Looks great, but has stuck pixel2/14/2021 4:01:30 PM

Pros: Amazing color Gsync compatible is amazing Great build quality

Cons: Red pixel stuck just to the right of the center of the screen. Anytime you have a white screen you can see it easily.

Overall Review: RMA'd mine because if it was not for the stuck pixel it would be the best monitor I have seen

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Amazing b-die1/11/2020 1:30:36 PM

Pros: Running 3600mhz 14 14 14 14 30 Latency is 65ns with linked infinity fabric Ryzen memory calculator got me incredible timings.

Cons: Took 1.45v to get everything happy and stable. It ran 3200 12 12 12 12 36 but was not 100% stable during tests.

Overall Review: Use this with any ryzen and link the infinity fabric down to 1 to 1. You can over and under underclock the amazing b die. I found the best settings using the calculator fast settings and trial and error. I would recommend it to any ryzen builder. Helped my 2080 super by increasing my 1% lows on fps.

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A monster of a card9/18/2019 3:56:25 PM

Overall Review: Card works flawlessly. Clean simple design. Looks amazing in my white and black build. Runs silent and cool. A strong overclocker in the world of 2080 Super cards. Had a GTX 1080 and wanted to get better FPS for my 165hz 2560x1440 monitor and it delivers. Using an acer predator monitor with Gsync and this card has blown me away.

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Big jump from ryzen 5 16009/17/2019 3:50:10 PM

Pros: The IPC increase and frequency jump really helps with gaming in maintaining amazing 1% lows. Eliminated microstutters that were happening with a gtx 1080. It is even better in everyday tasks than the older 1600 cpu.

Cons: Mine definitely averages 4050mhz even with a 280mm radiator. AMD said bios updates will help the single core PBO help hit the advertised speed.

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Works perfectly to replace aging official one2/8/2019 12:32:10 PM

Pros: Looks identical minus the logo.

Cons: Not sure if it will last as long.

Overall Review: I'm not sure how long the charger will hold up. Works great but probably won't last 9 years like the official mac one did but it's also much more reasonable in price.

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Looks great and has all the best features1/12/2019 11:15:23 AM

Pros: The board is super sleek. Good options for M.2. Wifi and BT work amazing with a driver update. Audio is great and headphones is the way to go with this board.

Cons: Probably the worst BIOS I have ever seen.

Overall Review: If you don't want SLI function, save some money on the x470 and pick up one of these. Great OC board for ryzen once you figure out the BIOS

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Works perfect and silent12/19/2016 11:21:05 AM

Pros: Starts at around 4.5 volts Silent

Cons: none

Overall Review: Using it as a PSU replacement fan that only output constant 5v

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A beast of a card12/9/2015 5:01:59 PM

Pros: This card is massive and has excellent thermals. Won the OC lottery and have mine OC at 1180 core and 1750 mem stable. The card is dead silent when idle since it does shut off the fans. The backplate on it looks amazing and it doesnt sag at all. The single card actually is actually slightly better than my three year old 7950 crossfire cards. Using this for 1440p gaming when my 7950 overclocks started to kill the chips

Cons: This thing is a power hungry beast. Under stress testing with an overclocked 4670k I can pull 650 watts off the wall using my inline meter. I can hit 1200 on the core but I do get artifacts with stress testing. Under normal gaming it has no problem but I have not had enough time to dial in a real voltage to core/mem ratio yet.

Overall Review: Absolutely love this card and my 750watt platinum rosewill has never worked so hard. I have been all green team for over 15 years till the 7950 came in. In the past three years the red team drivers are leaps and bounds better now. Crimson is exactly what AMD needed, and this card for 1440p beats out the 970 gtx dollar for dollar. I have windows 10 and I am so excited to see some direct x 12 titles soon!!!!

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Great stuff12/4/2013 8:02:12 PM

Pros: Love this stuff, had them in an AMD rig since the FX-8150 launch in 2011. Never had a problem and matches colors of the rig.

Cons: None, never had one issue

Overall Review: When I bought mine it was 4x4 stick kit for 16gb at the same price of 89. Sucks that it doubled in price for the exact same ram I have, but couldn't recommend this stuff enough and you only need 8 for gaming anyways

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Best Closed Loop out there11/21/2013 9:07:24 PM

Pros: Much cooler than the corsair H100 and H100i Replaced a terrible Antec 920 for my AM3+ Thick radiator, silent fans, best cooling software for pump and fan control out there!

Cons: Confusing instructions Driver CD had older model on it that is not compatible

Overall Review: To all those people complaining about USB header not working, pump problems, and fans speed out of control have to look on the antec site! I am embarrassed myself that I too thought mine was broken as my CD drivers did nothing. It kept giving me a USB error and would not install. So on the site I noticed this: For serial number CLW0217HAxxxxx Version 2.0 As soon as I downloaded that it worked perfectly and even includes hardware monitor which uses a CPU temp plugin to pass it straight to the Thermaltake software! I have an older FX 8150 OC'd to 4.8ghz on 1.375v CPU core that idles at 20c and never passes 50c on load!!!! Short of a real full water loop this is the best!!!! Ignorant people stop giving this amazing cooler bad reviews because you don't take time to check drivers support on the site!

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Very impressed4/18/2013 3:49:24 PM

Pros: Well, lets see. My card works like a dream, but see other thoughts. Super powerful for the price Stays very cool while playing all games Very quiet AMD coupon sweetens the deal For $300 and some time to trial and error overclock it is better than a 670. You cant go wrong.

