Great bang for buck, but has downfalls.7/27/2021 10:12:07 AM

Pros: Great value for the cost Case looks great and setup was super easy RTX 3070!!! Runs basically anything you throw at it with ease whether it be 1080, 1440, or 4k

Cons: Has some downfalls where they cut corners to save cost Case is small and is hard to get the panels off of, other than main panel. Micro ATX mobo, only has 3 fan headers so if you need to add more fans (which is a MUST for this machine!!!) you'll have to get a fan hub/splitters, or run some fans off the PSU using Molex. Machine runs hot due to poor cooling design. Dont let that dissuade your purchase though, as thats a cheap and easy fix. RAM sticks in this machine are pretty garbage (they dont even have heat shrouds...) with timings of 21,21,54,74. Not a must upgrade immediately, but going to be one of my first upgrades for sure. Though i will say atleast it is dual channel!

Overall Review: A great purchase for this price point as, for the same price, you are only going to be getting an i7 processor from a lesser known brand like ABS. So to get a 3070 with a Ryzen 7 5000 series CPU for under $2k really is quite the feat nowadays. I bought this and have zero regrets!

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