This card is big4/6/2017 8:40:27 AM

Pros: Wonderful performance does everything it is supposed to do. It's a 1080 OC and it's fantastic on performance.

Cons: This isn't a con really because if you do your research ahead of time you will know this. I myself have the Antec 900 case that I bought over 7.5 years ago on Newegg. If you don't know this case look it up because it's still sold and the most popular ever sold. I had the remove the 2nd fan up on the front of the case. The entire HDD bracket to get this card in. It is completely removed from the case and I have just the black mounts attached into the brackets by screw. It will not fit if you try to keep the fan/HDD bracket in place it simply doesn't fit. So if you have a full ATX case be mindful it may not be big enough. Antec 1200 is what I'd recommend. Again, not removing an Egg because it's specs are given. I just want people to be mindful how large it is. I had a GTX 960 and it's much smaller compared by I'd say 1 1/2 to 2". That's what she said.

Overall Review: Wonderful card, just wanted people to have a realistic perspective on the actual size of this card.

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Gamer4/6/2017 8:34:21 AM

Pros: Wonderful stand, great monitor, I got this specifically because it has everything for an FPS player, 1ms oz 165hz, and g Sync. The only monitor that cost less is a Dell which has a terrible stand and looks like it's from 2001 in an office building. No dead pixels.

Cons: While many will complain about the panel. I wish it had some sort of generic speaker built in. It may I just haven't located it yet. This is a fresh out of box setup review. Because I am reviewing a monitor for it's screen performance I'm not someone that pulls off for a side feature I wish it had. still 5 eggs.

Overall Review: If you are a gamer. I'd recommend this monitor. If you are trying to jump to a 4K then I suggest you make sure it has the 1ms, 144 hz minimum and g sync. A lot of these 4k monitors are 4ms. which if you play FPS it's not acceptable. if you are someone who says you don't even notice it then clearly you DON'T play FPS or you are at the bottom of the list.

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My 2nd one6/12/2014 6:42:14 PM

Pros: Great picture for the price. Have both a gaming computer hooked up to it as well as a ps4. Obviously can't handle 4K games when they're coded, but again this TV wasn't 4K. Overall for the value I cannot complain.

Cons: 3 HDMI ports. Would have liked a few more as I have them all occupied. I'd pay an additional $100 if they put in 2 more.

Overall Review: Overall for the value you can't go wrong for your money.

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Perfect!9/13/2010 1:39:58 PM

Pros: -Very Loud -Dolby digital 7.1 higher than Triton headsets 5.1 -Comfortable on your head -Adjusting headset is solid -Beeps and has a tray icon when battery is low Overall this headset is amazing. I've used the surround and the stereo quality. Surround is all I use now. I play wow it's very robust. People hear me clear in vent.

Cons: If you do listen to it on max volume settings people around you will hear it. To me thats not an issue with it bleeding out because I don't care about other peoples prefences. Please don't take eggs away on your reviews if you receive it smashed and broken people from delivery. Has nothing to do with the performance of the product. That's delivery not logitechs intention to send you a smashed headset sick of seeing those reviews.

Overall Review: 10/10 and more.

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