Good Budget Ram, No Heat Spreaders8/19/2021 11:42:08 AM

Pros: -It's G.Skill, very trustworthy brand.

Cons: -No heat spreaders.

Overall Review: The only issue where I feel a little bit tricked is the images on Newegg looked like it had heat spreaders but those are in fact just stickers which says will void your warranty if you remove them so I guess you're supposed to leave them on. I've never known G.Skill to ever make bad ram so I guess I'll trust them on this, otherwise they worked perfectly, my motherboard got the correct speed and timings out of the box.

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Great Budget Board, Supports High End Parts8/19/2021 11:36:21 AM

Pros: -Supported my Ryzen 7 3700X without needing bios update. -All my ram correctly auto configured with dual channel. -GUI Bios with mouse support. -Supports Legacy and UEFI boot.

Cons: -JRGB header doesn't work?

Overall Review: I had no issues installing this board, only a few minor inconveniences which where more related to my case. The Bios supports both legacy and UEFI boot at the same time which is useful if you want both, it does support secure boot for Windows 11 but for some reason it was disabled by default so you have to enable it manually if you want to upgrade to Windows 11. An interesting note the ram only has clips at the top but not the bottom, you have to angle your ram into the bottom notches first before sliding the top part into the clips. The only issue I had was the JRGB header wouldn't work for some reason and I didn't see any options in the bios for it. I had to switch to the internal USB cable for my Ryzen's Wraith Prism cooler to get my RGB to work. Other then that the drivers are pretty straight forward, of course I grabbed them from the website instead of using the CD provided. No control panels to worry about, no bloatware, just the bare drivers that get everything working perfectly, overall it was a very pleasant motherboard to work with.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear David, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX. Your rating and review is greatly appreciated and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new board! If you ever have any technical questions in regards to the motherboard, please feel free to contact us directly at 1 (626) 271-1004 Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Thank you for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Blows Air.... Emits Noise1/9/2020 11:59:45 AM

Pros: -Blows air fine. -RGB's are good. -Optional RGB header, can also use the included remote.

Cons: -Emits a humming noise not related to the fans spinning, I hear it even when the blades are stopped. -Creates a vibration I can feel even from my keyboard...

Overall Review: I thought I would try RGB fans for the first time and I went with these because they where on sale, but that was a mistake. The fans emit a low level humming noise I can hear at any fan speed and even when I stop the blades with my hand, they also vibrate enough to feel from my keyboard or my desk, I've never been able to "feel" any of my fans in the past... The RGB's are good, it comes with a hub for up to 8 fans and a remote if you don't have an RGB header. The remote worked really well even with the hub hidden deep within the case, but the problems with the fans where driving me nuts, I could definitely hear something was off and it was making a noise I never heard before with any other fans. I'm in the refund process now, I'm just going to get Noctua fans once I get my money back...

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Great Card, But Poor Stock Fan Settings12/5/2019 8:02:32 AM

Pros: -Best sub-$300 card you can get! -Runs everything 1080p maxed!

Cons: -Poor stock fan curves, runs hot without adjustment...

Overall Review: This is a great card for 1080p gaming, the best you can get in the RX series if you don't already own a previous RX card. But if you already own an RX 580 or even an RX 480 you can overclock it enough to get the same results as this card. It's still a great card out of the box and well worth the price if you don't already own an RX card, it runs pretty much any game on 1080p max except for a few early access titles like Star Citizen. The only bad thing about this card is the stock fan settings, for some reason it likes to stay at 20% speed and it goes up to 85c under full load which is technically ok but could shorten the lifespan of the card, I made my own custom fan curves in the control panel and got that down to 70c under full load with 40% fan speed at that level. I highly recommend anyone buying this card to set your own fan curves to ensure longevity of the product.

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Bad Rails After 3 Years11/29/2019 10:46:05 AM

Pros: -535w as advertised. -Modular.

Cons: -Minor problems right away. -Rails failing after a few years...

Overall Review: I wanted to try a modular PSU so I bought this because I thought it was a popular brand, but that was a mistake. Right away I had a minor problems with my pc crashing every couple weeks or so, I wasn't sure it was the PSU at the time so I ignored it. After a year or so the LED on the fan stopped working, but I held my hand behind it and it seemed like the fan was still spinning so I ignored that too... But lately I've been getting a lot more crashes while my PC is under full load, I double checked everything else, nothing is overheating, then some of my drives started disappearing from My Computer, some of the Sata power cables stopped working. I was pretty sure it was the PSU at this point so I replaced it with a 500w Antec PSU and all my problems where solved, I never should of used anything other then Antec in the first place, modularity isn't worth it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We're sorry to hear about this. Next time if you see any problems, please send it our way right away with 2 years because this does come with 2 years manufacture warranty. Again, if there's anything we can do, please email to Thank you -Raidmax Support Team
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Ownership: more than 1 year
Bad Quality and Overpriced8/28/2017 4:27:18 PM

Pros: -Has a Throttle & Lots of Buttons

Cons: -Stopped working after a month...

