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Great case fan7/20/2012 8:11:16 PM

Pros: I replaced my back exhaust stock fan of my Haf-X and put in the Bgears 140mm fan. It moves much more air than the stock fan. It does have a deep, bass tone. Definitely not noisy or whiny. It is a great fan. Well worth the purchase. Will buy more for other cases in the future that implements 140mm case fans. It was fairly easy to install the screws into the fan.

Cons: No cons.

Overall Review: Bgear please make a 200mm and 230mm that moves moves air just like your 140mm (or even more air). That would be nice for bigger cases like the Haf-X or similar. Also, if possible to make the screw holes of the fan pre-drilled so that it makes it even easier to put in the screws. Thanks Bgear, you have a wonderful product.

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A small worthy laptop2/24/2010 11:06:45 PM

Pros: Very capable dedicated graphics card. It played Modern Warfare 2 at over 60 fps at low quality settings. With higher quality settings, it would be at 30-60 fps. League of Legends would always play at 60 fps. The frame rate would sometimes change between 59-60 fps but mostly at 60 fps. When installing programs and other stuff it is reasonably fast. Using Windows 7 update performs much faster and it does not seem to hog system resources or make the laptop non-usable, meaning I could still do other things on the laptop without it lagging or skipping. The wireless card works great and very smooth, I have not had any drop in connection so far. The 4GB of DDR3 RAM is very useful and fast. I can open multiple programs without any problems. The speed is greatly appreciated on this laptop. The webcam works like any other average webcam. It's good for video chat. The current CPU is great. I believe it is of the Penryn series and uses low wattage. The battery life is over 3-4 hours long.

Cons: As a reviewer mentioned before, this particular laptop attracts a lot of dust. In places such as the screen, keyboard, and trackpad area. Though, I am not too sure if it happens to the other series of Lenovo laptops. The laptop comes with pre-installed programs or as many would say "bloatware", which I find unnecessary for my use. Some are the face recognition software (for security purposes), the alive idea (an active background that shows time of day), and some others you may find if you purchase this laptop. I kept Lenovo's energy management software (even though microsoft has its own energy management), easycapture, slidenav, mediashow, onekey recovery, and Power2Go, because I think those are necessary. Especially Lenovo's energy management software, do not remove it because of some driver problems it may cause. The trackpad has mini-bumps instead of a smooth surface that many other laptops use. It feels weird at first, but you get used to it.

Overall Review: Battery life is dependent on what energy management setting you use and also what you are doing while the laptop is unplugged such as watching videos, browsing the web, and downloading. Uninstall programs correctly, I've read that just deleting stuff doesn't work effectively and may cause problems with this laptop. The OneKey Recovery featured on this laptop is only used for emergencies such as restoring your laptop and windows 7 back to its factory state, meaning that your laptop will be brought back to the way it was when you first got it. Since I'm a graduate student in college, I wanted the best laptop such as a high-end video card, quad-core, 8GB of RAM, 1TB HD, and high-end hardware. Now that I've gotten this laptop referred to me by a good friend of mine, I realize that I would under-use my dream laptop because I do things like web-surfing, some gaming, listening to music, writing papers, making presentations and watching movies on this current laptop. A good decision overal

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