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A very pleasant suprise!10/28/2015 7:24:33 PM

Pros: This card is quite the underdog, I couldn't find any reviews or info on this card other than the few here on Newegg so I was taking a bit of a chance here. Well, I'm happy I did! This card has some the ability of a much more expensive model. Came in at 72.2% ASIC score, better than either of my 670 FTWs. Doesn't get too hot, only ~75c and that was with an OC up to 1500/8000. Knowing Maxwell runs hotter than Kepler that is just fine.

Cons: No backplate, bare bones packaging.

Overall Review: I think MSI did a good job undercutting a lot of other cards, taking out a lot of the frivolous things and just giving a really well engineered design. Great Job!

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Performs at advertised speeds, low profile spreaders.10/22/2012 11:23:06 PM

Pros: G.Skill walks the walk. They've my RAM of choice since I ordered my first set from them. These sticks do what they say they will; they will set to the proper speed and timings without any hastle. The low profile heat spreaders are a must, I really don't see how you can go with massive tall spreaders unless you are water cooling your CPU. If you're on air, go for a set of these.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've bought RAM from other companies before with disappointing results. I have never had a problem with G.Skill and will continue to buy them for my builds and my customers builds. Just do it.

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