Overall Review: I opened it up and all the wires inside where cut from the metal tube at the bottom of the joystick, the wires are too short to splice back together, I wouldn't recommend, this thing is way overpriced for its build quality.

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Great Ram2/16/2015 1:52:07 PM

Pros: -8 Gigs -1600 MHz -Nice blue heat spreaders.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Perfect ram for anyone looking for 8 or 16gig build, I went with 8 gigs to save money for now. DDR3 1600 which is pretty standard right now, the most common ram on the market currently. Worked perfectly with my GIGABYTE GA-78LMT even though the box said 1600 was overclock it picked it up in the bios at 1600 on auto settings anyway. Can't say anything bad about it, great ram, great brand which I've trusted for over 10 years, never had a single problem with any G.Skill products in the past, I highly recommend this if your looking for cheaper ram and don't care about getting the fastest speeds, should be fine with dedicated video card's for gaming, wouldn't recommend for apu's though as you need much faster ram to make those work. (2133+) Only other thing I could say is the heat spreaders might get in the way of some aftermarket cpu coolers such as the cooler master hyper 212, luckily my motherboard uses the 2 odd slots to the right for 2 sticks in dual channel mode so it wasn't a problem. It might get in the way on some motherboards though if you are using all 4 slots or any of the left 2 slots.

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2 For 1 Deal!2/16/2015 1:30:20 PM

Pros: -Great Price -2 Pack! -Silent -Blue LED

Cons: -Not That Fast

Overall Review: These are really great fans for the price, you get 2 of them for the price of 1! They are also really quiet, I can't hear them at all and they light up with blue led's which are ok in brightness but not the brightest I've ever seen, they still light up the inside of my case pretty good though. They don't move a lot of air, they seem to spin pretty slow even on molex connectors which is what I recommend you use them for, no need to use these with fan controllers or on your motherboard with the 3 pin adapter since there already really quiet at full speed. There great fans to fill up all the optional fan slots on a case with for the price and 2 pack, you really save a lot of money ordering these in bulk, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything else besides case fans, don't try to use these for 120mm compatible heat sinks such as the cooler master hyper 212. I only recommend these as case fans if your using 2 or 4 of them.

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Great CPU, But Loud Heatsink2/15/2015 4:07:37 PM

Pros: -Best Price Per Performance -8 Cores -Fast

Cons: -Loud Stock Heatsink

Overall Review: This is a really great processor for its price, currently the best price per performance on the market right now. I upgraded to this from my old 3Ghz Dual Core build and the difference is night and day. For the games that take full advantage of all 8 cores such as Guild Wars 2 and PlanetSide 2 I received a massive performance boost going from 20fps to over 60 even while reusing the same video card (HD 6770). However in some other games that probably only use 2 or 4 cores I haven't noticed much of a change, namely World of Warcraft which still sits at 30-40fps in the expansion areas (Dalaran, Pandaria, ect...). The only negative I have to say about it is the stock heatsink, it is extremely loud, I would highly recommend everyone buying this processor to get an aftermarket one. I didn't do it because I wasn't planning to overclock so I thought I would be fine with the stock heatsink but even with Turbo Core off (4.0Ghz) the stock cpu fan is irritatingly loud, I am definitely planning to get another cooler from newegg real soon. Its nothing I would take an egg off for though this is still an amazing processor for ~$200, 8 cores and 4Ghz per core, you can't go wrong. I would highly recommend it for any budget build and for anyone upgrading their AM3+ motherboards..

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Great Case For Price2/13/2015 7:59:14 PM

Pros: -Sturdy where it counts. -Dust filters on all intake fans. -USB 3.0 -Bottom PSU with vent. -2.5" bay, a must these days. -Easy front panel removal. -Cable management.

Cons: -Only comes with 1 out of the 4 optional fan slots. -Non-standard fan screws "see below".

