So Fast1/20/2019 9:11:15 AM

Pros: I laughed at how fast windows booted up. So quick.

Cons: Nothing.

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Artifacting5/17/2014 5:26:23 PM

Pros: Graphics Are Good. I'm happy the price dropped back down.

Cons: TERRIBLE artifacting. I was playing Battlefield 4 with Mantle on at 20 fps. And Before you say "Oh you're probably bottle-necking", trust me I'm not, I have an FX 8350. I tried underclocking, it helped for a bit but the artifacting came back, it must have been an overheating problem. I issued for an RMA and I'm getting the GTX 770. If you are having trouble deciding like I did, this is your warning: DO NO GET THIS CARD, FOR FOR THE 770 OR ANYTHING ELSE!. You've been Warned.

Overall Review: Probably needs a recall because when I looked online, there are so much people having trouble. All you have to do is go on YouTube and search "280x Artifacting" just in case you wanted to see it for yourself. Every time I see reviews on a card I usually look for the good ones cause I have been purchasing things on NewEgg for a while, but this is my first bad expereience. I never thought I would ever have a problem, but then again, it's not really NewEgg, it's AMD/ASUS, I haven't come to a conclusion yet. Hardware or bad drivers from AMD?

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings, I am sorry that you are having issues with the display card. When you have time, please contact me through email, including any troubleshooting steps tried, and we can look into this case further. My email can be found below. Regards, Mark ASUS Customer Loyalty
From a scale from 1 to Watercooling its a 912/17/2013 4:42:49 AM

Pros: Looks nice, shiny, feels reliable and well made. Fan is quiet.

Cons: Large.

Overall Review: When I looked at it, i thought i would have to return it cause it was so massive. Please take measurements and make sure it'll fit BEFORE you buy it. Otherwise, if it fits, this monster works just as fine as a watercooler.

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AMAZING12/6/2013 11:26:36 AM

Pros: Great CPU

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: 65 degrees C during Battlefield 4. That's probably because I have a stock AMD cooler and overclocked it just a bit.

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DOA12/6/2013 11:25:25 AM

Pros: Works fine ;)

Cons: Little

Overall Review: Will buy again.

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Great12/6/2013 11:23:50 AM

Pros: Great

Cons: none

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Amazing12/5/2013 1:28:31 PM

Pros: A big upgrade from my stock Dell ram. Im able to load things and have more applications open quicker and easier. I regret nothing.

Cons: Um

Overall Review: Hi

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....6/28/2013 7:26:06 AM

Pros: Save: $725.01 (91%)

Cons: None...

Overall Review: Its 91% off... buy this.

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Good case3/16/2013 1:41:41 PM

Pros: The case is amazing, I recommend this to anybody building a PC from scratch.

Cons: It's too good.

Overall Review: AMAZING!

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