name brand minimum 550 watt power supply with 42a on the 12v rail for a single card is a must. Look on the side of your power supply for its specifications.

Overall Review: Super cards!! Just make sure you have the comuter rig/processor to support and use all the power that these BFG's have to offer.

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Great PC case!!!12/7/2007 3:29:15 PM

Pros: --Close to the room of a full tower case.--Lots of fans; 3 120mm blue LED's and huge top exit fan included w/case.--Width and length of case just like full tower; holds my aftermarket cpu fan and BFG 8800GTX OC2 just fine.--Power supply on bottom of case is great and the way the case is designed, the majority of power supply cables will have the necessary length.

Cons: Side panel 120mm LED fan not included; go with the Antec fan because it's designed to fit and lock in without screws.--Included instructions are very vague; took me 1hr to find the Power LED case to motherboard lead finding out after calling Antec that the directions in the manual are wrong and that this case doesn't use a Power LED case lead, LED power is drawn from the fan power connectors.

Overall Review: Leave out an afternoon and evening for installation and wiring. Using a high quality modular power supply will help cut down on excess cables. This is one of the best cases I've ever owned!! You won't be disappointed!!

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Thanks NewEgg!!3/16/2007 7:18:40 AM

Pros: Great product!! Installs easily and sounds great. Cool red logo light on side of card. NewEgg service and fast 24/48 hr. shipping times from ordering.

Cons: No joystick connector for sticks like Thrustmaster X-Fighter. Must use your motherboard joystick connector if available.

Overall Review: While the X-Fi install easily one must prepare hard drive before installation. Here's some ideas: 1st make sure on-board sound is turned off. Exit out (disable) of Norton's AntiVirus and other programs in right side of taskbar tray. Go to add/remove and remove previous sound drivers. Shut down machine and remove old sound card; restart. Set system restore point (If new X-Fi doesn't play nice with your system, remove drivers 1st and then set system back to restore point and put old card back in). Defrag hard drive; restart. Again, exit out of Norton and other programs. Install X-Fi; set restore poing. I'm using an Asus P5ND2-SLI nVidia nForce4 board and it is working well with new X-Fi card. Creative support stated to me that the X-Fi Professional line has a better time integrating with nForce 4 boards than their non-professional cards.

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Awesome Cards SLI!!!10/20/2006 1:17:21 PM

Pros: Awesome cards!!! Purchased two for SLI configuration. Ran 3D Mark 2005 and scored slightly higher than the two XFX 7900GTX's SLI that I previously owned. Temps. running around 45c at idle and around the 60c's during gaming. Game play is smooth and fast. Video color and sharpness is excellent. Make sure you use the lastest nVidia beta drivers, 92.91 so the card is recognized. Go to and look under beta. The cards are not as long as the nVidia 7950GX2's but are substantially wider. I have an Antec full tower case with a window fan and I had to install a thinner 80mm fan in order for the cards to fit. These cards are designed for cases that have excellent (not good) cooling capabilities. My Antec case has 5 80mm fans; 2 front, 1 side, and 2 rear. This setup will keep these babies cool! Additionally, these cards will not fit properly with the needed cooling in cases such as the Antec SonataII or many mid-tower cases. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

Cons: --Need excellent case cooling!! --Need a high quality power supply with a strong 12v rail current rating. Per the retail box: minimum 350W with 20a on 12v rail for a single card and minimum 450W 26a on 12v rail for an SLI configuration.

Overall Review: THANKS NEWEGG!! Super fast shipping and well packaged. I'll be back again!!!

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Got to give it a try!!9/22/2005 8:45:32 PM

Comments: As usual, Newegg offered a good price, low shipping cost, and fast delivery. This monitor is awesome!! Not dead pixels. Picture is bright, sharp, and excellent quality. Monitor looks good and of high quality. As with all cutting edge technology, every until sold isn't going to be perfect. However, the good units really shine. This is an excellent monitor. My recommendation is to give it a try!! If you happen to get a substandard one, call both Sceptre and Newegg. Between the two, chances are you'll get your problem fixed or receive a replacement. Thanks again Newegg!!!

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