Overall Review: This is a pretty good case for its price, I'm really happy with this purchase. It came with all the case screws I needed, it has dust filters on all the intake fan slots, it seems sturdy enough where you need it, only thin parts I noticed was around the addon card slots, and the front panel comes off really easily when you need to install extra fans. One of the biggest complaints I've noticed people saying here is the fan screw holes need to be drilled out, this is actually not needed because the case comes with its own custom fan screws that allow you to install the fans from the opposite end (long screws), it uses its own thread size so you cannot use standard size fan screws in these holes, the only downside is though it doesn't come with enough screws to install all 3 extra fans so unless you can find these screws somewhere else then yes you will have to drill out the holes. Other then that I really like this case, the cable management is pretty good too, it fit my micro atx perfectly fine, can't comment on full atx. And the only other negative I would say is that it doesn't seem to come with enough fans, it especially doesn't come with the ones it shows in the picture, it only comes with 1 rear 120mm fan, any other ones you will have to buy extra.

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Great Card8/30/2011 4:21:05 PM

Pros: -Cheap -Cool -Quiet -DX11 -Fast

Cons: -Big -Heavy

Overall Review: This is a wonderful card that brought all new life to my mid ranged pc. I was hoping to upgrade without building a whole new computer and this did the trick. Its running all my games on max with 8xAA and everything I can throw at it. I mainly wanted this card because of the lower PSU requirement and the built in power management features, I only have a 430w psu and although this card says it requires 450 it works just fine. I paired it up with my 3ghz dual core which I also hope to upgrade in the near future and it runs all my games over 30fps, some of them even 60fps with vsync on. It got an 830 score in heaven benchmark with tesselation turned on, it runs crysis 2 decently, although I tweaked it a bit to turn that awful motion blur and glow off. It finally beats the dreaded dalaran lag in WoW, always over 40fps in that city now, and it maxes out crysis 1 on all settings and runs 50-60fps, simply amazing for a cheap card such as this.

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It Works!3/8/2011 4:38:48 PM

Pros: -It Works! -Very Cheap -Runs Cool

Cons: -Very Cheap -Cheap PSU -Flimsy and Sharp Metal

Overall Review: I needed to build a pc for a friend as cheap as possible so I got this PSU included. My biggest worry was the PSU, but surprisingly it actually works. The wires where a little short though, I had trouble putting on zip ties without covering any fans. The metal inside was also very loose, it bent easily and the hard drive mount wouldn't stay in place, but I put in all 4 screws and it became pretty solid. For anyone planning to get this case I would recommend switching the PSU for an antec or anything better, but if you need something cheap like I did, it seems to work just fine on its own, at least nothings burned out or surged yet.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Neat3/2/2011 1:18:15 PM

Pros: -Works -Bright -Velcro Straps -On/Off Switch

Cons: -Nothing Major

Overall Review: It was a neat little mod for under 10 bucks, but it didn't really work well with my mid tower. I bought it hoping to stick it up on the back panel but there was no room, the only spot I could stick it was on the bottom under my video card and it only lit up the bottom half of my case from there. Its a great product just make sure you have a spot to stick it before you buy it. It also seems a little warm after a wile, I'm afraid to leave the thing on all the time, I'll only turn it on to show friends I guess. It also adds a lot of new wires on the inside of my case, I'm going to have to re-ziptie everything eventually.

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Best Screen For Price5/13/2010 6:51:56 PM

Pros: -Clear -Bright -Big -Instant Setup (DVI) -Comes with all cables. (Sound, DVI, VGA, Power)

Cons: -Dark spot as with any lcd screen.

Overall Review: This is a great screen for its price, the number one choice for people looking to go cheap. It has a big bright display and can go even brighter for people who want to burn their eyes out lol. This is also the only screen I can find that comes with both dvi and vga cables so its good out of the box without having to buy anything else for it. If you use a DVI output setup is a breeze, all the default settings are already set up for perfect display, however if you use vga then you need to fiddle with the position and tilt to get it to fit properly. This display also looks decent in lower resses, some of my games go no higher then 1280x768 and it still looks perfectly clear. Thankfully there where no stuck or dead pixels, I checked with a full screen white image, to clarify the 1 con I wrote, the top of the screen seems to get darker when you lay back but every lcd screen I had in my life has also done it. Overall its a wonderful screen and I highly suggest it for first tim

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Great Mouse4/29/2010 1:02:54 PM

Pros: -9 Buttons (5 Assignable) -Adjustable Weights -Laser, works on just about any surface. -Comfortable -Big enough for big hands. -3 dpi settings.

Cons: -Middle mouse button sometimes hard to press.