Cons: Mine is the 7970 reference pcb with the 8+6 connectors. Also means I have one of the hardware locked voltages. AMD drivers still cause many issues with the old nvidia residue, until I manually used regedit in safemode. Use the BETA drivers, I had some weird issues with the WHQL drivers.

Overall Review: First time moving to AMD/ATI since the early 2000s. This card is a monster with the right motherboard, psu, and lots of patience. It took forever but even with the limit of 1.25 on the voltage I still got a good OC. For my chip the sweet spot is 1110 mhz which destroys at furmark 1080p. Combined with 1575 for memory speed it just steamrolls the 660ti. Even with the terrible new bios I could get 3100 frames on furmark 1080p preset. Anything past 1110 lowered the frames on my chip. Some people say they can get the core higher but mine doesn't like past that. Even with that it replaced a pair of older 560 SLI OC'd to 970 core each. The furmark 1080p test showed a 150% increase. 63C was the max temp for the 7950. I hit 90C with the older nvidia 560 sli. This card makes me laugh at my old SLI setup, I will definitely buy a second for crossfire! Till nvidia starts the 7xxx series there is no point in choosing nvidia unless you love physx

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In love with this keyboard3/6/2013 2:55:06 PM

Pros: Wow, this keyboard is amazing. Replaced a steelseries membrane with this one. I will never go back to non-mechanical. The brown switches are great for the feel of blues but without the super clicky sound. The ability to change the LED backlight intensity on the keyboard and the WASD keys separately is genius. Already comes with the O rings under the keys to help silence the noise made when bottoming out. Dream to type with and amazing to game with

Cons: I am not a huge fan of the bright orange around the macro keys. Only backlight color is white. Would be awesome with the usual blue/green/red was possible

Overall Review: I have loved logitech keyboards for years. I changed up from a g510 to the steelseries merc stealth for the side section. As soon as I heard logitech made a mechanical G series keyboard I went out and bought one. Sold the membrane one and will never go back. Feels just like blues but not as noisy. I love it

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Amazing3/3/2013 11:56:04 AM

Pros: Well lets see, I bought these under a whim for 40 bucks somewhere else. Never in my life did I expect the jump in sound quality I got. I had a pair of other headphones for a long time that had been giving me many issues. Paid over 100 for them and I find these sound better hands down. The software that creative provides is quite old, but it definitely works. -Love the quality of sound for price -Earcups rotate side to side -Tuning the EQ for a little while let me fine tune exactly what I wanted -The surround software works wonders for me in CS and BF3

Cons: the plastic feels kinda cheap

Overall Review: I got these for 40 bucks. They beat my older 5.1 surround headset hands down. I have dropped them many times and have had no issues. I only wish the inline controls were a little further down

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Works great1/28/2013 10:47:26 AM

Pros: Fits perfectly into my phantom Very quiet Matches the white case

Cons: Includes no mounting hardware

Overall Review: Only fits in NZXT cases! Dont buy for any other cases. I had to go back into my stash of random case hardware and found the mounting screws that actually came with the phantom tower. I was surprised to see it includes them specifically with the tower instead of just coming with a set of 4

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Great1/28/2013 10:44:23 AM

Pros: Removes fatigue on my wrist No problem for use during gaming Doesn't slip at all, very grippy

Cons: Always pricey for wrist rests

Overall Review: Took about a week for the wrist rest to really break in. Initially it was almost too firm for me. Now it is even more comfortable

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Gaming beast12/29/2012 12:32:42 PM

Pros: The platinum rating of efficiency 4 PCI Express connectors are great for my SLI Even with older Bulldozer AMD overclocked and SLI with multiple drives does not even break a sweat or heat up Excellent Semi Modular

Cons: Do i really need a second 8pin EPS connector permanently attached?

Overall Review: If I could take off the second 8pin it would be absolutely perfect. Not even worth taking away the 5 egg rating!

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Dont use on FX 81XX series5/12/2012 10:13:52 PM

Pros: Well on my old Phenom II x4 830 it could definitely keep my temps down. Could keep the cpu idling around 27c and about 45c while running my most demanding games (bf3)

Cons: I purchased the 8150 knowing the stock fan would suck. Never tried it after opening the box. The Zalman can hardly keep it under 35c idling and jumps over 60c in bf3 (shut it down once it climbed past 60). I havent even started to OC the new chip yet after seeing these numbers. Took it off and reapplied Cooler Master compound with maybe a 2 degree difference. Tried it again reapplying new compound and still not better than the second attempt.

Overall Review: This thing was much better than a stock AMD cooler for the older 95w phenom. Not sure if its because the 8150 is 125w. I even tried to undervolt and and disable turbo core but no such luck. This thing rocked with average overclocking on my x4 830 but is useless on the 8150 at stock settings. Ordered my liquid cooling to replace this fan. Cant complain for the price. The new 8150 is just too hot for this cooler, get a hyper 212/V8 or water cooling if you own a new FX series processor

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great board3/4/2012 5:29:44 PM

Pros: easy OC and bios interface everything worked fine first try supports SLI

Cons: the sli mode splits it into 8x and 8x they have a model that keeps it 16x and 16x weird side mounted sata connectors

Overall Review: not a huge fan of the colors of the sata cables (nitpicking) the sli being split 8x and 8x hardly bottlenecks if at all my midrange sli cards mine came with the AM3+ bios installed but still needed a newer update but those worried about not being able to use the board before a bios update dont need to worry

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