Confusing performance6/5/2021 3:16:53 PM

Pros: -Great Color -Great Contrast -Great Build Quality -Great for watching movies on

Cons: -The built-in menu and its lack of function -The smearing -The smearing -Someone should have warned me about the smearing.

Overall Review: -I set this monitor up and spent about 8 hours trying to reduce the smearing and I was able to reduce it. However, it was still so bad that playing games was not an enjoyable experience. In order to enable mprt, you have to run at a lower refresh rate and disable gsync and once you do enable mprt it does lower motion blur but it also lowers brightness and the motion blur is the same as overclocking your refresh rate to 165hz but then you still have gsync and can have a light on. I will most likely be returning this.

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