Overall Review: An awesome mouse, I bought it at my computer store for the same price here on newegg, its got a nice shiny tin of different sized weights for you super hardcores and 5 assignable buttons for games. The biggest thing that made me happy is it worked on my bare desk where all other mice have failed, I hate mouse pads but other mice wouldn't work on my shiny varnished desk but this one finally does, perfectly. Unlike most mice this has 3 dpi settings instead of 2 which is also good for sniping when you need to go really slow too. My only complaint is the tilt wheel doesn't work so well with the middle mouse, often times I hit the left tilt and middle button at the same time but usually its not a problem, I am still giving it 5 eggs for this awesome mouse at a reasonable price. Comes with 8 1.7g and 8 4.5g weights with 8 slots to put them in and it can get pretty heavy for people like me who like a heavier mouse but its also pretty light with no weights. Good mouse, I love it!

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Best Dual Core1/30/2010 11:49:49 AM

Pros: Blazing Fast Big L2 Cache Cheap Price Good Stock Heat Sink

Cons: No L3 Cache

Overall Review: Amazing processor, beats my old 2.2ghz intel duo by far. Runs Windows 7 64-Bit awesome and gets 6.5 in the Experence Index. My games are almost twice as fast even with the same video card I used before, my NFS Shift jumped from 20fps to 60fps for reasons I cannot explain, I think its because physx runs a lot better on this processor. Also broadcasting and recording video with Xfire is a lot smoother too I am very happy with this processor. I heard a few bad reviews about the heatsink but its working great for me, nice and quiet and stays cool, around 35C idle and 40C under load, havent done a burn test though. The heatsink is also a neat design, it blows air in all 4 directions so as an added bonus its also cooling my ram and north bridge. I highly recommend this processor for those looking for cheap dual cores, its the best dual core you can get and a great choice if you can't afford a Quad Core. For those wondering, it comes with a thermal pad on the heatsink, no paste

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Not So Lucky1/29/2010 7:04:14 PM

Pros: Cools Well Decently Quiet Screwless Design All Alluminum Huge Front and Back Fan Sweet Gadges

Cons: Door Broken Not that Bright

Overall Review: Well I got this case knowing some people got broken doors hoping I would be a lucky one but I wasn't, mine was broken off too before I even took it out of the box. I cant even find the broken off pieces which means im probably going to have to glue my own hindges on it to fix it. Other then that its a pretty neat case, the tribal grill design is awesome, its pretty quite once C&Q is on and most of the screwless design is pretty easy to handle, and as an added bonus it came with 4 thumb screws. Also I heard not everyones gadges work but despite my door being broken all 3 of my gadges fully work and light up :D A couple design flaws, the door being the obvyous one, I would RMA it but its already built and would be too much of a hassle to take back apart and go without a pc for 2 to 3 weeks. Also the sideways drive mount is good but with the front fan kind of pointless, its just blocking airflow, however it still seems to cool very well, CPU: 35C VCard: 40C.

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Best in its Price Range12/20/2009 1:00:45 PM

Pros: -Runs Most Games on Max -Quiet, Most of the Time -Runs Cool

Cons: -No PhysX Support as With All ATI Cards.

Overall Review: This is an awesome card for its price, I am running almost every game on max including Crysis. It runs very cool and has a low wattage requirement so its great for pc's with lesser power supplies. (Currently running fine on my 385w). It uses no power connectors and draws all its power from the pci-e slot. The model I got didn't have a vga slot but I use dvi anyway. I highly recommend this card to anyone on a budget, it will run anything you throw at it. Having said all that the only negative is no ati card supports nvidias evil physx. Some games like The Last Remnant and Need for Speed Shift will need you to put shadows on low to run at a decent framerate. Other then that all other settings on max and running awesome, check out my xfire profile for screenshots on this card. Xfire name is Mightylink.

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Nifty12/16/2009 2:48:19 PM

Pros: Works

Cons: Small

Overall Review: This is actually a pretty nifty gift I got some for my family for chrismess, very cheap makes a good stocking stuffer and is way better then the usual socks and t-shirts they always get. It works, connected to my pc and works without any drivers, shows up as a new drive letter and all I do is drag over pictures to that folder. However the screen is really small, I knew that when I was buying it but it was even smaller then I thought, you can't even use this for other things like shopping lists cause any words will be too small to read, its good for only pictures, but its a great gift and I would recommend it for its amazing low price.

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Nifty12/16/2009 2:46:52 PM

Pros: Works

Cons: Small

Overall Review: This is actually a pretty nifty gift I got some of my family for chrismess, very cheap makes a good stocking stuffer and is way better then the usual socks and t-shirts they always get. It works, connected to my pc and works without any drivers, shows up as a new drive letter and all I do is drag over pictures to that folder. However the screen is really small, I knew that when I was buying it but it was even smaller then I though, you can't even use this for other things like shopping lists cause any words will be too small to read, its good for only pictures, but its a great gift and I would recommend it for its amazing low price.

