Noise cancellation doesn't work.1/25/2011 5:35:45 PM

Pros: Great sound in the speakers.

Cons: Noise cancellation does not work. Specifically on windows 7 64 bit. It appears to be driver related as the voice morphing software actually causes noise cancellation. If you hold your push to talk and say nothing you will get a constant buzzing sound going out to any users listening. If you turn voice morphing on and do the same thing, it's clear as day.

Overall Review: Don't buy this. Waste of money unless you want a good set of wireless headphones. The microphone drivers are terrible, buy a $40 noise cancelling headset and you'll be better off. The buzzing drives other people nuts and I now get muted from vent all the time. I bought a stand alone mic and permanently muted the headset.

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Good when it worked9/3/2007 1:32:30 PM

Pros: When it worked it was a great card. For me it worked for around six months before starting to go bad.

Cons: After six months I started getting what I can only describe as blinking or stationary pixels that would appear/disappear randomly. These dots caused watching video annoying as I couldn't stop focusing on them and any game that has shadows (most recently Bioshock) the pixels would bleed through as red/blue/white blinking pixels. The worst moment thus far was playing Bioshock and having many of the textures display completely black AND having the pixels blink at me (temp then was 55C). I have a CRT monitor so I know it isn't dead pixels. It also began causing graphical glitches and artifacts in many games. I monitored the temp. of the card the entire time and never once did it exceed a reasonable range.

Overall Review: I never OCed this card. Its temperature never went too high. I have heard that the problem is probably the tension regulators getting too hot. However, I do not know much about tension regulators or how they affect the video quality. I'm on the verge of 1 year now and the pixels/graphical glitches are so bad that I can only hope newegg will allow me to RMA. If you want a card that lasts, don't buy this one.

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