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Decent12/12/2009 3:46:57 PM

Pros: -Works -Stable -Good Software and Drivers

Cons: -Not much to upgrade.

Overall Review: This motherboard is good for its release date but it's not ganna serve for long. The version I got only supported up to 2gigs of ram so its already reached its limit. But it performs well and has lots of nice software to go with it, an easy bios update utility that works right inside windows without having to reboot and the most fun thing of all is you can change the startup screen to anything you want. It's PCI-E slot is only 1.0 so you will only get half the bandwidth of the latest video cards but it doesn't seem to effect performance much I am still running most of my games on highest settings even Crysis. It stays pretty cool for the most part. But if your looking to get future upgrades you should look for another board that supports up to 8 or more gigs of ram and has an AM3 socket.

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Good for Price12/12/2009 3:41:04 PM

Pros: -Reliable. -Powers latest devices under certain conditions. -Stable voltage. -Very quiet. -Airflow is decent.

Cons: -Won't power a full blown gamer or server machine.

Overall Review: This is actually a pretty good power supply and for only 15 bucks its a steal. I have had mine for 4 months and it powers my pc nicely. 300gb sata drive, 2.6ghrz dual core, dvd burner and a radeon hd 4670. If your looking for something really cheap this is good and if you plan to only have 1 hard drive and 1 video card this thing will power the latest and greatest hardware easy, 2tb hard drive and dx11 video card, but if your looking to get into crossfire or sli, you might want to look into a better psu.

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Great Game, Awesome Price12/11/2009 9:34:06 AM

Pros: One of the best multiplayer fps's. Great graphics. Good framerate. Lots of game modes and character custamization. Unbelievable price on NewEgg 0.0

Cons: Not as many options as its older game UT2004

Overall Review: This is a wonderful game that is very popular online, you will never be bored with this shooter. The Unreal Tournament series has been a long running game made specifically for online multiplayer and they have had many years to refine the online experience. In this latest version the graphics are truly remarkable comparing to Gears of War and Crysis. There are tons of online modes to try and lots of players to join your matches, the single player experience is also good for practicing your skills for when your ready to go online. The only negative in this latest version is it lacks a few features from UT2004, there is only one voice announcer this time and you cannot go into third person view like the previous games, but I think this game has been put down unfairly and it is still an awesome shooter, I would still buy this game if it where 40 or even 60 bucks, its a must have. I am getting another copy just cause of the amazing price here on newegg to share with a friend.

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Very Good For Price12/9/2009 7:26:44 AM

Pros: Performs extremely well for its price, gives more expensive cards a run for their money.

Cons: After 4 months still not a single con.

Overall Review: This is a great card for its price, supports shader 4.1 and cools very well which is great for overclocking. Has all the connectors without needing an adapter and runs almost every current game on max settings. Games I have tested so far, Need for Speed Shift on Max with Shadows on Medium, Crysis on Max with Shadows on Low, Last Remnant on Max with Shadows on Low, Assassins Creed on All Max, Gears of War on All Max and Fallout 3 on All Max, all are running in the 20-40fps range. The only downside is it has no hardware physx which all ati cards are lacking right now but if you have a decent processor, dual core at least then physx runs in software mode instead in games that support physx but theres no noticable slowdown. I highly reccommend this card, ATI is not beat by Nvidia yet, or probably never and ATI cards are usually cheaper but giving the same or better performance as their Nvidia counterparts.

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Eh, Not So Good12/9/2009 7:17:44 AM

Pros: Looks good, lights up, clear side panel and a temp sensor that works in both celcious and feronheight, has good airflow and cools well.

Cons: Cheap, pieces fall off, sensor may burn out.

Overall Review: I have had this for 4 months now and its already an absolute wreck, all 4 corner pieces have broken off and I barely touch them, I have taken the best care of this case that I could but its still falling apart. The temp sensor no longer works and the numbers no longer show up however the case performs fairly well, lots of room and it cools very well without a side panel fan, the fan at the top does wonders so I would only recommend this case if you are willing to deal with the above problems.

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Manufacturer Response:
You can do an RMA through us for the temperature gauge to get an exchange on it if you are still under our warranty period. You can contact Apevia's customer service at or call at (909) 718-0789. We try to reply to all calls and e-mails as soon as we can.